WASO Shiseido skincare line: A+!

Who doesn’t know Shiseido? Founded in 1867 by Arinobu Fukuhara in the ritzy area of Ginza in Tokyo, it’s the oldest cosmectics’ company in the world. From its name “do” (house of) and “shi sei” (where everything is born) comes out luxurious, quality and trendy products.

WASO Shiseido

But today, I’m not here to strictly speak about Shiseido but rather WASO Shiseido, their new range for young skins… but not only!

Beauty is born from nature.

(Little trailer of the line to set the mood :)

What striked me first when I received this range (I was so excited as you can imagine) is its simplicity. The packagings are surprisingly minimalist and chic.

And for good reasons, the whole line was made without unnecessary ingredients: no paraben, no mineral oil and no micro beads. Its name itself come from 和 « wa » meaning softness, harmony and 想 « so»  meaning inspiration.

Simplicity is not luxury, it’s an elementary value.

Now we are all in total immersion in WASO Shiseido universe, it’s time for me to deeply introduce the products.

WASO Shiseido Quick Gentle Cleanser

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In addition to a great (and essential) moisturizing effect, cleansing is one of my favourite step in my skincare routine. After removing my makeup, I never feel myself deeply clean without a good cleansing and I tremble when I know that some of us, somewhere on earth, stop right after a simply wipe and a shot of water on their face, brr.

While Aleppo soap seems to have healed my acne, I keep using it sometimes to maintain a good skin texture but let’s be honest: It’s a big block that doesn’t even smell good. So it’s important for me to interchange with a nice product to keep it enjoyable…. And this WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser does its job perfectly!

Its little rounded bottle contains 150mL and will last a moment. (I plead guilty: I already started using it when I finally got motivated for the photoshoot :p) Almost every products of this WASO line come with a flat cap like this one (lotion and scrub), they are made to be placed head-down in order to collect easily the substance. Obviously, nothing gets past them!

It’s a sticky liquid gel and a simple, little knob is enough to clean all the face. It will not necessarily bubble (bit it might with a net or a sponge) but you feel that it’s cleansing efficiently!

Its color and texture remind immediately its star ingredient: honey! Used for centuries thanks to its antibacterial properties, it’s a great partner in cosmetics. It’s prized by dry skins thanks to its rich texture, and for damaged skins to smooth and lighten scars and spots.
In this cleanser, honey will be suitable for all skintypes, in a nameless smooth cleansing…

I always expect ONE thing from my cleansers: For my face not to tug and be dry after I rinse it. Fortunately, it’s totally the case with this fresh cleansing gel: It’ as smooth and moisturizing as sweet and efficient. Be ready, the rejoicing is just starting!

Its fragrance is totally addictive! It smells something between ‘clean’ and Korean creams. I L O V E it.

Purchase it for €34,50 at Sephora.

WASO Shiseido Fresh Jelly Lotion

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This lotion is absolutely what I love as a toner: sweet and moisturizing, far from theses astringents tonic lotions which are usually loved here in Occident!
It has the exact same size and bottle as the Quick Gentle Cleanser and its name “jelly” comes from its thick texture which contains small air bubbles. Upon contact with skin, it becomes watery and get to be completely absorbed.

The star ingredient of this Fresh Jelly Lotion is some kind of mushroom, the Shiro Kikurage. It’s an eatable mushroom which looks spongy and gelatinous and which is known for its good skin properties, especially to hold moisturizing into the skin.

It leaves the skin lightly sticky, but as it’s just the first step of a skincare routine (to do at day and night) it doesn’t bother me. It actually never bothers me but I’d rather notice it for the ones who feel it differently. I always associate sticky finishes with ‘firmness’, and this moisturizing lotion totally provides it to my skin. I LO-VE IT. (once again)

About the fragrance, it’s the same as the cleanser’s. Yas! You will now have realized that theses first two steps are yet a love at first sight. Sounds promising, right?

Purchase it for €34,50€ at Sephora.

WASO Shiseido Soft Cushy Polisher

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Don’t let yourself be fooled by the words “soft” or “cushy”: it’s a scrub! I’d rather warn you all because I was confused as well. “Is it a cleanser to use after removing makeup? Uh no, it’s a smooth scrub. Does that mean it’s a chemical scrub without grain? Well no, there is some…”

Stay focused on the idea that it’s a polisher. After all, it is indeed very soft: The milky texture holds some thin grains, but grains never really match with sensitives skins, right?.. What can I say: It’s not my case, my skin isn’t really sensitive so I love it haha.
The tiny grains work deeply and leave the skin really smooth, clear and obviously brighter.

The key ingredient of this Soft Cushy Polisher is… tofu! Surprising, isn’t it? For those who don’t know it, it’s a soft white substance made from mashed soya beans. Regular, it doesn’t have any taste but it goes very well with vegan/Asian courses. Raw, cooked or fry… Wait? We’re here to talk about its properties for the skin, aren’t we? Soya holds lecithin: a substance which help to preserve skin elasticity.
Let’s say that it’s a quite smooth and moisturizing polisher not as abrasive as classic sugar scrubs!

Its fragrance is the same as the lotion, so I can tell you it won’t last long! hehe Its 75mL tube format is as much hygienic as handy thanks to the cap shape which insure a good balance.

Purchase it for €34,50 at Sephora.

WASO Shiseido Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free

See the ingredients list

Oily skins will want to steer to the line’s GREEN products because theses are oil-free. Quite the opposite, they only will moisturize and control sebum, and that all we ask them to do!

This instant mattifying clear emulsion-like has a light texture which doesn’t stick, it’s perfect to use it at the end of the night skincare routine, and just before a good moisturizing cream. Alone, I think it’s not enough tho. After all, who’s done after an emulsion? ;)

The key ingredient of oily skins’ products of the line, is the loquat from Japan: a bush whose antioxidant properties are valued since the dawn of time in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Its packaging is really interesting: Cylindrical, long and narrow, it’s the only product of the WASO’s line to have a pump. I really like it, it is suitable to complete a layering routine but it is less essential than the others.

Purchase it for €45,50 at Sephora. (outch…)

WASO Shiseido Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream

See the ingredients list

For dry to normal skins, it will be the orange color! This product is probably the most surprising of the range, for a lot of reasons.

Its texture is unseen: It looks compact but all in transparency, turns out to be a non sticky gel. Do you follow me? It’s rather thick but not elastic nor sticky — it’s totally addictive!

The color of the pot gives a big clue about the key ingredient: carrot. Its color symbolizes celebration and happiness in the Japanese culture, the carrot is also rich in vitamins and it’s the sworn enemy of dull skins.

You can immediately feel that the cream is richer than the rest of the WASO Shiseido’ s line. So with my combination to oily skin, I use it only few times a week at night, as the way I put a face-mask, but dry skins will love it for a daily use.

Even though it targets dry to normal skins, I’m TOO in love with the texture to put it aside. I have learnt to listen my skin and use it as the way it likes it, so my skin is firmer and plumper than ever. ♡

Purchase it for €45,50 at Sephora. (not ‘outch’ because it’s GREAT anyway)

WASO Shiseido Color-Smart Day Moisturizer SPF30 (Dry to normal skins)

See the ingredients list

I wrote “dry to normal skins” in the title because there is a version for combination to oily skins that I will introduce you just after this one.

I can’t really talk about this one because it doesn’t match my skin type. You can literally feel that there is some oil in the ingredients: It’s waterier, it glides on skin and has a more “shiny” and lighter finish. It’s also a bit less covering than my favourite that I will introduce to you right now.

Purchase it for €45,50 at Sephora.

WASO Shiseido Color-Smart Day Moisturizer Oil-Free SPF30 (Normal to oily skins)

See the ingredients list

As you can see in the title, it’s the same product as the previous one but oil-free: a must-have for combination to oily skins! Normal skins will also appreciate its good coverage and sebo-regulating mattifying finish.

Carrot isn’t the key ingredient anymore but the loquat of Japan again, like the Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free.

Coming out of the tube, this light cream looks white with microscopic browns grains. By spreading it on the skin, the cream dyes and gets the color of your own carnation! It claims to be an universal tint but needs to be checked for very light and dark skins. It’s the same process as the dry skins’ cream, and they both have an SPF 30 sun protection. Not bad, huh?
As for me, it goes as perfectly well with my skin tone as you could believe of an optical illusion, but the finish on my face is irrevocable: my red patches are visibly reduced and above all, it’s THE perfect make-up base!

Some pores on the side of my nose are too dilated to be hidden: only specific make-up base can smooth them. So can you imagine my surprise when I realized that this little tinted cream totally BLURRED my skin and its capricious pores?!

Right away tested — right away adopted, I only swear by it since. In the last step of my morning routine, it provides a very last touch of moisturizing and seal it while smoothing my skin and complexion complexion. Hello, is it the perfect product?

This time, the tub doesn’t have a balanced cap and can’t be placed as the cleanser, the lotion or the polisher. Anyway, you can still find the same little notch specific to the WASO line, so you can bring it with you everywhere!

Its fragrance… Yes it’s always the same. It’s the same for the whole line even if I didn’t precise it for all the products and honestly, I’m mad about it!

Purchase it for €45,50 at Sephora.

WASO Shiseido is a line which basically targets young skins because of oily-free and special care products. You can also judge it by the packagings, thanks to their rounded bottles and minimalist designs which can easily meet the tastes and expectations of the youngest.

So if you’re looking for anti-aging products… This isn’t the right place to be! But I don’t like to restrict a product to only one kind of skin/people/gender… and I am convinced that everyone can enjoy this qualitative line its own way.
You can find the complete range at Sephora, Marrionaud, Nocibé or Galeries Lafayettes.

Did you aknowledge WASO Shiseido’s line?  Are you attracted by one or more products?

trans. help: @Floryane Chaix

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