Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes: Etude House’s brand-new products!

Time goes by so fast lately! I wish I could write more on the blog but I try to keep updating all my social media with new content. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, it is without doubt there that I post the most, I even started creating mini-reviews and videos. I also often hold contests and we are more than 10,000 there! So…no excuses. ♡

I actually do have a lot of reviews already written but we have had quite a bad weather in March and I must admit I struggle a bit to take good pictures to illustrate my reviews. Well… now I’m the one looking for pretexts to my laziness. ;)

While you wait for the new reviews to come, I believe that you like posts about the latest trends so the timing is perfect for me to introduce you to the ten new perfect eye product from the Korean brand Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes !

I am a big fan of liquid eyeshadows which I believe add a touch to any makeup, used in small or more important amount. Even though Etude House has already created every kind of makeup and tools imaginable, liquid eyeshadows was never their strongest line; they actually did commercialize some in the past and it did not sold really well – to speak the truth their liquid eyeshadows were more of pigments than real eyeshadow… so we can say it doesn’t really count. :$

In short, the Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes have got everything you like :

Etude House Mirror Holic Eyes

Let’s start with Glass Shoe which is the less pigmented eyeshadow of all, but it must be on purpose: it is actually a discreet topcoat only composed of glitter and no pigment. Glass shoe will suit every kind of makeup to illuminate it in a holographic way.

Mirror Mirror through its name is probably the symbolic eyeshadow of the collection. And for a reason: at first sight you might see silvery. After a few seconds starts to appear a very cool gold. It is indeed a mysterious shade which I immediately adored.

Champagne Bubble is for itself a more classic shade of gold, one that everybody needs in its makeup bag.

On another note, rose gold is my true weakness and here the choice is vast according to the undertones you prefer. Pink Ornament is a cool one and therefore stands out really well but if you prefer warm undertones Rosé Ice Wine may have your favour, even though gold color is more intense than the rose. A matter quickly settled for me as I love both shades!
Let’s conclude the gold shades with Starlight Sparkler which is a dark gold, almost bronze, eyeshadow; which I am not fond of. Still its undertones are not too orange so it is fine.

Three “last but no least” shades remain and with them a 90° turn, way more intense shades than what we are usually used to see in k-beauty brands, isn’t it?
Ready Carpet Dress astounds me, it really obsesses me. A red, nor to warm nor to cool which we long to admire.
Then comes Purple Disco that I naturally wish to be a part of my collection because even though purple particularly highlights green eyes, and I’ve just got common brown eyes, I tend to choose this kind of shades when I am willing to enhance my eye makeup. There is no such thing as a touch of this purple eyeshadow at the centre of the eyelid to create a gorgeous makeup.
At last Shining Eyes, that immediately made me thing of House Slytherin… That is not a common green shade since it is quite cool but with golden undertones. The shade is really a success.

Had I not announced ten shades? The last one Eye Glossy* Coating (*mistake in my translation haha) isn’t strictly speaking an eyeshadow but more of a “wet look” a real trend lately. You can apply it on any other liquid eyeshadow or on any kind of makeup as a top coat. I personally love it, what about you?

As you may have guessed I am fond of these Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes and I would love to try the texture applied with fingers or makeup brushes, and if the lasting on the eyelids was good it would be the perfect liquid eyeshadow in view of its pigmentation.

For now, the Mirror Holic Liquid Eyeshadow are only available on the Korean version of Etude House’s website, however it soon should be available on the international one. Same goes for our favourite reseller, I will be checking TesterKorea, Jolse and Yesstyle in the coming days.

The official price is 11,000 wons (around 8,40€), let’s hope the reseller’s margin will not bring the price above 10€.

Update: They’re already available at MissBeautyKorea for only…6,47€! You get -25% on the newness, what more could we ask?

Do you like liquid eyeshadows? Are one or more shades appealing to you?

translation : @Suki Beauty World

crédit photos : Etude House

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