Convaincue par les Etude House Soft Drink Tint ?

Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy

A few weeks ago, I introduced you the latest products from Korean cosmetics brand Etude House, aka the Soft Drink Tint, which I totally felt in love with.

I was so happy when the little French eshop Sokosmetique asked me if I wanted to receive the shade of my choice, so I can now give you my opinion on the cutest products of summer 2018!

Etude House Soft Drink Tint

I won’t introduce Etude House anymore, obviously: If you know even just a tiny bit of k-beauty, you may also know that Etude House is THE girly and affordable Korean brand that everybody loves. It’s been one of my favorite brands for years, and it’s not likely to change if they keep releasing such cute products.

I also won’t repeat myself since I’ve already talked about this new line earlier in my previous blogpost, so let’s go directly into the review!

My choice went on the ‘Grapefruit Fantasy‘ shade, but the swatches made me very hesitant: I wanted a bright and summery shade and I always turn to peach/coral/warm nude etc — I’m not a pink person. And so as I said, the official swatches made me wonder a lot because the pink shade of the collection is called ‘Peach Toktoktok’ and seems to be quite what I like! ‘Grapefruit Fantasy’ even looked like a garish orange… That’s why I wanted to dig a little deeper into customers’ swatches, and it turned out that the little pink called “peach” was actually VERY pink, and the orange … well, sweeter than I thought. When I received it, I knew I had made the right choice. ♡

Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy

Our Etude House Soft Drink Tint comes in a red drink dispenser-shaped packaging… Starting here, it was hard to remain neutral because I was already in love haha. The overall k-beauty cuteness squeezes my brain like I’ve been a bunch of kitties!

Let’s now discover the product itself, the little soda bottle! It’s bigger than I thought, it’s also quite heavy and very well finished. The clear part of the soda bottle-shaped lipstick let us appreciate a pretty coral shade, and I notice details that I didn’t necessarily notice in my first post: There are small grapefruit drawn on the label… And it really smells like grapefruit! Citrus fruits are one of the few foods I hate, but here is a sweet yet fresh fragrance that I really enjoy. It makes me want to smell the peach and grape ones haha.

Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy swatch Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy swatch

When I unscrew the top of the product (not just the cap, otherwise it would be too short in hand), we can see a small applicator with a foam tip. The application is very easy, to me at least because I almost don’t wear classic solid lipsticks anymore! What about you?

The shade is actually darker than the one they put on the red packaging, but it can be noticed at first glance thanks to the clear parts of the bottle. On the hand, it looks very… well- grapefruity, couldn’t find a more suitable name haha.

Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy swatch Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy swatch This Etude House Soft Drink Tint isn’t called “tint” for nothing, since it REALLY stains the skin. After leaving it for a few minutes to take the pictures and put on makeup, I tried to remove it with makeup remover, cleansing oil, soap … and I totally failed. The swatch stayed for several days!

Seems promising for lips, right?

Not only is the product fresh and almost yummy on the lips, but it spreads evenly so easily, doesn’t stick nor makes the lips dry or tug. On the contrary, it feels like a bright and luminous lip lacquer at first but once the excess of product is removed, you can’t even feel it on the lips anymore but the color is definitely there!

Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy swatch Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy swatch

You can wear it as gradient or full lips, I personally can’t decide which one I like the most. Depends on my mood I guess haha. I love it because I don’t have to worry to reapply some or how my lips look during the day: After a whole working day, meals and even make-up removal and skincare routine… My lips are still stained (but it fades in a more pink coral shade).

In a nutshell: It’s definitely too cute for this world, smells good, is long lasting, comfortable and handy. What else?

This Etude House Soft Drink Tint in Grapefruit Fantasy shade is a huge YES, and it really makes me want to try the other ones! Let’s order together? haha

I got it on Sokosmetique for €7,99 but they’re to be sold-out. :( so check Jolse to purchase it for €6,58 shipping included ♡ — rr any of your fav reseller should have them by now really!

What do you think of these Soft Drink Tint? Do you like Etude House?

Etude House Soft Drink Tint Grapefruit Fantasy

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