J.ONE Jelly Pack, the ultimate ‘glue primer’

If you follow me on social networks (especially Twitter and Instagram), you might have already seen this lil product! I took my time to try it out, and here I am today, to review it for you. Other products from the same brand will also be reviewed quickly… stay tuned.

J.ONE Jelly Pack

The Korean brand J.ONE

J.ONE is a Korean cosmetics brand that is particularly famous overseas, because I must admit that I’ve seen more US reviews about it than anywhere else! haha
It owns its success to the American e-shop Glow Recipe, which has highlighted it by giving it the title of “gamechanger” – nothing less.

The other products of the brand are newer and more discreet since this Jelly Pack is a huge must-have and bestseller… that can also be found at Sephora US through its collab with Glow Recipe! Hard to compete, right.

My review of the J.ONE Jelly Pack

This J.ONE Jelly Pack promises a lot of things, which are directly displayed on the bottle and can be read at first glance:

  • Dramatic firming skin
  • Improved elasticity
  • Pore smoothing

As you can understand, it’s supposed to be a multitasking care suitable for all skin types, which acts as a moisturizing mask with anti-aging properties but also as a primer that grips makeup.

The theory is GREAT, and in real life… Well, it’s more or less the same thing!

The small pump that provides the product lets us discover a clear, ultra thick and sticky texture. The term ‘glue primer‘ labeled by the Americans immediately makes sense because it just looks like… liquid glue.

Its fragrance is very unusual but oddly, I like it. It reminds me of bread dough. Or even child glue, which would make more sense haha. Just be warned that the smell is quite strong and weird for a beauty product. ;)

The application is as destabilizing as the smell at first: Its thick and sticky texture doesn’t spread as well as a cream, you must work it a little longer. It becomes quite watery under the fingertips but still remains sticky.
If you wait for it not to stick anymore like a classic cream, you can wait a loooong time! haha

How to use the J.ONE Jelly Pack?

It’s indeed best to wait a few minutes before applying makeup, when your sticky skin bounces between your fingers but there is no product transfer.
Now, you can apply your makeup normally: Concealer, foundation, BB cream, cushion … It’s up to you, just know that nothing will move!

I noticed an immediate change on my combination to oily skin: At the end of the day, my T-zone was much less greasy than usual and areas on which makeup struggles to stay such as the wings of my nose, had still makeup on it!

As you may know (or not), my pores are quite dilated on my nose and the inner corner of my cheeks. I expected a lot from the ‘pore smoothing‘ effect and I’m not disappointed: It’s not a texture that FILL pores like the Porefessional primer from Benefit, but rather a visible reduction of pores thanks to the firming effect of the J.ONE Jelly Pack.
On the other hand, this primer is just like makeup so this is only temporary and won’t reduce the appearance of your pores in the long term. Don’t forget to treat this aspect of your skin with specific skincare! (If you have a good reference, please share it because I’m still looking...)

And last but not least, I didn’t keep the best for the end because we’ll know talk about the moistuziring point… which I didn’t necessarily noticed. Actually, I didn’t even expected it. A ‘glue primer’ with such properties can not, in my opinion, be a makeup primer AND a proper skincare.

However, I can definitely confirm that it doesn’t dry the skin out, and even preserves skin moisture by forming a kind of film on the face. Here is the only ‘skincare’ side I can give, but I really don’t advise you to replace your moisturizing cream or gel for this J.ONE Jelly Pack, as cool as it is.
Finally, we can all wonder “does the skin breathe?” Answer: A little less than if you don’t apply it, but it seems non-comedogenic and didn’t cause me any breakouts. It just does a wonderful job making my makeup stay all day, and I love it for that.

If so far, makeup primers weren’t important for you, this Korean J.ONE Jelly Pack should definitely be a gamechanger!

Now it’s time for you just truly hate me because… it’s soldout everywhere. I purchased it on sale on TesterKorea for like €17 if I remember well, but it was also available at €19.90 on Jolse and Cosmetic-Love, against $42 on Glow Recipe and Sephora US. :s


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