Nailart tuto : Gradient & stripes


Hello there!

Today, I’m back with another tutorial; which is not mine by the way. I always have been very inspired by Pshiiit, a French nailartist -even if she may not consider herself as one of them, she truly is the one who inspired me for years and years and probably the one who decided me to share my work too.
I will publish the quite same tutorial here because her blog is only in French and if I’m lucky enough to attract global NPAs here, and if I had only one person to share, it would be her, definitely. I love all what she does, she keeps it simple and classy and I can’t be anything but admirative!


Here is all the stuff you will need to do your gradient striped nailart:  Don’t forget to prepare your nails before with a base coat!



Before starting to paint your nails, take the opportunity of your nails being nude to cut some striping tape.
You will need around 4×2 for each nails. I’m doing 2 nails on each hands, so I cut 32 pieces.



For the base color, I chose a very soft white (Biguine – So Parfait). I put 4 thin coats and as you can see it’s really not agressive for the eyes.

Let it DRY! Take the opportunity to paint the other nails if you plan not do this on all, like me.


Then, you have to know that making a gradient nail can make your finger dirty!
So to avoid/minimize it, you can put some scotch or masking tape all around the nail! When you will remove it, the cleaning time will be reduce by 9276429. haha



Now, you can start applying the pieces of striping tape. Do it carefully, the more regular you apply it, the better the result will be!
Tips: Put all the strips of the same direction first, it will be much easier to remove. You will be able to take all at once.


Take your sponge (it can be makeup or nailart sponge, or anything you will find smoothy and can handle nail polish! Be creative~) and cut a little piece or it, just enough to cover a nail.
Open the 2 bottles of the colors you chose earlier, and make a strip  on the sponge, then another. Do it once again, making the first strip brim over the second one to have to two colors together on a thin strip on the middle, and put the second color under.


Gently tap your nail. You can go up and down JUST A LITTLE to make the both colors mixing and penetrating the other to get a more natural result. As my colors are flashy, I didn’t need to put another coat on the sponge, I even made the second nail with the same provision.


No need it let it dry a lot. When your done, you can remove the scotch & striping tapes. Thank to the tape, you won’t need to remove a lot of lacquer on your finger!


Remove what stayed on the cuticles, apply your favorite top coat, and here are your gradient & striped nails! Hope you enjoyed it~

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