Kylie Cosmetics Mini Mattes (Birthday Edition) – Review & swatches


Those who follow me on social networks know that a few weeks ago, I fell for the cosmetics brand of the youngest Kardashian:Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner. And when I say that I “fell”, it’s a bit soft. It went almost obsessional when they released the National Day shades, at the same time of me dreaming of the perfect dark blue lipstick. So I waited for the next restock at midnight (here), and I just bought Candy K and Freedom.

However, I won’t introduce these to you today because you may already know them very well; but I’m going to show you the Mini Mattes Birthday Edition which was released on August 1, in honor of Kylie 19th birthday (August 12)! I ordered them during the first stock at midnight, I got my package on August 8 without any customs or transport fees. A speed record, and therefore major savings. : ‘D


The Birthday Edition isn’t just a repackaging since many new products have been created alongside lip products. You can now get an eyeshadows palette, two cream shadows, a bronze liner… Anyway, I’m just looking forward to the black liner, potential eyebrow products and why not some false lashes to see if it’s as worth as the exiting products.
You can get the full the Birthday Edition set for $ 200. I confess that I could have buy it if it didn’t include too many products that I liked not thaaat much, like the golden gloss and lippie, bronze liner and cream that are too close to what I already have. Still, this is a certain amount of money. Yet I was so attracted by the new shade called Leo, so what a pleasure to discover a small kit that contains 6 minis … including Leo!

Just like that, my sister and I bought these Mini Mattes $ 36 per unit before they sold out in 2min.


Kylie Cosmetics Mini Matte include of 6 minis of the shades: Exposed, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, Kristen & Leo. I think that they couldn’t make any more perfect selection: nudes, classics and the newbies… What else?

All dressed in gold (infused with “real gold” apparently… meh. dun care) and in a durable and high quality plastic, the 6 minis have 0.65ml of products, which is ridiculously little compared to the full size (3.25ml). Note however that the brush is as large as the original, even less fluffy and more accurate.
I really like the design of the product ifself, nothing to say about it. Like the full size product, they smell vanilla! Looking down at all the lipsticks (liquid or solid) I have, there are the only ones that smell that way. YUMMY~


They are extremely pigmented and long lasting: Which basically means FLAWLESS. Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks/Lipkits are among the best I’ve tried out so far. Still not convinced? They are cruelty-free. ❤️




Exposed is the most nude, strictly speaking, like flesh beige. I expected more from this shade because I wondered if I should buy the full size. The finish is a bit bland to me… A warm beige slightly orange, which is too clear to me. A simple matter of taste. :)

Dolce K


A bestseller shade, another nude but colder and brownish. It makes me think about my Gerard Cosmetics Iced Mocha: Beautiful on photos, but pretty bland with the rest of my casual makeup. I think it would suit  a very pronounced eye and face makeup, since it’s soft, nude and cold. It is very beautiful, but not alone.

Koko K


Geez, you gotta think that I don’t enjoy these Mini Mattes! But Koko K is probably the one I like the least. I was certain about that. A pale and cold mauve pink… Which doesn’t suit my complexion at all. Again, it is just a matter of taste, but I duuun like it.

Candy K


Let put the mark a little higher now : The cherry on the cake. Candy K! It represents absolutely everything I like in a lipstick. It would be perfect with some more peachy tones, but I LOVE it like that too. It is a warm pinky nude (still less pink than Koko K), but remaining very natural. It gives my lips a cute and pepsy look, just like improved natural lips!



If I wouldn’t have buy Kristen at first place, the Mini Kit certainly made me fall in love with this shade, at the end. Kristen is one of 3 summer shades: Maliboo, Kristen and Ginger. I find Maliboo way too light, but I loved Ginger since the beginning . Maybe I would have loved to see it in the kit, but I must admit that Kristen is a really good surprise: A warm and soft raspberry red, eye candy!



I was waiting so this shade so bad! Kylie rocks it, and I wouldn’t wait to make my own opinion. Leo appears much darker than what I thought: From afar, one could almost find it blackish. From experience, the burgundy shade is extremely difficult to apply evenly, but Kylie Cosmetics and their super formulation greatly facilitates the task. What do you think?


I don’t ask you if you already knew Kylie Cosmetics… But do you plan to buy some products? Which one is your fav?



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