Pibu Box: a new K-beauty subscription!

It’s been a while since I’ve told you about k-beauty boxes, and yet these are my favorite subscriptions!

So far, I only introduced Joah Box on the blog but you must have seen Pibu Box on my Instagram during Christmas holidays because there was a small giveaway. The fact is that I realize only now that I didn’t write about it whereas I LOVED to discover it.

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Pibu Box, the French k-beauty box

The k-beauty subscription Pibu Box is created by two Frenchies – two girls from Strasbourg precisely: Lili is in France to meet all our demands in real time, and Camille is in Seoul to find all the coolest products month after month!
I was already following them on Instagram before the launch, but we were able to discover their first box in November 2017 – it’s actually the one I’m going to introduce you today, which is a good example of a GREAT k-beauty box. ♡

Pibu 피부 means “skin” in Korean. It’s a cute little word that often slips into names of brands and I can see why.

Pibu Box is a small piece of Korea that comes to take care of your skin every months.

Regarding the prices: Count €27,90 for at least 5 full size products and 1 accessory per box. If you subscribe for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, you can save up to €20 + 1 sheet mask per month + 10% off on the shop.
This is totally the medium k-beauty boxes’ prices, around €30. It’s a certain investment, but when you love something… You don’t count, do you? (a)

Pibu Box #1, the content

You can discover the content of the old Pibu boxes on their website (May came in a little cherry blossom pouch – I’M CRYING), it is very convenient to get an idea about the concept but I thought it was more fun to show you directly the content of mine, commenting on everything.

I don’t know if this pouch thing is permanent with different ones every month -like ipsy Glam Bags– but from November to April, the k-beauty Pibu boxes arrived in small, light pink cardboard boxes surrounded by a pearly white ribbon. Girly, cute and clean: Everything I like – It’s a good start!

Inside, I can see that they didn’t lie and were even more generous than expected: I count 7 full-size products including 2 sheet masks and a 3-step nose pack + 1 accessory and 2 small samples. Pretty cool, right?
Among all these products, there is a small handmade booklet with a string and a glittery cover. It describes and explains how to use all the products of this pretty box. But as we don’t like spoilers here, let’s go directly to the discovery of the content:

Nature Republic California Aloe Vera Hand Cream

Let’s start strong with an as cute as playful Korean cosmetic: An Aloe Vera hand cream… shaped like an aloe vera leaf!
You can unscrew the tip to let out the cream by a very small and precise hole. It’s a light cream, which melts quickly and smells extremely GOOD. It leaves the skin soft and moisturized, and I love to apply some more along the day, just for the pleasure of taking it out of my bag. :’)

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Mask

This isn’t the first time I tell you about this atypical mask from Dr.Jart+ since I already received it in another k-beauty box! That being said, I still hadn’t take the time to try it because I wanted to make a small insta video… Now having two of these makes me wanna do a crashtest off camera before. I will use it very soon! I love this kind of DIY products.

secretKey Pure Green AC Control Cleansing Bar

It was risky to put a product for acne skins in the box, but as I’m not done yet with my imperfections it’s a big YES for me! It’s a daily facial soap made with Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree Oil. The best anti-acne combo, clearly.

Skinfood Vita Color tint Lip Oil #PK01 Ddalgi (strawberry) syrup

Fourth and last “big” product of this Pibu Box, and it is a makeup product! I like when it is balanced between skincare and makeup, don’t you?
This is the only makeup product in this box, but I noticed that the creators have arranged to put at least two in the next ones so it’s all forgiven. :p

Here is a colored oil, quite thick but not sticky like a gloss. It slightly tinkles the lips of its pretty pink shade thanks to the foam applicator while protecting them from drying and external aggressions with the jojoba and sunflower oils it contains.

Nightingale Tako Pack 3 step Nose Blackhead Clear Solution

At first glance, it looks like a sheet mask but the two cuts quickly bring us back on track: It’s actually 3 steps to clean the nose of its sebaceous filaments (wrongly called ‘blackheads’) and other impurities. These are like our classic patches, but more elaborate (and effective, I hope)!

  • Step 1: Heating patch that will open the pores and soften the filaments
  • Step 2: Classic patch to remove impurities
  • Step 3: Cooling patch to tighten the now empty pores

This is the ideal technique to tighten pores in the long run. I should make a stock because one does not go without the two others!

Beyond Bye Bye to Facial Wrinkles

We got an anti-acne product, now meet an anti-wrinkle one! It promises to fight against the aging signs by smoothing the wrinkles of the face thanks to the royal jelly and nectar it contains.
It may not suit everyone but don’t worry: Sheet masks are primarily intended to moisturize the skin. You risk absolutely nothing to apply a cute mask like this on your face, apart from pampering it!

Coréana Egg Sleeping Pack

Let’s finish with a new x-in-1 product! Step 1 is a sheet mask that will moisturize while removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin thanks to the albumin extracts it contains; and Step 2 is a rich and creamy sleeping mask made of egg yolk and honey. It aims to rebalance sebum and preserve the hydration on the skin.
I think the second step is a little too rich for my skin, but I will give it a chance someday (some night)… It’s too adorable not to be tried out!

Tony Moly mirror Girl + samples

The accessory included in this very first Pibu Box is a pocket mirror of the Korean brand Tony Moly. I admit that I already have a hand mirror in all my bags, but it’s very well thought out and it will probably serve many girls who have received it.
The two samples come from the Panda’s Dream range, also from Tony Moly.

In a nutshell

In the end, I really loved this Pibu Box and I won’t hesitate to subscribe in the long term as soon as I have the opportunity (clearly not before I move to Canada). It is a complete and generous k-beauty box, which offers well-known brands’ products that k-beauty addicts will be delighted to find in their mailbox!

Do you like this k-beauty Pibu Box? Have you planned to subscribe?

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