Etude House Color Factory: The unique & customized makeup experience

You won’t be reading a product’s review today on the blog but the presentation of the last new concept of my favourite Korean brand Etude House!

Etude House @ Myeongdong, Seoul : The flagship store

Since May 2017, Etude House decided to have its building in the popular area of Myeongdong called « flagship store » : So it’s in this precise Etude House store that the brand’s new concepts are tested, and in which you’ll have the best make up experience !

  • The ground floor «Service & Play» is the store part where you’ll find your happiness, you can be sure. The photo makes you dream, but you have to know that’s often very packed… ahah.

  • As for the 1st floor, the «Personal Color Studio» is a better version of the classic store where everything is classed not according to products types but rather to styles, colors and carnations. At this floor – and probably with an adviser’s help, you can easily find the tones and undertones of your carnation and then let her guide you to colors which would suit you best. On the opposite wall, 9 different looks on screens with the corresponding products above. You can have a full look without making any mistake. ;)

  • And finally on the 3rd floor, the little lift’s colorful doors open and you can discover the «Color Factory» !

Etude House Color Factory

The first two floors are open to the public, but you have to make an appointment to access the Color Factory. 50 minutes in it and you’ll leave with your unique and totally personalized lipstick.

Personal Lipstick

To know what is your PERFECT color, the advisor comes through different steps: Your carnation’s undertones are called with the help of a machine, which then determines a panel of colors which could potentially suit you. You can choose the colors thanks to sheets on your chest to see how it works with your face.

When you have selected the colors you love the most among those picked for you, they show you a new selection which, in theory, work well with your complexion. Now, you can decide to mix some colors to finally find your happiness.

That’s now how the magic works: Through a clear window, you can see an employee creating your lipstick in front of you! Beforehand, you obviously chose your case and even to engrave a sweet word on it. When I told you about cus-to-mi-sa-tion… They didn’t lie. ;)

Lip Bar

Before you leave with the lipstick of your dream in the pocket, you can have a stop to the Lip Bar :

8 colors and 4 transition shades, 12 tints that you can discover on samples on little cardboards. Choose your 8 favs and make a DIY Mixing Palette which has big mirror, an applicator, and a board to create your daily mixes.

Informations, prices and areas :

One lipstick costs 20,000₩ (15€) whereas 2 lipsticks cost only 30,000₩ (22€). I think I would take 4 haha. As for the DIY Mixing Palette, it costs 28,000₩ (21€).

As I told you, you have to book a time slot to make your Personal Lipstick. Here are the Etude House stores which offer the Etude House Color Factory services:

Etude House Myeongdong Flagship Store
64-2, Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Phone : 02-3789-5463

Etude House Garosugil
541, Shinsadong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Phone : 02-549-7202

I’ll be back to tell you everything in a few days because… I have an appointment on August 25th!

Thanks sooo much to my lovely Hana (from mimik store) who helped me to book everything and will come with me. If you go to Seoul, don’t forget to organise everything because it’s quickly full, but you can’t book too early…
I came through this : We called on July 20th and August was full for Etude House Color Factory Garosugil. BUT the store from Myeongdong doesn’t take reservations more than 20 days before and if you call more than 1 hour after the opening, it’s also full for the unlocked D+2. You see? It requires an actual organisation but it’s worth it.

photos ©  Etude House official site
trans: @JongInWanKenobi

Do you wanna fly to Seoul someday? Do you wish to go to the Etude House Color Factory ?

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