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PONY EFFECT That Girl : The review !


You seemed to enjoy a lot my first blogpost on the Pony Effect That Girl line last time, it makes me so glad ! So I edited it since its official release detailing the various products of the collection… Collection I just received from the brand itself ! I am so proud right now.

To avoid a third edit on this other Pony Effect blogpost, I have decided to inaugurate a real review from scratch ! I tried to make you a slightly different video that I use to film : No front camera, no first impressions, no voiceover … Just a kind of teaser to tempt you to buy it all !  Tell me what you think about it in the commentbox, I count on your sincerity. ♡


My big favs in this Pony Effect That Girl line are the Outfit Lipsticks! As I imagined, they are creamy and pigmented … They are just perfect. The colors have been carefully chosen to perfectly highlight (almost) every skin tones, and I am in LOVE with the pretty nude Noble Brunch, the plum Vibrant Club or the cherry on the cake, the cold and timeless Red that embodies Expensive Dinner.

Get it for about $16 each on the official store.




My second favs (ok I must admit, I like absolutely everything …) are these Illusion Nail Lacquers: In all my nailpolishaddict life, I have rarely seen such opaque polishes in a single layer. I always apply two coats because I’m used to, but the first one is completely opaque, this is awesome! As for the lippies, I believe that the colors are divinely chosen since they are for everyone through a deep blue, a sparkling emerald green or pepsy fuchsia, without forgotting the flakies top coat which will highlight any color. The bottles are stunning, that come with rather thick brushes (I love thick brushes.)



In short : Long lasting, ultra pigmented, easy to apply polishes and- oh yes, their packaging, can we talk about it ?
Get it for $12 on the official store.


It is now time to talk about the palette that drew a lot of attention since its release : the Fever Shadow Palette ! It hadn’t gather only great reviews since many reproached its poor pigmentation … And I think they weren’t that wrong :  In my first post, I noted that I probably wouldn’t have fallen for this palette… And even if I already changed my mind on “very Korean shades” like Ready To Party, Beautiful Liar and Drunk Dial as they are truly hypnotic and easily wearable (but please, let’s not talk about Bad Or Good.), the pigmentation is far from being great. In the video, you can see the “natural” swatches against swatches with a “magic water” (a simple wet brush could do the same thing) below :

It still works well, and the shades aren’t dusty at all.
Get it for about $30 on the official store.


The Luminous Contouring Palette is nothing special, but perfectly embodies the motto “simple but effective“. As I mentioned in the first post (that’s why it’s a bit difficult to speak twice on the same subject … #repeat), it is perfect for very fair skin types because the bronzers are very light, unlike our occidental makeup items. These are cold and brownish tones, nothing to do with some orange and shiny bronzers around here… Everything here is just about chic and simplicity.
Get it on the official store for about $30.


As an extra, I was so surprised to receive a Pony Effect clutch bag with the brand’s holographic storm. First reaction : “kjefhsjhsbfcsjhbfsjh ;__;” I NEED to take it with me everywhere !


In addition to this superb clutcb ag, there was a Pony Effect brush kit… Like, THE KIT Pony herself is using in the teaser (yes Margaux, this is normal.). The color is very unusual, but they are so soft: I love  the face brush, and the blending one. The others have short hair and I was afraid that they would make the shadows very powdery but it was not even the case. In short, I love them but I won’t talk about it too much because they are not on sale then it is a bit of taunting. :c


This line is a real jewel : The quality, the pigmentation, the choice of the shades, their packagings… I loved everything.
In a nutshell, i am in LOVE with Pony Effect, thank you for this first (and hopefully not the last) line ! 



Tarte’s Tartelette : The 2015 must-have palette

I think that the thing which gave me the hardest time by visiting the US for the first time this summer was to make a decent Sephora wishlist. As a beauty addict, the lambda Sephora store in the US sell some treasures we can’t find in France ; so I couldn’t go back to France without some products of my favorite dream brands like Tarte, Too Faced (we actually have Too Faced now), Anastasia Beverly Hills, Hour Glass, Stila, etc.

The Montreal’s Eaton Center was like an appetizer, but some products were out of stock so I waited the moment I’ll arrive in Times Square, New York. Aka THE Sephora store always crowded and opened until midnight every single day.

I was ready. Oh yeah, I was ready to hear my credit card screaming… but not the ones in my head at the sight of all these fabulous ranges. 

tarte logo

First of all, Tarte is a great love story between nature and your skin: Tarte is a brand that tends to be the most natural- yet glamorous ! -. Their products are always formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium laurel sulfate and gluten.
In a nutshell, it’s beautiful, organic and cruelty-free !

However, I need to tell you that this is a quite pricy brand. It’s approximately the same as Too Faced, Urban Decay, Nars etc. But for Asian beauty fans, the price difference (but not often quality) is a pain in the neck. I knew what to expect, and I was mainly there to get this amazing Tartelette palette.


The 2015 must-have palette. A concrete reputation, and not far from 700 5-star reviews on Sephora US.


$44 + taxes, okay. Let’s see what it gets ! 


Our “small” Tartelette comes in a sober but classy cardboard, which already shows us the colors of the product. 


A light weighted and almost square packaging, all customized with gold on a purple gradient ; which contains a huge mirror and 12 completely matte eyeshadows on 3 rows.


The first row includes 4 brownish-nude shadows for light makeups – (Free spirit, Force of Nature, Dreamer & Multi-tasker)


The second row includes of pinkish/purple shadows for more colorful and catchy makeups – (Caregiver, Natural Beauty, Best friend & Bombshell)


The third and last row is a perfect combo to achieve smoky makeups, bringing together the clearest and darkest shadows of the palette – (Super mom, Wanderer, Power & player Fashionista)


There are two main things about this palette: How it looks, and its pigmentation. This palette is a jewel not only through its delicate and fabulous look but also through its shadows. I have never seen a black shadow as deep as Fashionista, opaque in a single layer. The shadows are velvety, yet slightly dusty.

Buddies, I confirm that we have found a must-have palette’s winner !


Remember that even if Sephora US and do not send abroad, you can still go through providers like Shipito that receive the goods in their US addresses and send it to you afterwards. It represents some investment (shipping fees x2), but it’s not impossible. ;)

During summer break, the US remains a dream destination for most young people so do not hesitate to ask your loved ones to make a small detour at Sephora to bring you one back ! 

See you soon, stay tuned ~