Clarins Moisture replenish lip balm, always in my bag!

I’m rather happy to be able to review a lot of Korean cosmetics for you guys in a short amount of time these days! Let’s say that reviewing makeup can be done fast but reviewing skincare products is another story, obviously.

Then, I don’t feel guilty at all to tell you now about one of ours brands, a Frenchie brand that does’t need to be introduced anymore: Clarins and its very new lipbalm!

There is ONE lip product I can’t go through winter without and that I should have been reviewing since 2015 or 2016 : Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. That being said, the pot format isn’t really convenient and I can’t carry it out with me like I’d love to. Anyway, I’ll write more about it in a dedicated blogpost: yes, it’s planned!
A lot of lip products are coming soon on the blog btw, I hope you’re ready ;)

Clarins Hydra Essentiel Moisture Replenish lip balm with blue lotus wax

The box of this classic, neutral lip balm is red and white (I’ve thrown it away before the photoshoot, great.), and lets us discover a blue tube containing 15ml of product. Visually speaking, this packaging has nothing to do with the typical Korean cuteness we are so familiar with, but I still decided to give it a chance (in spite of 14 other balms I have already used…God knows why). And I’d never have believed I had done soooo right!

Even if the packaging rings a bell, the composition of this new product is slightly different from the original one: the first balm is made of rose flower wax whereas this one contains lotus flower wax! A great cocktail of oils, waxes and butters– yum!

Ingredients list

I don’t know much about the first lip balm but here is my review of the Clarins Hydra Essentiel Moisture Replenish lip balm with blue lotus wax.

It’s the kind of tube with a lil hole at the tip that lets the product out when pressed. It’s not my favorite format, so I wasn’t really hyped at the beginning… Hopefully I was already aware of Clarins’ quality so I still gave it a try.
If you aren’t hyper either because of the format and packaging, still, imagine that I had been breathing through my mouth for a week because of the flu. My lips were SHREDS.

I didn’t think twice and decided to apply it because I just wanted/needed something thick. All my sticks aren’t thick enough, so there wasn’t any better option than this tube format at the time.
And damn: it was love at first sight, or at least the beginning of our loooong love story…

The texture is very thick but unexpectedly not THAT sticky. I pressed the tube while applying the product on my lower lip, then I pinched my lips and massaged them for a few seconds. I ended up homogenizing the edges with the applicator. The smell is almost imperceptible but still enjoyable.

It makes the lips look very glossy and slightly tinted in pink, which I hadn’t noticed for a while but it really gives a healthy glow !

And when I applied it before I go to bed, there was still some product left in the morning. And man, I just LOVE that feeling: From day one, my lips were doing better for sure!
In daytime, I kept applying it: I didn’t use lipstick on my chapped lips, so let’s use this time to moisture everything! As written above, it gives the lips a pinky gloss looks, what a chance that the glossy trend is slowly coming back haha.

It barely took three days for my lips to be soft and moisturized again… even plumped! I used it in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. I tell you: This lip balm is heaven.

If I had to find a cons or a weakness, it would be its thick – but efficient – texture that is not compatible with any lipstick. You have to choose, but I can tell you this balm is so comfy that it’s not a punishment at all.

I still want to put the stress on the fact that I don’t have very dry or chapped lips in general, so maybe the way I am myself helped the efficiency of the balm or else…That being said, I have the bad habit of biting my lips when I am anxious -and that’s quite often- so my lips are not always smooth nor uniform.

This review is then very personal, but I hope this lip balm will perform miracles on you as much as it did on me!

Are you #ChappedLips team ? Are you tempted by this almost perfect lip balm ?

trad : @qidehae

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