My experience with a pulsed light hair removal device at home (semi definitive)

In the last semester of 2017, I started to try out a product I wouldn’t have think about if I wasn’t asked to test : A pulsed light hair removal device !

Pulsed light hair removal, what is it?

As my middle name goes by Captain Wimp, hair removal always meant shaving to me. However, I was really tempted by the idea of getting hairless legs and armpits for days, weeks, MONTHS…

To understand what pulsed light hair removal is, we first must know about a hair’s cycle of life:

  • Anagen phase: hair growth
  • Catagen phase: retraction of the follicle
  • Telogen phase: regression and death of the hair

The hair follicle is located near the root, which ends with the bulb. Pulsed light flashes destroy the bulbs in order delay the growth. Just that simple!

The light beam made by the device is absorbed by the melanin of the hair, then transported to the root. Its thermal effect is what will destroy the bulbs.

For my experience, I got the Smoothskin Bare Black available on and for about €250. At first, you may think it’s a (too) big investment… but you have to know that it’s what you would pay for only 8~10 sessions at a beauty institut, and for only one area. So if you want to remove hair from your legs, armpits, face etc: Well, it’s actually a pretty good deal right? ;)

SmoothSkin Bare

The SmoothSkin Bare device is as beautiful as it’s particularly ergonomic, handy and easy to use. It provides very fast pulsed light flashes which break the phases of the hair’s cycle, thus preventing the hair from growing back.

And when I say “very fast”, imagine 0,6 second between every flash when you hold the button and sweep methodically the area. You must assimilate the rythme of these flashes and go slowly up, not to forgot any area – That is perfect for the legs, but the « buffer mode » (you push, you shift, you push, you shift…) is better for other small areas like armpits, face, etc.

I always had many questions about this technic. Today, I still think we mustn’t take it lightly but it’s more accessible, affordable and easier than I believed – and it’s now time for the answers!
When I first understood how pulsed light hair removal works, the first thing I wondered was

Does it hurt? Does it burn?

The answer is obviously no! It stings/heats a little bit, you can relate the feeling to a slight pinch but it’s very fast and far from being painful (for the wimp that I am, remember).

What about the results? Can I see them quickly?

You must be patient and practice hair removal once a week, on a freshly shaved skin to allow the light to reach the bulb more effectively. Even if you’re doing it seriously, you can easily imagine that your hair just won’t fall in front of you immediately…
I noticed that my hair was more scattered and grew less quickly at the 4th session (one month). However, the brand advises to go up to 6 sessions to observe a good result and continue until 12 sessions for optimal semi-final hair removal: 92% of your hair should be gone for a looooong time. Not forever obviously, and that’s why it’s called semi-definitive, but a very good and satisfying moment (which I obviously can’t evaluate at the moment).

Whose for?

I don’t really know if this is the right answer for ALL pulsed light devices (I think it is), but the treatment is NOT made for those who have very dark skin or very light hair (white, gray or red). Don’t ask me why…It’s okay for very light to dark skins with natural dark blond, light brown or brown hairs tho!

In the end…

I am very satisfied of my semi definitive hair removal experience by pulsed light thanks to my Smoothskin Bare! I got rid of this daily burden by a painless and effective way. Women who just hates hair should appreciate it.

Once again, I know that everyone can’t afford it. But if you have a mom, sisters, cousins or girl friends that are also interested, you can share it and divide the price because light flashes are unlimited if your device is connected on the power supply! However, I think they should provide a pair of glasses because the light beams are quite powerful and you shouldn’t look at it directly.

What do you think of hair removal by pulsed light? Will you get started, too?

trans help : @atemonaku_ohayo

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