Etude House Cherry Blossom : LA collection printanière par excellence

Let’s meet for a new collection that I was soooo eager to introduce you since I bought it the limited kit from the presale! In the future, I promise I’ll talk about other brands than Etude House and Peripera because it’s pretty clear that these are my favorite… But I feel the responsibility to give you a more complete overview of the Korean beauty market so stay tuned for the next weeks!

The fact is that when I’m decided to talk a bit less about my dereast Korean brand Etude House, it literally take the opportunity to release THE spring line. Absolutely. Too. Gorgeous. Seriously, who can resist cherry blossoms?!

And while you might expect a completely pastel pink collection that might annoy people who aren’t into too girly things, there is a night blue version, surprising and equally sweet. No excuse not to completely FALL for this Etude House Cherry Blossom collection, right?

Etude House Cherry Blossom Collection 2018

Etude House Cherry Blossom Face Liquid Blur

Let’s quickly talk about the first product of the collection that seems at first sight to be a simple re-packaging of the “Face Blur” primer but the slight nuance in the name puts me in doubt. That being said, I find that primers have never been the strong point of Etude House and I was quite disappointed with this Face Blur a few years ago…

It whitens more than doing anything else, and I didn’t notice any improvement on my skin visually nor on how the makeup last. I quickly put it aside and it has totally expired by now so don’t hesitate to tell me if you have good references in terms of Korean primers!
Still, it’s important to note that we all have different skins and I haven’t read a LOT of negative reviews about it so if you want to give it a chance, I could only understand you… And I’m waiting for your opinion. ;)
Get it for 16,000 won ($14.30), you won’t bankrupt.

Etude House Cherry Blossom Dear My Lipstick Case

As much as I completely missed the Face Blur’s hype, the lipstick cases of this line have literally subjugated me. Etude House has developed a great lipsticks system for a few years: You can change the lipstick and its case according to your mood, or simply choose a new case you love for your fav lipstick.  There is a permanent range, but these 6 are limited so if you love them as much as me, hurry up! They usually stay for several months at retailers but we never know…
There is not a single one that I like less than the others, but I didn’t have much choice in the limited kits that I would show you below.
In addition to feeling to have many different lipsticks and the satisfaction of collecting something, again you won’t bankupt because these cases are only 4,000 won ($3.60) each !

Etude House Cherry Blossom Dear My Glass & Matte Tinting Lips-Talk

They always make such looooong names, but we start to know these ones since they are part of a permanent Etude House line, with just 6 new shades! Which isn’t bad, considering the beauty of the hues and cherry blossom-shaped lipsticks. ♡

– PK009 Cherry Blossom Shower is the only ‘Glass Tinting Lips-Talk’ and it’s gorgeous! A shiny, slightly pink and glittery finish to stay in the fresh and springy spirit of cherry blossoms. It seems to be self-sufficient but over any lipstick, it will bring the perfect dose of shine.

– PK004 Cherry Blossom Festival is probably THE shade that represents this line best: An extremely soft pastel pink that perfectly recalls the color of cherry blossoms. Who wants girly lips? The next 4 shades and this one are from the ‘Matte Tinting Lips-Talk’ family, but I think it’s a rather semi-matte and creamy finish. They are still very comfortable and pigmented, but since I took two … You’ll hear about it soon enough! ;)

– BE102 Dried Cherry Blossom Well, if you know me a little now, you must have guessed that this shade is one of my favorites: A pink peach so sweet that we could EAT it! Nominative references are often the same from one brand to another so it is a good indicator that reveals that I have 50 times the same colors but I noticed it already, don’t worry haha.

– PK005 Cherry Blossom Kiss At the first glance, I wouldn’t have fall for this shade with a swatch but I fell in love with the official visuals and their model…

Like what, in another context, light and if you apply it differently (we can see that they removed the excess product to make it velvety), we can completely rediscover some shade and this raspberry pink is definitely my jam!

– OR202 Cherry Blossom Latte : I find the name a little off topic, but this bright coral is so beautiful, let’s talk about it please!

– BR402 Cherry Blossom Street : Let’s finish these 6 new shades with a warm undertoned, almost rosewood, brown. I wouldn’t go for it but it should perfectly suit dark skins.

Lipsticks without their cases cost 8,000 won each ($7.17). Yes, the full customized lipstick won’t cost you more than $10 ! You’re not dreaming.

Etude House Cherry Blossom Blend For Eyes

Let’s end the introduction of this collection, which is not the widest I’ve seen in my life, yet it’s a real heartbreak because I absolutely love EVERYTHING — with these two little squared eyeshadows palettes.

– #1 Cherry Blossom Festival is a girly quartet and, again, terribly springy: From left to right and from top to bottom, we have a matte beige, a golden glitter, a very intense brown then an iridescent rose. Brilliant!

– #2 Cherry Blossom Night as for it, is amuch more classic palette with its golden glitter top coat, a copper, a glittery brown and an iridescent milk brown.

Etude House palettes aren’t the most pigmented on the market, but it’s also what I like about them when I want to be subtle. Even so, they always surprise me and like all good palettes, they are very workable.

Get it for 11000 won ($9.80), don’t even hesitate on it!

Etude House Cherry Blossom Early Bird Kit

And here are the limited kits I told you about throughout the post, which were available in 2000 copies and on the official website only! Honestly, I flashed so much on the holographic pouch that I asked a friend in Korea to order one– wait no, two for me! I believe that I did well since it was sold-out the next day.

There were 4 kits available, including 2 kits per palettes, 2 lipsticks and 4 cases to choose from. You will quickly discover the ones I picked, but I was delighted to find my two fav lipstick shades in these kits. It won’t help my savings, but for $ 13 the kit instead of $ 19 and this MAGNIFICENT POUCH … I admit that I do not drown in guilt haha.

The Etude House Cherry Blossom collection is available on the Korean version of Etude House website, or at our fastest retailer, MissBeautyKorea. We should not be long in finding them in others like Jolse, TesterKorea or Amazon …

Is there a lipstick or a palette you want from this line? What do you think of ‘Cherry Blossom’ collections in general?

Etude House Cherry Blossom

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