Peripera Daldal Factory, sweet and fresh!

Here we go again, in a wave of blogposts introducing new kbeauty collections! I’ll try to alternate with beauty reviews not to produce only easy content, but I can’t help it: I always want to share my little treasures and discoveries with you.

I see a lot of new collections on the web but they don’t always catch my eyes and my heart… And sometimes, I wonder if you’re really interested in them wheareas you’ve already told me you were! I’m a desperate case :$

The truth is that we can’t change who we are and what we love and even if I know loads of different kbeauty brands, I have my favorites and I always write about the same brands. Today is no exception since I’m introducing you the Spring/Summer 2018 collection of Peripera: Daldal Factory !


As a reminder or just for your information if you’re new here, I literally melt for Peripera’s packagings as well as for the quality of the products: Pigmentation never fails (it’s even the strength of the brand) and so do the textures etc. The products are also long lasting ; Peripera leaves nothing to chance and always tempts us — and I always rush to it!

You can check my reviews of different products of the brand right here.

Peripera Daldal Factory

One of Peripera’s strength is to be EVERYWHERE: There isn’t two or three months without a new little product or a new line! Peripera is constantly innovating and creating, and it’s in this perspective that the Dal Dal Factory was born.

It’s a «small» collection because there are only 5 products and 1 extra, but it’s enough to capture my heart, you’ll see.

Peripera Daldal Factory Airy Ink Cushion

Starting strong: The case is colorful and girly, full of fake little confettis covered with little stars that you can shake… It looks like a donut topping I love it!

Three cushions shades are available: #1 Ivory (classic 13), #2 Beige (classic 21) and #3 Sand (classic 23).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the only cushion of the brand. It seems to have a nice coverage and moisture, the finish looks glowy but not too much, and it seems to be long lasting too. I will end up getting one and write a review someday!

Get it on missBeautyKorea for €11,52. So affordable right? ;)

Peripera Daldal Factory Ink Blurry Skin Tint #Mint Tone Up

Another face product: A green base, perfect for redness-prone skins since green is the natural enemy of red! (in less violent than my words, obviously haha).

I’m surprised that Peripera doesn’t offer a peach and purple version of this #Mint Tone Up for other corrections that we could do before using a foundation…

This still looks really pigmented – as usual – and leaves the skin very light. I am the type of person who uses a concealer on rednesses and it works well, so this base miiiight leave me indifferent even if the format and the ice cream logo are cute as hell.

Get it on missBeautyKorea for €8,23.

Peripera Daldal Factory Ink the Gelato

It’s time for the lip products, since they are the flagship products of Peripera! This time, two new colors of a new range: Ink The Gelato.

Say hi to the colors #6 Watermelon Pink and #7 Pinapple Orange, exclusively available with the Dal Dal Factory logo. :D

The finish seems at first very liquid but ends velvety and natural on lips. It looks super gorgeous. Will I fall for them?

Get it on missBeautyKorea for €7,41.

Peripera Daldal Factory Sugar Lip Glitter

If these days you enjoy brigther and retro finishes, you may want to let yourself be tempted by the two lip glosses Sugar Lip Glitter…

With their surprising shades and little confettis, these are the cutest lip glosses I have ever seen. Obviously no confetti on the lips but a lot of glitters and wet effect!
Do you prefer the #1 Space Blue Pudding or the #2 Orange Sprinkle Pudding?

Get it on missBeautyKorea for €7,41€ too, you can’t bankrupt.

Peripera Daldal Factory Sugar Twinkle Glitter Palette

Let’s close this classic-not-so-classic line with a small palette of four very sparkly eyeshadows! Some of them would be gorgeous as highlighters. I like the combination of 2 very warm tones with 2 very cold ones, yet quite discret and wearable in any circumstance.

The lid is transparent with fake sweat treats stickers on it….I love it. I just love it. Can’t be helped. ♡

Get it on missBeautyKorea for 1€3,17€, still very affordable right?!

Bonus : Peripera Peri’s Mini Frige

Do you remember the cutest small luggage with its stickers and 5 mini miniatures? The brand scored a sold-out easily, understood very well the success it had received and decided to release something quite similar: A mini fridge!

The concept is the same and the video speaks for itself. I’m not myself anymore in front of mini Coca Cola cans, I said it. Fight me.

The miniatures are two Vivid Tint Water, 1 Ink Velvet (lips), 1 Ink Cheek (blush) and 1 Ink Multi (Bronzer / eyeshadow).

Get it -quickly- on missBeautyKorea for €20,57€!

What do you think of this Peripera Daldal Factory collection?

trans. help : @_qidehae

Peripera Daldal Factory

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