Sephora Exfoliating Gum Wash: Not quite

Some products always haunt me for like, days, weeks, MONTHS but I never jump at the chance by lack of time or opportunity… Anyway, it wasn’t by lack of money for today’s product because I finally decided to purchase it while there was a big sale at Sephora, for €2.60 instead of €8.95!

I heard a lot of things about Sephora‘s makeup (cream lip stain,  mattifying powder, etc…) but Sephora’s skincares and me are like chalk and cheese: I already tried almost ALL their sheet masks (for face, foot, hands, etc) and they aren’t so great, and my opinion about the brand got worse with the famous Mud Mask Purrifying & mattifying which everybody seemed to love but was a terrible fail to me. I didn’t even try to give it away, it just ended in my trashbin… oops.

However, I don’t hold any grudge against the label and I wanted to give it another shot by falling for this kinda weird-textured product, the Sephora Peony Exfoliating Gum Wash !

Sephora Exfoliating Gum Wash

There is also a mango version, and maybe I would have fall for this fragrance if it was in sale, but the fragrance of this peony pot is really likeable. Flowery but neither granny-like nor heady. I also like the 160ml pot format and the color, which makes it a cute little bathroom’s accessory – don’t you think?

Let’s talk about the texture: They didn’t lie at all! It totally feels like a gum, or, in 2018, you could match it as a “slime” haha. I admit that it’s so enjoyable to play wit. It’s not difficult to collect some in your hands, but you rather have to grab it between your fingers than glide it like a classic cream because it’s too compact.

That being said, you can actually SEE the grains more than you really FEEL them on your skin… And now we’re coming to the why and how of the title’s “not quite”: It’s supposed to be an exfoliating gum wash, but the gum doesn’t really wash nor exfoliate!

The grains seem to be locked up in the texture and can’t really reach the skin for a proper exfoliation. When you scrub it on your skin, the gum will gently transform into a cream which doesn’t spread evenly and easily nor bubble. Okay, let’s say it still can be used to ‘wash’, but how long does it take to wash your while body with it?! The only good point is that it can be easily rinsed off with lukewarm water, but still…

In a nutshell, it’s a cute and funny product but not particularly useful of effective… Sephora’s skincares have a looong way to go to get my heart.
I couldn’t find the ingredients list anywhere, neither on the product nor on the website, not cool.

If you could gave me only ONE Sephora’s skincare product, what would it be? Because right now, I’m losing hope to find a nugget in this label…

If you are interested to try it anyway, you can find both Mango and Peony Exfoliating Gums Wash on Sephora, one of them are still on sale right now.

trans. help: @Floryane Chaix

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