Etude House Wine Party Play Color Eyes Palette: The one we’ve been waiting for!

After the success of the first Etude House In The Café palette on the blog, I couldn’t miss this season’s new gem: Etude House Wine Party palette!

The packaging is the same for the whole Play Color Eyes palettes’ range so nothing new here: Quite small and rectangular, an included mirror, 10 eyeshadows and 2 sponge brushes (which I absolutely NEVER use. ahah)

I really love the packaging of this range’s palettes because honestly, you NEED space to collect palettes and these ones are really compacts. It makes me feel less guilty to have so much of them because… who has even finished a palette?!
FIY, the eyeshadows weight only 1g each but I don’t think they are too small. On the contrary, I can take this Wine Party palette everywhere with me and so use it more often than a bigger one (you know like, the Too Faced Christmas Edition or Urban Decay’s Vice 4 which never leave my drawers…)

Some people could find this collection quite cheap, I however never felt like that with Etude House Play Color Eyes palettes: They’re indeed small and cute with a packaging made of plastic, but I think they’re very well manufactured. They are complete and harmonious to me!

The Etude House Wine Party palette was just released when I was in Korea last summer, at the end of August. It was designed for the next autumn, in which it fits perfectly: a burgundy packaging with gold finitions which represents wine bottles & glasses, but also cheese and… a corkscrew. How to make French clichés absolutely adorable? Call Etude House. ;)

The 10 eyeshadows are just perfect for autumn: Goldens, browns and red-burgundy-eggplant shades, all quite cold toned with matte and iridescent textures, plus their famous glittery top coat in each palette.

One of my favorite moments when I open Etude’s palettes for the first time, it’s to discover the eyeshadows’ names and the little drawings on the transparent cap. It’s often foreign words with Korean phonetic, and this one being very Frenchy… The translation was super funny! Some were shortened on the official website to get these :

When it comes to the pigmentation, it’s always the same with Etude House: Matte eyeshadows aren’t the most opaque I’ve ever seen, but I can’t stop myself from loving them just the way they are because they represent a Korean vision of makeup: Subtle and light. However, the iridescent shadows are creamy and make no fallouts, like any other. They are the true force of every palettes in each edition, making them really well balanced.

This time, I still got to be a little disappointed by the ‘Rose Sparking Holic’ glitter top coat that isn’t pigmented… at all. It’s tough, dry and we can’t get anything out of it. Let’s just apply ‘Dress Code:Bling’ instead, a quite similar shade, golden and glittery, even if this one isn’t as pigmented as we’d like too…

The eyeshadows are versatile and easy to work with, so the palette can suits beginners as much as makeup pros and I’m very satisfied.

I decided to do a makeup to illustrate the first review and you really enjoyed it. This time, I did TWO makeups with 2 different styles, to show you all the possibilities with these textures and shades. I hope you like it!

Let’s end this post on a positive note : You may know that my favorite brand never disappoints in term of prices… So this Etude House Wine Party Palette can be found for only €17 on MissBeautyKorea (likely €20 shipping fees included) : 0% guilt, 100% pleasure ! ♡

What do you think of this Etude House Wine Party palette ?

trans. help : @JongInWanKenobi

Etude House Play Color Eyes Wine Party palette

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