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# Hema Lyon : Opening & Haul !


You know me, I always come after the war. So you may already know that Hema opened a store in Lyon, and this was extremely expected by bloggers/instagramers everybody who knew about it !
Hema is a huge Dutch chain that sells everyday products like decoration and great gifts ideas, all at (very low) price and combining all quality and good design.

I was delighted to be invited to the opening night on December 8; day of the famous Festival of Lights. The celebration was very solemn, but our “small” opening night was seething and full of excitement. Let’s return to this beautiful time together :

My friend Nelly lives just in front (but I mean- JUST. IN. FRONT) of the store, so we got off at 18:30 and found, surprisingly, that there was alreadt a big queue in front of the store ! It turns out that the organization invited a hundred people, and we immediately understood that it would be less cozy than expected … But the staff’s enthusiasm and kindness as well as the pretty yummy corners allowed us to keep very good memories..


Let’s talk quickly about the store: Approximately 950 square meters of shop spread over two floors of which the ground floor is dedicated to the decoration, groceries and beauty while you will find stationery and  everything you need for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom upstairs.

The Christmastly ground floor :haul-hema-lyon-ouverture-9haul-hema-lyon-ouverture
The huge beauty row :haul-hema-lyon-ouverture-10
The famous stationery corner !haul-hema-lyon-ouverture-6
Almost everything to furnish your whole house…


Even with a €10 gift voucher, I ended with a €49 bill and waytooheavy bags on the shoulders! To conclude this quick blogpost, here my HAUL video :

Do you like Hema? Which row(s) do you like the most ?



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Christmas 2015 Wishlist : 100% Korean Cosmetics !


Decidedly no one can escape from the “Christmas Wishlist” craze. Everyone asks us what do we wish for and sometimes we find out that we have absolutely no idea of what we want. Personally… That’s not my case at all hahaha ! I’m an eternal shopaholic unable to save any money…Even if I have to admit that I calmed myself down a little bit on asian cosmetics since I already tons of them all around my house. ( I could write one post a week during two years with all the products that lay down everywhere … *escape to hide myself* )

My life as a “beauty blogger” allows me to be aware of the release of almost all the new products (or not) and because of that… Well, I always have a little memo laying around the corner with a list composed of a billion of futile products to buy.
While making my own wishlist, I realized that it contains exclusively Korean skincare and not a single make-up item. Well that’s not so bad after all. So now let’s get started with my wishlist in details !

wishlist noel cosmétiques coréens asiatiques kbeauty


This brand just poped out on the Internet especially thanks to Glow Recipe ; and I already fell for it even if I still haven’t got a chance to test it out ! I’m a big fan of “moisturizing gels” which are, to me, way lighter and fresher on my combination skin. I already tested out the “Chia Seed Cream” from The Face Shop and “Aqua March” from Holika Holika and both of them completely satisfied me!
This one is a gel composed of bamboo sap and azulene which are distilled in camomilla flowers’ steam. I’m pretty interested by the vitamins pearls that seems to feel great on the skin. Moreover, the packaging is litterally to die for. Did I said ” To die for” ? Well so as the price… Almost $50 …


Don’t ask me why but this brand intrigue me! Their packagings are so minimalist that their products seems very classy and the brand got an award on Soko Glam that’s all I need to add it. Once again we are speaking of a product a little bit on the pricey side since it’s around $30 : Quite pricey for a beauty water! It takes the pledge to purify, exfoliate and gently moisturize ; a sort of multi-task product that would replace your toner, scrub and emulsion. It’s perfect for all skin types; with a PH of 5 that will balance your skin after you rince it off.


If you never heard of this brand (yet) it’s completely normal. It’ a freshly made new brand that we are lucky enough to already be able to find on Peaux D’Anges! I have the “Green Tea Splash Mask” which will be reviewed here very soon but this ” Pressed Serum ” attracts me a lot and has a great packaging. It seems to be a 2 in 1 “cream/serum”. A good excuse to put it in your shopping bag asap.


I’m cheating a little bit here… since I already have it! But as I said earlier; I have a billion of products that wait for me to fully try them out and this is one of them. I put it in my wishlist so you can put it in yours as well hehe ! #Temptation
I’m pretty sure that all of you guys know about this miraculous cleanser stick which is made of real rose petals that fermented for 365 days at precisely 37°C (and it has been named after that). I think that this product is very poetic ; a real jewel. How can we resist?


I think everyone already saw this cleansing balm everywhere and I feel a little bit left out since I didn’t tried it out myself. #sheep. Nah seriously ; till now I was only swearing about my Rose cleansing oil from Re:cipe, but cleansing balms are really nice to use and get off your make-up just as well even if it’s waterproof.
You take a small amount off the balm on your hands , that turns into oil as you warm it a little bit. I choosed the Resveratrol version (what an easy name) that is less well-known compare to the classic one since it is made especially for combination to oily skin types! At the moment, I’m testing out the “Absolux ” balm from UNT which is also a great product ! :3


This is clearly Laura’s fault! I HATE YOU. Look how she sells it to me… I was literally forced to buy it so as one of my friend. An effective review, I can tell. It moisturizes, nourishes and plumps your lips, and also gently exfoliates them during the night – so much that you wake up with a perfect smile. Definitely a big YES for me ! Moreover, I actually already ordered it. Oopsie. <3


I’m really a compulsive buyer since I already own the OST Vitamin C ultra concentrated serum that hasn’t been opened (yet) in my drawer… But I love Klairs and especially the store Wishtrend. The packaging got me a first sight ; but for the moment I’m just keeping an eye on it with all the good reviews I can read on this product. Vitamin C contains antioxydents actives, that fight against wrinkles and is also a great helper to heal your skin. Well, the perfect type of product for my combination and proacne skin type.


I LOVE this brand since the very beginning ! After I fell for it’s real rose petals cleansing oil, I really want to try this lemon cleanser with 98% natural composition… The texture seems so intriguing and I really want to know if it’s worth the hype. **
You can buy it on Peaux D’Anges for €17.90.


Once again, an innovative brand that I really want to introduce on the blog… But due to the price, it will not be for anytime soon! This product is very “high tech” and it also got an award on Soko Glam, so I trust it all.
Almost $30 for 30 cotton pads soaked in naturally fermented red wine that will helps to exfoliate your skin. It’s also a powerfull antioxydent thanks to the resveratrol that it contains.


And finally, a product from the same brand since these little cottons pads caught my eyes out of curiosity… Lemon, Caviar and Vitamin C that are included in this serum that you are supposed to pour on these 3-layers cotton pads. It’s made to tighten pores, fight against spots & scars and brighten your facial complexion. I really want to test that out!

Did you  already know all the brands I spoke about? What is THE product that you want to get for Christmas ?

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Too Faced Le Grand Chateau : Early Xmas !


Too Faced and I, this is a great love story for years. I didn’t collect a lot of products (yet) as it physically arrived in Lyon since barely a year, but I diligently follow their events from social networks.
The Cocoa Contour, Chocolate Bars, La Crème lipsticks and the famous Everything’s Nice Christmas 2014 palette, I dreamed of them all. I just needed the new Xmas collection to be under the banner of Paris to make me fall, literally. After all, I am French ! #selfpersuasion

For the record, I immediately fell for le Grand Palais that I got delivered from the website, with 25% off. My impulsivity calmed down and I eventually decided to go read some review from the Internet and…  cold shower: Whether on Sephora US or via other French bloggers, opinions were almost unanimous: Disappointing! The shadows seemed very dusty and not very pigmented. Strange for a product wth such a stunning packaging…
So I discovered le Grand Chateau, little less expensive and yet so much more promising. (So ​​I returned the Grand Palace and it broke my heart :'( …). I got it for €35  (25% off) : the deal of the YEAR!

The packaging itself is meant to be a gift.

toofaced-grandchateau toofaced-grandchateau1

When opened, we discover a beautiful case that looks like a Frenchy doll house, which includes three lovely palettes with 18 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 deluxe version (means miniature) of their best-selling mascara Better Than Sex.
toofaced-grandchateau2 toofaced-grandchateau4 toofaced-grandchateau7

Like the packaging, the palettes and shadows themselves are bearing the image of Paris through names slightly wobbly, but it gives them some charisma !


Paris In Love owns my favorite eyeshadow of all time: Fleur. I won’t use it everyday, but I find it absolutely fascinating. A real gem.
This is a nice palette whose dominant color is pink and its name is very accurate because you can easily use it for pretty romantic makeups. All shadows are iridescent except for Amour which is a simple white base. The “Jolie” bronzer lets me confused because I do not understand both matte highlighters aaand iridescent bronzers. Something is wrong here. haha

The shadows have a very good texture and pigmentation, I have absolutely no complaints.

toofaced-grandchateau10 toofaced-grandchateau11


Paris After Dark is a real bomb to make smoky eyes through its iridescent pinkish base, its deep matte black, and its ideal taupe-purple shade to fade everything together. Très Chic and Provence will bring a festive touch with their glitter finish, and meanwhile Parfait is … Parfait : A very pigmented nude-rose-gold, which I can’t get enough of it. Nothing to complain about this palette, the pigmentation is also good for all except Le Marais which leaves me unsatisfied. I do not find them very dusty, except perhaps Très Chic because of its glitter but it remains beautiful. It’s all about compromises. ;)
This palette includes cold pink blush. It’s not my favorite (wait till you see Mademoiselle !), but it proves that each pallet is sufficient unto itself.
toofaced-grandchateau13 toofaced-grandchateau14

Paris Au Naturale (Too Faced: Do NOT hesitate to call me whenever you need French words, because my ears bleed haha. This is “Paris Au Naturel”.) is, as its name suggests, a palette of very nude and warm shades ; the kind of makeup that any beauty junkie absolutely can not live without ! It is the only one of the three pallets that contain as many matte shadows.
Pot Du Crème (beware, my ears still bleed – Pot DE Crème) is in my opinion the most pigmented base of three palettes: Ideal for any makeup ! Fifi is a perfect nude to melt them all, while Oui and Merci and will give power to any look. Bonjour is, unsurprisingly, my little favorite of this palette! I am tirelessly attracted to golden shadows. :( This one is particularly hot, creamy and pigmented!
Oui is very dusty, but so beautiful … A beautiful black sprinkled with golden glitter, the perfect combo for chic but festive looks.
Mademoiselle is a pretty coral blush that beautifies all skin tones, a real pleasure!
toofaced-grandchateau16 toofaced-grandchateau17

You now can understand that each of Grand Chateau stunning palettes is self-sufficient to accomplish different types of makeup. In the end, we are left with a range of colors and textures to perfect and complete every looks.

The shadows are well pigmented, some more dusty than others but nothing dramatic to me : You want glitter or you don’t! ;) The blush / bronzers delight the tastes of everyone.

toofaced-grandchateau6 toofaced-grandchateau8

The Grand Chateau is an ultra limited edition only available in Sephora stores for € 45 / $49. I don’t regret my purchase at all and this case still amazes me. I think this is definitely the perfect gift for any beautista. I sincerely don’t see how Too Faced could do better than that!

toofaced-grandchateau15 toofaced-grandchateau18



Read my previous review on Too Faced best-seller mascara Better Than Sex here  and there versus Benefit’s They’re Real !


Will you fall for this Grand Chateau ?


PS : Thank you so much Too Faced for RT and reposted me on Instagram. I’m so moved. ♡