Kat Von D Shade Light : XXL Contouring palette


In my previous post, I was telling you how hard it was to know what to bring back home from the US, “cosmetically speaking”. I already reviewed the fav of my favs : Tartelette matte eyeshadows palette from Tarte… But it’s not the only palette I bought, back there !

Since this one isn’t an eyeshadows palette, I guess you’ll be okay for one more. Say hi to the Kat Von D Shade Light contour palette !

I hesitated so much between Too Faced’s Cocoa Powder, ABH’s Contour Kit and that one from Kat Von D. The three cost approximately the same. First, I had a preference for the Too Faced’s since it is the only one of three that includes a cheek brush, and well.. It’s Too Faced ! But I thought that it would eventually be released in France sooner or later, and I’ll be able to get it someday if I really want to.

However, when I asked you on Twitter and even to the MUA from Sephora, you were completely unanimous : KAT. VON. D ! Well, here is it. :)


This is one of the largest (contouring) palette I saw on the shelves. It is really HUGE. The packaging is matching well the brand image; dark and a bit goth ! The package back reveals the colors of the 6 palette powders : 3 highlighters called Lucid, Lyric and Levitation as well as 3 bronzers called Dark, Shadowplay and Subconscious.
Note however that the colors of the packaging (and even on the small flyer inside) aren’t the same as IRL : The real powders are actually so much prettier.


The powders are matching vertically : The first column Lucid/Dark has nice pink sub-tones, while the Lyric/Shadowplay duo is rather golden beige and Levitation/Subconscious have warmer, peach/orange tones.
These three duos are actually made for the three main sub-toned complexion; an universal and modulable palette that will go to all skin tones !

katvondshadelight10 katvondshadelight11

The Shade Light Palette powders are odorless and completely matte. Between this one and the Tartelette, I’m starting to wonder « Where are the glitters in my life ?! »
It is also the only point that I don’t really appreciate in this product because I like catchy and glittery highlighters ! I think matte highlighters are a bit boring and useless. D:

HOWEVER, bronzers are very pigmented so be careful when applying it for the first time or you’ll end with two dark strips in the middle of your cheeks hehe.



If you are looking for something very simple, subtle and natural : This palette is perfect. But if like me, you like to add something fresh and catchy in your daily makeup, keep your favorite highlighter by your side ! I like to use the Etude House’ Secret Beam, but the liquid one from Stila is completely obsessing me lately.


Instinctively, I immediately started using the second duo (Lyric / Shadowplay) because the first was a bit dull and the third clearly too dark. Levitation almost look like a peachy blush !
I apply Shadowplay with my Zoeva cheek brush at the base of the palm of my cheeks and I stretch without reapplying some to keep the shadows as subtle as I can. Then I apply Lyric with a hint of Levitation on the top of my cheekbone and I eventually add a little shimmer with my Secret Beam.

In a nutshell, this Shade Light palette has infinite possibilities thanks to its 2 × 3 powders that allow to find “the perfect shade” for your complexion, but also for your taste!

Considering its size, I don’t think I’ll ever finish it. Especially when I know that I will clearly not use all the shades ! But I believe that this is the perfect product for MUA and makeup junkies in general. ~
If I could go back to Sephora Times Square, I think I would rather fall for the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ or Too Faced’s one, which are smaller but equally competitive !


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