# Hema Lyon : Opening & Haul !


You know me, I always come after the war. So you may already know that Hema opened a store in Lyon, and this was extremely expected by bloggers/instagramers everybody who knew about it !
Hema is a huge Dutch chain that sells everyday products like decoration and great gifts ideas, all at (very low) price and combining all quality and good design.

I was delighted to be invited to the opening night on December 8; day of the famous Festival of Lights. The celebration was very solemn, but our “small” opening night was seething and full of excitement. Let’s return to this beautiful time together :

My friend Nelly lives just in front (but I mean- JUST. IN. FRONT) of the store, so we got off at 18:30 and found, surprisingly, that there was alreadt a big queue in front of the store ! It turns out that the organization invited a hundred people, and we immediately understood that it would be less cozy than expected … But the staff’s enthusiasm and kindness as well as the pretty yummy corners allowed us to keep very good memories..


Let’s talk quickly about the store: Approximately 950 square meters of shop spread over two floors of which the ground floor is dedicated to the decoration, groceries and beauty while you will find stationery and  everything you need for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom upstairs.

The Christmastly ground floor :haul-hema-lyon-ouverture-9haul-hema-lyon-ouverture
The huge beauty row :haul-hema-lyon-ouverture-10
The famous stationery corner !haul-hema-lyon-ouverture-6
Almost everything to furnish your whole house…


Even with a €10 gift voucher, I ended with a €49 bill and waytooheavy bags on the shoulders! To conclude this quick blogpost, here my HAUL video :

Do you like Hema? Which row(s) do you like the most ?



Avec la participation de Galadrielle V. pour la traduction -merci !


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