W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion Review : Winter loves honey !

As a huge fan of cushion creams and collecting cases in my spare time (almost an obsession, but shhh), I couldn’t resist when I saw this lovely case from Korean brand W.Lab.



Let’s talk quickly about the creator of this little gem, W.Lab is an innovative and respectful Korean brand through its minimalist compositions, removing unnecessary chemical ingredients. For example, they prefer to use plant extracts rather than purified water as the main ingredient of a common product, and this kind of detail makes a big difference for us, right? The packagings go from simple to cute as hell… A surprising little Korean cosmetic brand. (:

W Honey Beam Cushion

The W Honey Beam cushion is a flagship product of the brand so far. And it’s obviously for some reason ! As its name suggests it, there is more than 38% of honey in this cushion, making it extremely rich and nourishing. Specifically, it’s Jeju Island honey and a little bit of manuka honey. What an excellent composition, isn’t it ? Speaking of which:

Ingredients list
Honey, titanium dioxide, cyclopentasiloxane, ethylhexyl mathoxycinnamate, butylene glycol, cyclohexansiloxane, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, niacinamide, 1-3 butylene dimethacrylate, zinc oxide, trimethylsiloxysilicate, PEG-30 dipolyhydroxystearate, dimethicone, sodium chloride, bentonite, quaternium-18, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, aluminium hydroxide, black iron oxide, adenosine, magnesium ascorbic phosphate, sanjay tree fruit extract, tocopherol acetate, panthenol, purified water, dousing fruit extract, lavender oil, lemon peel oil, rosemary leaf oil, basil oil, scented geranium, orange, lime, clary oil, centella asiatica extract, portulaca oleracea extract, che east tree extract, chamomile

Honey is unsurprisingly but pleasantly in first place, followed by some sunscreens, pigments, non-comedogenic, very clean actives and a lot of natural extracts whose main virtues are:

– To moisturize deeply
– To even the complexion and cover blemishes
– To brighten the skin
– To protect from UVs  (SPF50+ PA+++, max range!)
– To prevent from winkles and aging signs

This is not only a cushion for dry and dehydrated skins, because it’s still a makeup product and not skincare (well, a bit still!), in the sense that rich ingredients are light enough not to “hurt” combination to oily skin like mine. Nothing too strong, basically.


The “technical” point now finished, let’s move on to the practical one! The product comes in a classic cushion case: Integrated mirror and chic golden finishes, a pad, a cover that protects the product and soaked cushion. Look at this packaging, seriously! The pout of this little girl wearing a “bee-nie” makes me melt!


What surprised me at first is that the soaked cushion was not totally soaked at the opening. You must pat several times to spread the product evenly on the cushion. The pad still gets the product perfectly, no worries.

I really enjoy the fresh, almost floral scent of this product.
I tested the so-called medium to high coverage on the back of my hand, and apart from the very light shade (I realize that my hands are still seriously tanned haha) I found it convincing.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s before and after applying the W Honey Beam Cushion.


I chose shade #21 Honey Light, but there’s also #23 Honey Beige which is slightly sanded. #21 usually fits me well but it’s may be a bit too light here ! It really depends of the brand.. Anyway, one can easily notice that my acne scars and redness are well hidden, the complexion is even and brightened.

The finish is extremely dewy… Like, TOO dewy. I just can’t apply this cushion without any powder on it because the finish is quite sticky. This is what gives the famous Korean trend of “wet / freshly hydrated” skin that I love, but…. ohmagad, dewy dewy dewy.


I still love the cushion and it didn’t disappoint me at all, it’s long-lasting but still a bit cakey around my nose and on dry areas at the end of the day but must be optimal on dry to normal skin. When I wear it, I feel that my skin is even, but also protected and nourished. Perfect for winter !

Get it on q-depot between $ 30 and $ 34 depending on current discounts! This is a cool Korean cosmetics  e-shop that has a large choice of products and navigation is very simple. W Honey Beam Cushion is a little more expensive than my usual/cheaper cushions, but its very good composition and long lasting/coverage  totally justifies the price to me. It is still far from Western luxury goods…


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