Nailart Tuto : Modern french mani, glitters and geometric

Hello everybody!

My half just bought me some new fresh colored lacquers, and I couldn’t resist to make two little manis to show you. It’s all about White Light from Models Own, and 345, 359, 281 from Kiko (again and again)


Here is the first one, without tutorial because it doesn’t really need one right? I like dots, it’s so simple and cute!



Here is the second, and the main subject of this post because I prepared you a tuto!
It is not a regular mani because 3/5 nails are differents, so I will explain you all the steps.

Let’s just begin by the beginning, this is all you will need (yes yes, eyelets!):



Start by painting all your nails in white! The White Light of Models Own is amazing. Very thick, but the covering is perfect.



I think it’s pretty hard to find a white lacquer as covering as the ones for french manis, and White Light does the job perfectly. In this photo, I put only two coats (and it’s almost too much!)



NAIL ONE : MODERN FRENCH MANI And here come the eyelets!
You know, these things you used to need for your middle school lessons and stuff.. It’s funny, because now you will need it for your modern french mani and won’t be able to stop using it. :3 Cut it in two parts, a half is enough for a nail and it will save some for the future manis.

Aaaaand paint the top with gold (or any color you previously chose~ )


Even when you just feel like doing a simple basic mani, you can make an accent nail with glitter placement, you will love the look! It looks way deeper than just applying the topcoat. To do some glitter placements, just take a toothpick, open your glitter topcoat, pick some glitters in the bottle and place it on your nail. Cover it all, the more covered the base color will be, the more deep the look will be!
My topcoat is from Etude House, a Korean brand. It’s pretty old so it was reaaaally thick but I like the glitters of this, it’s actually flakies (irregular glitters) and make it look like an explosion on my nail!


NAIL THREE : GEO FLASH Definitely my favorite nail of this mani but also the longest to do.. Just cut some pieces of striping tape before to apply it like this:


I didn’t paint the white cross in the middle because I decided to place glitters later. Remove the tape, arrange it, coat it, jajjaaang~

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