Kbeauty battle: Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint vs. Wine Lip Tint Velvet !

It’s the very first time I do this kind of post on my blog, and I’m glad to introduce you two products in a friendly battle : I’m going to review two lips products from the Korean brand Labiotte: the famous Wine Lip Tint and its latest version Wine Lip Tint Velvet!
I bought the first one in Korea last summer, and I couldn’t help buying one of the Velvet edition a few months later on the internet.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint (original)

First of all, I think it’s necessary to talk about the packaging: Even if I don’t drink alcohol in real life, I’m still proud to be a Frenchie and I just LOVE that this liptint looks like a small bottle of wine. Labiotte thought about everything, you can enjoy every single detail: the cork, the red aluminium neck, the label, the medaillon and french tags…(yes, I went through wine lexicon to find all these related words haha) Just like a real bottle!

Whereas you could think we have to unscrew the cork to open the product, Labiotte didn’t push the illusion through the end and the tip can be opened  right above the label… which isn’t bad because the cork would have been way too small to hold!
Now you can see the slightly beveled and rigid foam tip, soaked with liptint…

For my very first Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, I chose the CR01 Rosé Coral shade: You’re starting to know me well and it’s typically the kind of color I’m fond of, no matter the finish of the lipstick.
Rosé Coral is, well, a beautiful pinky coral. Is it my fault if the name is so accurate? Haha

The formula is liquid and clear, with almost no texture effect and it doesn’t stick either. Even if the smell is great, I feel like it doesn’t do the job: The product isn’t really pigmented and doesn’t stain the lips. The color is also very subtle and when you don’t feel anything on your lips anymore, you can be sure that it didn’t last…too bad.

Still, I like applying products on my lips quite often so touch ups don’t bother me, but let’s be honest: It’s far from being the best tint ever. It’s cute, discreet, but not extraordinary. It’s more like a water based  liquid lipstick.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet

The velvet edition is still a small bottle of wine, but a white one! I think the illusion is less efficient, but the product is still gorgeous, right? The label is the same, only 벨벳 (‘velvet’) is added on the back. The bottle’s color and its tag mark the difference between this version and the original one.

The applicator is exactly the same, but the formula is nothing like the original: It’s way more pigmented and opaque but the texture isn’t much thicker. That’s what I like with velvet lipsticks: Pigmentation is great and you don’t even feel it on your lips. It’s not sticky, it dries quite fast and leave the lips soft and smooth. A really good velvet!

For this velvet edition, I’ve chosen the BE01 Terroir Nude shade and its name is also very accurate since it’s a subtle but still bright and sunny orange nude. I like it a lot.

Like the first edition, the pigments don’t « tint » the lips as it should, being liptints. It’s still very nice to wear because it’s very comfortable, transfer proof and long lasting.

The Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet doesn’t smell very good tho… The fragrance reminds me of paint or glue, but don’t worry: It doesn’t last when you apply it on lips!

Classic vs Velvet, and the winner is…

In the end, I think the brand got the names wrong. These are not liptints. The first one is rather a lip gloss as written in French (even though it’s not very glossy), but the second one is rather a classic velvet liquid lipstick.

Maybe I should have chosen a darker shade for the original edition because I’ve heard that reds are very pigmented, but I admit that I’m not that tempted after this first test. We’ll see.

However I’m still hyped by the velvet edition, which is not a tint but a very very good velvet liquid lipstick which perfectly enhances lips!

I’ll keep using these two products because I love the colors and they are good on-the-go’s, like you can apply them in ten seconds in front of a mirror just to have something on your lips, without thinking of people who could notice you weren’t very precise etc. It’s mainly the case for the original version because of its formula and its color, but the second one can be used for a great gradient lips effect as well!

If you want to try one of them (even if you know where my heart is), you can get the original version on Jolse for €8,82 + shipping fees, and the velvets for €9,72 on missbeautykorea !

trad : @qidehae

Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

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