Let’s discover kbeauty brand Lapcos!

I’ve told you to stay tuned after my last blogpost, when I introduced you one of the best kbeauty boxes on the market: Joah Box. I also told you that I hadn’t one but TWO boxes to show you, so following the September one (I am seriously so ashamed to say that in February?) here comes December’s special edition featuring kbeauty brand Lapcos!


Lapcos has everything it takes to be a great Korean brand: Packagings are cute and elaborate, products are varied, and colors & textures are amazing! I’ve heard of this brand a few times due to my unbridled hunger for kbeauty and I’m glad to finally discover it with you today. :)

I can’t find the exact date of Lapcos’ foundation, but it’s a young brand which has everything to seduce the international market thanks to trendy affordable ranges of skincare and makeup. The products are indeed affordable, but they are hard to find on our favorite e-shops/resellers… But it’s sold on Revolve?!

Recently, I noticed that there are more and more beauty products on fashion e-shops such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS, or Stylenanda. It always surprises me when I find some of my favorites kbeauty brands on these websites, but in a good way obviously! Lapcos on Revolve, who would have known tho?

Joahbox x Lapcos

Such a nice surprise to be able to discover this brand in a featuring beauty box! Now, here is the content and what I think about the products after some weeks of use:

Lapcos Kiss-Ful Tint Lacquer Matte #Sweet Coral

I usually tend to talk about makeup products AFTER skincare, but I’d be lying if told you that I didn’t pick this first! The packaging is a nice transparent tube, reminding me of limited edition you can hang on your Christmas tree, so cute! Good first impression, good start right?

This clear little box contains a tube which wears the color of its own lipstick! How convenient?

And the most interesting part: the applicator is actually a foam tip, just like a classic liquid lipstick.

The pigmentation is insane, look at how one layer looks! Yes, only one.

That being said, we need to discuss the texture which is not exactly what we could expect: It’s written ‘mate’ on the tube, but the lipstick doesn’t really dry, and it’s not transfer proof neither. However it LOOKS mate to the eyes, but with the comfy side. What a great combo!

It smells good and lasts quite long for a ‘semi mate’ to me. And when it fades, it fades evenly… Can we find a flaw now please? Maybe its shade that I, at first, found a bit too intense even if I’m crazy about coral, but I eventually got to fall for this vibrant orange after a few days. ♡

Lapcos Pro-Touch Brow Pencil #Dark Brown

Now talking about the brow pencil of this box! You might be thinking

Her eyebrows are TATTOOED, what’s the point?

The fact that I tattooed my eyebrows a few months ago doesn’t prevent me to put makeup on them. The only difference is that it takes me 2 minutes instead of 20 haha. When I apply my foundation, it always goes on top of them and I have to give them a little more dimension.

Since the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills is sold in France, I only swear by the Dip Brow Pomade and its brush. But it looks kind of… dramatic, you know? If you’re looking for something natural, this isn’t the right product for you.

I’ve tried a lot of pencils, and I just hate when they’re dry AF and you almost have to rub the product to get some on your brush… Like, duh.

But then, let me say that THIS pencil isn’t dry at all! Its tip is thin and flat to allow you to fill in your brows or to draw hair one by one.

The color isn’t too warm or too cold. Again, if I had to mention a flaw, that would be the fact that you would run out of product quite quickly. I’m not used to it anymore because of my ABH pomade that lasts for years! With 2~3 uses/week (when I’m not in the Instagram brows mood), I’ve already use a third of the product… That’s probably the case of every pencils so nothing to report actually.

Lapcos Milk Tone-Up Cream

It’s now time for skincare products! Unfortunately, I can’t talk about them as much as the makeup products because they aren’t adapted to my skin type… That’s always the risk with beauty boxes, but it’s ok. :D

I’m always worried when I read “cream” because my combination to oily skin isn’t a big fan of rich textures. I usually go for gels or watery products. Still, I like to have at least one cream (not too rich) in my night routine, in case of very bad skin days!

The formula contains milk proteins and powerful antioxidants, this Milk Tone-Up Cream is supposed to brighten, unify and give to your skin beautiful radiance. Seems great on papers, isn’t it?

Too bad the texture doesn’t appeal me that much, I’m still thinking about what I should do with it, because this silver packaging is making me puppy eyes you know…

Lapcos Honey Nourishing Mask Sheet

I could have at least open and try out the previous cream, hoping that it wouldn’t be too rich. But unfortunately, it’s a big no-no to those masks. “Nourishing” is oily skins’ worst enemy, as they are already nourished so they weep sebum at the end of day!

I love sheetmasks for their hydrating and refreshing properties, while those are more “heavy” and cocooning. That packaging tho… It breaks my heart that I can’t use them, they are so beautiful! Who wants some? haha

So, this is what JoahBox feat. Lapcos looks like (-10% with MANGO10, works only on the English version). I love when I get the opportunity to try out several products from the same brand, don’t you?
I really enjoy the quality of the products I tested and still use now, and I don’t question the quality of the ones I don’t know yet… In my opinion, this selection is perfect for normal to dry skin since we discover as many makeup products as skincare ones, and the cocooning aspect is perfect for the season!

How did you find it? Will you give a go to a kbeauty box every month? ♡

Seeing the brand’s social medias, I’d like to deal with other products in depth, such as liquid eyeshadows, palettes, cushions, tint, or even their beauty oils… Would you like it?

trans help : @Nemerys

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