The world’s most comfy lipstick is Korean: Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

Whereas you just randomly arrived on my blog or you read this review out of curiousity, brace yourself because you’ll adopt this lipstick right away. And for those who already know me… You KNEW it before clicking when you saw « Peripera ». ;)


To me, Peripera is  a quite underrated Korean brand here in Occident, because it’s one of my fav ever. Its seasonal collections always look so cute, so girly, so yummy… even too much but I AM too much right? ahah Let’s not forget that the quality is also great, for such affordable prices. Peripera and me, aah… a whole love story.

I already talked about Peripera Airy Velvet Ink when they came out before summer holidays, but it’s was only during my trip to Seoul that I got to know their little brothers: Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet. What a growing family !

Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

Because I obviously couln’t help myself, I HAD to purchase at least one shade because there’s always one. The one that makes you heart beats like no other… And this time, my heart called the #3 Pure Apricot Coral. But now that I look at it, I just want to buy the 4 others ! :’(
For the little anecdote, I lost it in the cab the day after I bought it.. So yeah, I bought it again because one day was enough to make it vital to my lil heart you know. ahah

Peripera Ink’s got popular thanks to their flawless pigmentation, whatever finishes. So I’m not sure if this point will ever disappoint me: They score perfectly every time. The previous one was a soft velvet with some wanted transparency, but this Cloud Ink velvet is definitely a full coverage velvet.

The packaging is always the same, because you never change a winning team: the little dropper-looking flask contains a foam stem for a quick and easy application.

You can wear both gradient lips with an easily blurred effect or gorgeous full lips thanks to this Cloud Ink Velvet. It’s up to you !

After the first application, I didn’t expect the texture to become transfer proof… but it was. To achieve a non transferring look, you still have to wait a few minutes and remove the excess by pressing a handkerchief on your lips because it’s not a matte lipstick and it’s not draining at all. With this magical technic, your lipstick is even sealed for a little snack!

You may have to do touchups after a big fat lunch, but I’m often surprised not to have to. This kind of texture,  finish and comfort… Seriously, it’s soooo satisfying.

I tried SO HARD to find a flaw, but I can’t find any. Even the price is a good point, because it’s only €6. A ridiculously low price for this little dropper-looking must-have which won’t ever leave you once you’ll try it. I take the bet! As usual, all the shades are available on our favorite international resellers like Jolse or TesterKorea. :)

An objection? No? I knew it… Who’ll literally run to buy it?

trans. help : @JongInWanKenobi

Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

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