Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette: The best of the best?

As far as I know, I find myself really weak when it comes to be in a ‘no-buy mode’ in front of beauties like that, as far as the huge time I take to shoot pictures and NOT to put my fingers in the product – I’m just impressed of myself. Haha

A few weeks passed before I decided to shoot this palette, and yet quite more few days of using it to make my own opinion, that I’m writing today. Do we deal with the best palette of the universe ? That’s what I thought when I first bought this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette, let’s see if that’s still what I think now…

Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette

Nabla is an Italian brand which struggle in France, it is yet quite greater than Kiko. Products’ quality is exceptionnal: Shadows, lipsticks, blushes, bronzers, etc – everything is incredibly pigmented, long-lasting and on top of that, they still manage to offer great packagings ?!

Sometimes Nabla will flirt with professional brands by selling mono eyeshadows, customisable palette and neutral packagings, sometimes it will release some.. some PURE MARVEL like this Dreamy Palette and it’s really really hard to resist !

When it was first released, I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to buy it or not before it was sold out – how I regretted it when the first swatches and makeup came out, you’ll know why soon enough.

There’s been a restock early this year and I won’t lie : At 1 p.m I was already refreshing the page for 10 minutes ahah. After paying 35,90 + €10 of shipping fees on the official website (because I was afraid that the free shipping sellers were running out of stock already), here’s the object of all desire,between my hands, and the box already sets the tone.

An ultra careful shipping for a precious product. The palette comes in a little packaging that we have to slide to discover the real black beauty filled with gold and bronze stars, constellations and other universe details

Honestly, this is the most beautiful palette I ever saw in my life. I know I don’t have some kind of universal taste or something ; but the tones, the layout, the finish — the global harmony..I’m totally falling for it.

Okay, we got that the eyeshadows were pretty. But how is the pigmentation, the texture…? 

Here are the one layer swatches. Yes, you read it well. It means I only stroked the shadow with my fingers ONCE, I only pressed this same finger on my arm ONCE, without pressing it again. If I had to rate the pigmentation, it would be an easy 15/10. ahah

The 6 iridescent shades are as intense and smooth as the 5 matte shades are soft and colorful.
However, I see a flaw and it’s called Delirium : The psychedelic purple shade is most glittery but also the most powdery and not very pigmented… Dang, the deception is real. :( 

Talking about ‘powdery‘, even if I love the pigmentation of this palette, I objectively have to say that this is the most (beautiful we got that, but also) powdery palette I own. Even Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Modern Renaissance isn’t as powdery as this one, and the brand is known for being powdery already. Can you imagine it ?

I actually don’t have anything against powdery eyeshadow. However I systematically get my cheeks full of eyeshadows everytime I use this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette… too bad.
If you wanna try it, I advise you not to do your foundation first. Now that you’re aware, you can happily use it daily because it’s too pretty not to ! What, I already said that ? Am I biased ?

Those 12 pretty shadows are still incredibly easy to work with, blend, etc. I know it’s hard to imagine not ending up with patches with such a great pigmentation but that’s totally true ! Gliding (h)e(a)venly on lids~

Our Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is magnetic and a big mirror is included. The palette itself, as much as the eyeshadows, seems resistant : I took it with me everywhere these past few days and I wasn’t afraid to break it. BECCA should learn about it. :DDDD (<- totally not mad about the total destruction of my highlighter. Twice.)

It’s now time to show y’all the makeup I’m doing the most with this palette lately, because I’m almost using all shades and let say that it’s SO satisfying haha. It’s still really harmonious, don’t you think ?

Last but not least, the Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is a pure treasure esthetically talking, whether at the packaging level, but also at the shadows and all the other small details. The pigmentation is excellent, an even « rarely seen » one, up to MakeUp Geek’s eyeshadows. However it’s still very powdery and Delirium which looked like the most powerful shade is finally the most (and only) disappointing oneOn the other hand, you can work with a wet brush to give it a totally new dimension.

It won’t make my euphoria toward this palette fall tho: I love it at a nameless level. aha

As you can well imagine, its sold out again… But you can still follow the brand on the social media to stay tuned about the restocks !

Have you heard about this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette before ? After this blogpost, are you interested in purchasing it?

Trans : @Rachel Funghini

Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow palette

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