Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint: The ideal Korean tint!

It’s been a long time since I didn’t speak about this brand on my blog! If you just arrived and to make it short, PONY is a Korean makeup artist/beauty Youtuber very famous in her homeland and in the world. She created her beauty brand called PONY EFFECT in 2015 and I got the chance to try the very first collection ‘That Girl’ some years ago.

Since then, the brand diversified its products, upgraded quality and evolved into a more professional and versatile one: PONY’s talent and creativity is reflected in those palettes which offer endless possibilities. I admire it, and can only love this brand. 

Just like the Etude House In The Cafe palette, I received this lil gem in one of my Joah Boxes – a k-beauty subscription which costs around $30 monthly but the totale value it’s always waaaay more. It’s one of my favorite subs ever. (10% OFF with my discount code MANGO10, works only on the English version!)

The Korean meaning of “lip tint”

To us Occidentals, lip tints aren’t really a trend but it’s been a Korean must-have since for years: To suit a subtle or a very bold look, to wear as an innocent looking lip gradient or on full lips, it remains a great ally thanks to its finish that stains lips for the whole day.

If I say lip tint, you may think about very watery finishes like Etude House Water Tint or Peripera Vivid Tint Water: The word « tint » rings a bell, bu t sometimes it doesn’t represent the right texture.

Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint

I really love watery lip tints just like the ones I quoted, but this Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint in shade ‘Beautiful’ is nothing like those:

Its tube makes us believe it’s a liquid balm-like application or even a cushion tip, but when you unscrew the cap, you can discover a foam stem, just like a classic liquid lipstick! This combo tube packaging + stem is a first for me, and I already love it!

And now, do we even talk about its black and gold packaging? This timeless duo is truly my favorite. Always looks chic. 

About the texture itself, it’s a bit creamier than what I thought. It’s actually smooth, fresh and pigmented. Add to that a surprising and enjoyable fragrance, and here is the Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint!

(The jewelries I wear on the pic comes from Happiness Boutique – the earrings are unfortunately no longer in stock but the set of necklaces is just there. I found real nuggets on this eshop so don’t hesitate to check it! 10% OFF with my discount code mangobeautytips from €19. )

The ‘Beautiful’ shade is a very sweet and fresh pink, although I would probably have bought ‘Delightful’ by myself. I’m not disappointed at all tho because when I apply it, it brings a lot of color and freshness to my face and when the texture fades… the color stays!

The true power of lip tints is revealed. (RIP my forearm who stayed tinted until the day after ahah)

Just like a permanent marker, it leaves the lips prettily colored even when there is no texture left at all. This tint stains easily for hours and disappears in a very natural and homogeneous way, but it’s a real pleasure to reapply it anyway because it dries very quickly without dehydrating, without any transfer and doesn’t particularly highlight the small dead skins.

The two small flaws of Pony Effect is that it’s still a bit hard to purchase the brand, and the prices are quite similar to what we can see in Occident with MAC, Make Up Forever, etc.

Still, be aware that many of the brand’s products are available on TesterKorea but these lip tints have been sold out for a while… Certified eBay sellers sell some for around $14, shipping included.

The Korean brand Pony Effect is slightly more expensive than what we are used to see, but we really get what we pay for: Quality and pigmentation!

trans. help: @atemonaku_ohayo

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