Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening: A great success!

I announced you the big comeback of the cushions on the blog, and I wasn’t joking! What’s great with cushions (and you may think I’m crazy) is that it ends relatively quickly… and I, as a superconsumer, like to change regularly. Discovering a new case, a new texture, the sensation of the brand new pad in a fully soaked cushion… I can’t get enough, and it gives a goal to my collection haha.

My current lifestyle allows me not to wear makeup everyday unlike the last 10 years of study so a cushion lasts 2 good months, but would probably lasts only one with a daily use. Fortunately it’s not that expensive, especially when you have found THE grail and only have to buy refills. ;)

By the time I finished my The Face Shop cushion (that I truly loved), I received the latest cushion of the Korean brand Sulwhasoo sold at the Galeries Lafayette: the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening and its “Golden Birds” limited case!

The Korean brand Sulwhasoo

Korean cosmetics’ addicts already know the brand for sure, or at least have heard about it… but for others: Sulwhasoo is a Korean brand that could be described as medium/high-end with luxurious packagings and ingredients, targeting rather mature skin (and mature wallets as well haha)

The brand is officially distributed in France since September 2017 at Galeries Lafayette Haussman in Paris. Parisians can now get themselves many of the brand’s skincares and also choose between a few cushions… including the one I’m reviewing today!

My review of the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening !

The original case is pearly white with embossed moldings. This limited edition “Golden Birds” features two birds with a red ribbon on a flowering tree branch : As the birds are the symbol of luck and happiness, there’s nothing better to enjoy this cushion at first glance!

This is my very first time with a Sulwhasoo cushion, and we understand immediately the positioning of the brand: All cases of all brands are relatively similar, but this one seems to be better quality thanks to its slightly heavier and more elaborated plastic: It is matte with silver/mirror details, which is absolutely charming! It looks so precious, just like an object of collection. ♡
Inside, we can see an integrated mirror, a pad with the brand’s name and a fresh operculum that retains the famous foundation.

I chose the No.23 Medium Beige shade, which unsurprisingly matches my skin tone since they kept the Korean number as a guide.

The product has a rather strong smell, which suits the image of Sulwhasoo very well to me: It smells like a mix of plants, ginseng etc… I like it. Obviously it’s unique to everyone, but it’s still a foundation product so the scent won’t stay long.

As for the coverage, I didn’t know what to expect: I’m used to look for the strongest coverage because of my imperfections and redness that I wished to hide in the past, but I’m also starting to realize that my skin is less troubled, more unified and that I no longer need an almost opaque coverage. Yay!
So I would say that it is a medium coverage but easily workable for those who always have things to hide. In any case, a single layer works very well on my redness, and if you have nothing to hide… At least apply it for its sunscreen?

‘Cause yeah, it’s one of the most emphasized (a little too much) proprieties in this cushion: Its sun protection! They talk about it everywhere on the packaging, the directions etc… but they don’t say anything on the index of protection itself. The brand confirmed me SPF50 PA+, which is downright optimal but it wouldn’t have been a luxury to display it directly on the product right?
Sunscreen is the kind of “more than indispensable bonus” for a cushion in my opinion: It means that I apply it to unify my complexion in order to replace any foundation, but I don’t apply it FOR its sunscreen. You get it? It’s probably the same for you? haha

In addition of unifying, this brightening version really illuminates the complexion: The color of the product isn’t dull at all and it doesn’t turn orange or oxidize over the hours. The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening is enriched with extracts of:

  • Ginseng
  • Honey
  • Licorice root
  • Magnolia
  • Sacred Lotus seed
  • Lily Tiger leaf
  • Chinese Peony root
  • Solomon’s seal root
  • and Pearlescent Complex developed by the brand itself, in order to get a radiant, luminous complexion. What a success!

See the ingredients list

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening, the results

Regarding the finish and how it lasts, this cushion is also a very good student: It doesn’t mark dead skins and dry patches at all, and unifies the color as well as the texture. It’s extremely important for me! My dehydrated skin can’t stand products that mark even a little, I just can’t. It also lasts very well all day long on my skin combination to oily skin, with a little bit of translucent powder on my T-zone.

According to the little paper in the package (that nobody reads except me to be able to make you a complete review), there are not less than 7 different shades – which is a great point for a Korean brand that is setting up on the Western market.

The limited “Golden Birds” case was broadcasted in store only, and the classic Brightening version will be sold on the Galeries Lafayette website very soon according to the brand. Future limited editions should also be available online, so stay tuned!
For my fellow Americans, Sulwhasoo has a US eshop and it’s available for $65 so serve yourselves.
In the meantime, you can shop the Brightening version (classic white case but just as pretty) at Jolse for around $47.50 shipping included, missBeautyKorea or TesterKorea for the same price (shipping not included), always with the refill! If you have links to shop the Golden Birds version, don’t hesitate to put them in comment. ♡

Did you know the brand Sulwhasoo? Which products would you recommend?


Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster: Faking tan with skincare?!

Autobronzant Clarins Addition Concentré Éclat

It took me 25 years to get into self-tanning and I think I can’t be stopped now… I’m on my way to become a real reality show girl! hahaha (spoiler: no)

Let’s talk seriously: It’s been a few months since I fell for the body tanning mousse from the Australian brand Loving Tan and I’m delighted, but I must admit that I wasn’t really serene to apply it on my face. Not that the composition scares me because it’s super safe, but a second of inattention and hello dark spots and uneven face…

During the inauguration of the Clarins store at the Grand Hotel Dieu in my hometown Lyon, France, I came across this little product. Actually I didn’t really “came across” because my friend was looking forward to buy it and told me like 5 minutes before, and the saleswoman didn’t wait more than 3 seconds to boast its merits – both pro and personal … And you know me: I am WEAK. So I unsheathed my credit card faster than lightning. :p

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster : Made-to-measure self tan

Everything is in the title, but when I saw the size of the thing … I scratched my head a bit! The Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster is a very small bottle of 15ml with golden tips. I don’t know if the see-through plastic in the center is brown tinted or if it’s the product that tints it, but the drops that come out are the exact same color.

How does it work?

Speaking of these drops, they’re also taken out by pressuring the lower part of the bottle, which is a kind of flexible material that allows the product to go out drop by drop. In this way, there’s no leak if you wanna travel with it, nor any breakage since it’s robust plastic. Because exploding a self-tanning liquid in a toiletry bag, suitcase or purse… I don’t wanna think about it.
With this small gesture, I feel like I’m doing a DIY and I enjoy it so much.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, how to use it?

We can’t apply these drops directly on the skin: We have to mix them with our daily skincare! Well “daily skincare” I mean, when you have at least 5 or 6 like me, I necessarily wondered if I had to apply it at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of my routine. After trying all these methods, I must say that it works best with the very first skincare product after cleansing – my moisturizing toner – because it’s the ‘closest’ to the skin! I recommend to use it this way because if you put a thick product like a cream before, it will make a barrier and you’ll just spoil this precious elixir…
If you don’t have a moisturizing toner or you apply it with a cotton pad, just mix it with your serum, your oil, your cream… let’s say the first skincare that you apply with your fingers. ;)

This is the ultimate solution for those who wanna tan without being exposed to the sun, while taking care of themselves! Mixing the drops with a skincare makes the tan SO EVEN – absolutely no risk of having any trace, I promise haha. It’s also a great opportunity not to forget the neck, the cleavage and the ears during your cocooning routine.

The recipe is very simple: 3 drops a day until the desired tan, then maintain at 2 drops. You can find your own rhythm all year long by applying 2 drops every two days for a “healthy” effect, and start again with a cure of 3 drops a day when the sun hits. It’s instant, but it fades very quickly too (2 or 3 days without any drops to find your natural complexion back).

See the ingredient lists

The composition is surprisingly short!
The main self-tanning ingredient is dihydroxyacetone -or DHA- which is a naturally occurring molecule that “chemically” (don’t be afraid of this word, damn it) reacts with the amino acids contained in the surface of the epidermis, thus allowing to “darken” the skin. Same principle as sugar under heat, to schematize a little!
Coupled with erythrulose, also a natural active that allows a gradual tan, we get the greatest HQ self-tanning combo, with a quite natural composition even if it’s still considered as “conventional” please!
There is even some Aloe Vera extracts in the main ingredients of the list in addition to other moisturizing, balancing agents, some “mandatory” preservatives etc … Last but not least, I’m sure you’ll be as delighted as me to know that our ultimate cheating product is non-comedogenic. If you have a capricious skin, it won’t cause any breakout.

What about the results?

If you are still septic, just know that the tan is instant: From the first application, my face got some colors in few minutes! It’s pretty subtle at first, you may not see it if you’re used to tan or play with self-tanners for a long time but for someone who has been very pale all her life, I immediately saw the difference.

To reach the medium tan I wanted (to honor my Hispanic origins), I applied 3 drops a day for 5 days. At the end of the 5th day, I admit I looked in the mirror and said “WOW! I can totally say I was at the beach for 15 days and nobody would object” haha.
For example, my The Face Shop cushion was too dark for my natural complexion, it looked almost ORANGE. But after those 5 days, it suited me perfectly and I couldn’t see any difference between my face and my neck.
Actually, everyone around me had noticed it. In a good way of course, but they all said that I looked great for the summer. I was tanned. Naturally tanned, without the skin cancer – thanks bye. :’)

A 15ml bottle may seem tiny in the palm of your hand, but at a rate of 3 drops a day, it lasts quite long. You can purchase it for $32 on Sephora! I am really satisfied with this Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster and I will totally buy it again. It now has a permanent place in my skincare routine. ♡

What is your experience with self-tanners? Would you jump into it with a product like this little nugget?


Kbeauty battle: Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint vs. Wine Lip Tint Velvet !

K-beauty Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint vs Wine Lip Tint Velvet !

It’s the very first time I do this kind of post on my blog, and I’m glad to introduce you two products in a friendly battle : I’m going to review two lips products from the Korean brand Labiotte: the famous Wine Lip Tint and its latest version Wine Lip Tint Velvet!
I bought the first one in Korea last summer, and I couldn’t help buying one of the Velvet edition a few months later on the internet.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint (original)

First of all, I think it’s necessary to talk about the packaging: Even if I don’t drink alcohol in real life, I’m still proud to be a Frenchie and I just LOVE that this liptint looks like a small bottle of wine. Labiotte thought about everything, you can enjoy every single detail: the cork, the red aluminium neck, the label, the medaillon and french tags…(yes, I went through wine lexicon to find all these related words haha) Just like a real bottle!

Whereas you could think we have to unscrew the cork to open the product, Labiotte didn’t push the illusion through the end and the tip can be opened  right above the label… which isn’t bad because the cork would have been way too small to hold!
Now you can see the slightly beveled and rigid foam tip, soaked with liptint…

For my very first Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, I chose the CR01 Rosé Coral shade: You’re starting to know me well and it’s typically the kind of color I’m fond of, no matter the finish of the lipstick.
Rosé Coral is, well, a beautiful pinky coral. Is it my fault if the name is so accurate? Haha

The formula is liquid and clear, with almost no texture effect and it doesn’t stick either. Even if the smell is great, I feel like it doesn’t do the job: The product isn’t really pigmented and doesn’t stain the lips. The color is also very subtle and when you don’t feel anything on your lips anymore, you can be sure that it didn’t last…too bad.

Still, I like applying products on my lips quite often so touch ups don’t bother me, but let’s be honest: It’s far from being the best tint ever. It’s cute, discreet, but not extraordinary. It’s more like a water based  liquid lipstick.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet

The velvet edition is still a small bottle of wine, but a white one! I think the illusion is less efficient, but the product is still gorgeous, right? The label is the same, only 벨벳 (‘velvet’) is added on the back. The bottle’s color and its tag mark the difference between this version and the original one.

The applicator is exactly the same, but the formula is nothing like the original: It’s way more pigmented and opaque but the texture isn’t much thicker. That’s what I like with velvet lipsticks: Pigmentation is great and you don’t even feel it on your lips. It’s not sticky, it dries quite fast and leave the lips soft and smooth. A really good velvet!

For this velvet edition, I’ve chosen the BE01 Terroir Nude shade and its name is also very accurate since it’s a subtle but still bright and sunny orange nude. I like it a lot.

Like the first edition, the pigments don’t « tint » the lips as it should, being liptints. It’s still very nice to wear because it’s very comfortable, transfer proof and long lasting.

The Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet doesn’t smell very good tho… The fragrance reminds me of paint or glue, but don’t worry: It doesn’t last when you apply it on lips!

Classic vs Velvet, and the winner is…

In the end, I think the brand got the names wrong. These are not liptints. The first one is rather a lip gloss as written in French (even though it’s not very glossy), but the second one is rather a classic velvet liquid lipstick.

Maybe I should have chosen a darker shade for the original edition because I’ve heard that reds are very pigmented, but I admit that I’m not that tempted after this first test. We’ll see.

However I’m still hyped by the velvet edition, which is not a tint but a very very good velvet liquid lipstick which perfectly enhances lips!

I’ll keep using these two products because I love the colors and they are good on-the-go’s, like you can apply them in ten seconds in front of a mirror just to have something on your lips, without thinking of people who could notice you weren’t very precise etc. It’s mainly the case for the original version because of its formula and its color, but the second one can be used for a great gradient lips effect as well!

If you want to try one of them (even if you know where my heart is), you can get the original version on Jolse for €8,82 + shipping fees, and the velvets for €9,72 on missbeautykorea !

trad : @qidehae

Labiotte Wine Lip Tint


Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb: Up to its reputation?

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Yes you read well: While the beauty brand of Riri made its grand opening in September 2017, I only come now for my first review… Better late than nothing right?

I hesitated a lot between a highlighter and this gloss but considering the prices and all those that I already have in my drawers, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. And for the foundation, aka the product which drew most of the attention, my sister bought it early and she is one of those you got phenomenal breakout after using it… So let’s not do this please?
In the end, with everything that I have and that I receive, I realize that I spend less time at Sephora- not that nothing hype me but I really have to calm down because everything won’t fit in my suitcases for the Canada (for those who don’t follow me on social networks: I took a one way ticket for Montreal in October.)

STILL, I got to stop at Sephora few days ago and considering that I love to do my eyes makeup with the Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette lately, I wanted something discreet yet present on my lips. I stopped going around matte liquid lipsticks (that I am still in love with) because sometimes, and mostly now that summer is coming, I want something more luminous, nude and natural.. In other words: a gloss!

I have never, ever like glosses. Either I was a dark androgynous teenager, or a very girly young woman… but with LONG hair so it didn’t work obviously. I don’t mind that glosses aren’t transfer proof, but hair sticked on my lips—is just a nightmare.

Today’s gloss doesn’t seem to be like the ones we used to know : Less thick and sticky for a much nicer finish – glosses are slowly but surely coming back in the very heart of beauty trends, right?

Fenty Beauty

Ladies and gentlemen: THE king of glosses since its release, the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb:

Defined as an «Universal Lip Luminizer», its unique shade called ‘Fenty Glow’ is supposed to suit all kind of lips and skin tones while illuminating, plumping and nourishing the lips thanks to its non-sticky formula including shea butter. Let’s check out the composition :

Ingredients list

It’s a lot of ingredients for a gloss! Anyway, these all seem safe to me if you remove the perfume that may not be suitable for some, which give the gloss a yummy vanilla-peach fragrance.

Let’s not forget that Fenty Beauty is a cruelty-free brand then, so far, zero mistakes! I didn’t think a lot and payed €17 for this potential must-have of the year to become… Now, what do I think of it?

My review of the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

I expected a lot from the «non-sticky» point. That’s what made me go for it, in addition to the super stylish packaging and the really nice shade – an iridescent peachy nude, enough to look good without doing too much.
Well, about this non-sticky finish… it’s not really accurate. I’m really surprised to read so many reviews that say it doesn’t stick because I think it’s still a bit thick, almost like a classic gloss. Almost.

I have lip oils and water that, for once, are REALLY non-sticky so I expected the same of this gloss… Anyway, just know that this Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb DOES stick a bit. Not as hard as making you eat your own hair when it’s windy, but as the kind of gloss that gives you firm and plumped lips.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, how to apply it?

When you pull the applicator out of the tube, it’s better to spin it a bit because there is a little too much gloss on it. The texture pleasantly and easily glides on the lips and the fragrance is quite strong : It may be on the lips, but you can still smell it for several minutes!
However, you can feel the thickness of the product when you pinch your lips. I’d have imagine something less «resistant», but that’s probably what makes it long lasting.

Because, yeah, it lasts quite well! You’ll obviously reapply some after eating (which takes overall 3 seconds lol) but beyond that, the textures doesn’t make me wanna bit my lips so they stay glossy and luminous for hours.

I must admit that I don’t particularly like to apply the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb on top of other lip products because I’m always afraid of getting the tip dirty. And then, I have enough lipsticks to put something else if I want something different than glossy nude lips! However, it’s PERFECT to unify a dry matte lipstick which would mark sharped lips, or a rest of lipstick after eating but you forgot it at home…

Overall, I don’t regret buying it but I can’t deny that I was a bit disappointed about the not so innovative texture. It remains a very good gloss by how it looks, smells and applies – a hot must-have, I tell you!

What do you think about the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb? Have you already bought other products from the brand?

trans help : Lauriane D.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb


Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette: The best of the best?

Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette

As far as I know, I find myself really weak when it comes to be in a ‘no-buy mode’ in front of beauties like that, as far as the huge time I take to shoot pictures and NOT to put my fingers in the product – I’m just impressed of myself. Haha

A few weeks passed before I decided to shoot this palette, and yet quite more few days of using it to make my own opinion, that I’m writing today. Do we deal with the best palette of the universe ? That’s what I thought when I first bought this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette, let’s see if that’s still what I think now…

Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette

Nabla is an Italian brand which struggle in France, it is yet quite greater than Kiko. Products’ quality is exceptionnal: Shadows, lipsticks, blushes, bronzers, etc – everything is incredibly pigmented, long-lasting and on top of that, they still manage to offer great packagings ?!

Sometimes Nabla will flirt with professional brands by selling mono eyeshadows, customisable palette and neutral packagings, sometimes it will release some.. some PURE MARVEL like this Dreamy Palette and it’s really really hard to resist !

When it was first released, I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to buy it or not before it was sold out – how I regretted it when the first swatches and makeup came out, you’ll know why soon enough.

There’s been a restock early this year and I won’t lie : At 1 p.m I was already refreshing the page for 10 minutes ahah. After paying 35,90 + €10 of shipping fees on the official website (because I was afraid that the free shipping sellers were running out of stock already), here’s the object of all desire,between my hands, and the box already sets the tone.

An ultra careful shipping for a precious product. The palette comes in a little packaging that we have to slide to discover the real black beauty filled with gold and bronze stars, constellations and other universe details

Honestly, this is the most beautiful palette I ever saw in my life. I know I don’t have some kind of universal taste or something ; but the tones, the layout, the finish — the global harmony..I’m totally falling for it.

Okay, we got that the eyeshadows were pretty. But how is the pigmentation, the texture…? 

Here are the one layer swatches. Yes, you read it well. It means I only stroked the shadow with my fingers ONCE, I only pressed this same finger on my arm ONCE, without pressing it again. If I had to rate the pigmentation, it would be an easy 15/10. ahah

The 6 iridescent shades are as intense and smooth as the 5 matte shades are soft and colorful.
However, I see a flaw and it’s called Delirium : The psychedelic purple shade is most glittery but also the most powdery and not very pigmented… Dang, the deception is real. :( 

Talking about ‘powdery‘, even if I love the pigmentation of this palette, I objectively have to say that this is the most (beautiful we got that, but also) powdery palette I own. Even Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Modern Renaissance isn’t as powdery as this one, and the brand is known for being powdery already. Can you imagine it ?

I actually don’t have anything against powdery eyeshadow. However I systematically get my cheeks full of eyeshadows everytime I use this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette… too bad.
If you wanna try it, I advise you not to do your foundation first. Now that you’re aware, you can happily use it daily because it’s too pretty not to ! What, I already said that ? Am I biased ?

Those 12 pretty shadows are still incredibly easy to work with, blend, etc. I know it’s hard to imagine not ending up with patches with such a great pigmentation but that’s totally true ! Gliding (h)e(a)venly on lids~

Our Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is magnetic and a big mirror is included. The palette itself, as much as the eyeshadows, seems resistant : I took it with me everywhere these past few days and I wasn’t afraid to break it. BECCA should learn about it. :DDDD (<- totally not mad about the total destruction of my highlighter. Twice.)

It’s now time to show y’all the makeup I’m doing the most with this palette lately, because I’m almost using all shades and let say that it’s SO satisfying haha. It’s still really harmonious, don’t you think ?

Last but not least, the Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is a pure treasure esthetically talking, whether at the packaging level, but also at the shadows and all the other small details. The pigmentation is excellent, an even « rarely seen » one, up to MakeUp Geek’s eyeshadows. However it’s still very powdery and Delirium which looked like the most powerful shade is finally the most (and only) disappointing oneOn the other hand, you can work with a wet brush to give it a totally new dimension.

It won’t make my euphoria toward this palette fall tho: I love it at a nameless level. aha

As you can well imagine, its sold out again… But you can still follow the brand on the social media to stay tuned about the restocks !

Have you heard about this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette before ? After this blogpost, are you interested in purchasing it?

Trans : @Rachel Funghini

Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow palette


Joah Box, the best kbeauty box?

K-Beauty Joah Box Lapcos

Even if I tend to discover and accumulate always more and more products, beauty boxes are still one of my favorite ways to acquire new things!

Joah Box

You probably already heard about Joah Box’s subscription on my YouTube channel, my Instagram or some reviews I wrote here but I just realized I never properly talked about Joahbox itself… And since I have two new boxes in stock right now, I think it’s a great timing!

Small wakeup call or infos for the newbies : (welcome ♡)

  • Monthly: 33$ (26,50€)
  • One time box: 35,95$ (28,90€)
  • 3 months: 97$ (78€)
  • 6 months: 190$ (153€)
  • One year: 375$ (300€)

 Shipping included

I must say that I don’t see any big savings except for the full year subscription, and this is definitely not the less expensive kbeauty box… but objectively, this is one of the best!
Indeed: In each box, you’re getting 5~7 full size products for a total value of 50$~100$, depending on the month and selection. I think it’s a pretty good deal when you think about it, for less than €30 every month haha.

By the way, get 10% off your order with the code MANGO10, which means €22,50 off the year subscription! Just know that I’m not paid nor sponsored, I just asked it for you guys. :B”

Joah Box – September 2017

Yes, you read well: This is the SEPTEMBER box… I’m definitely not late, idk whatchu talkin ‘bout. The worst thing is that this box is truly amazing. Let’s discover the content together:

Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Soothing Mask

I won’t introduce the brand Dr Jart+ to you because it’s one of the few Korean brands that are available at Sephora! So the “particular spirit” –to not say creepy– of the brand shouldn’t surprise you, even if this product is not sold in France. (update : it is now!)

There is a baby’s face on the sheetmasks sold at Sephora as well but let’s say that €10,95 for a single use isn’t something everyone can affort… For the same price, you can find this kind of DIY mask !

Mix the two ingredients in the cup, with the baby’ straw which is actually a spatula – and apply it on the face!
I was really happy to get to discover it and I think I’ll make a review about it, if you want so obviously ♡. Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion in the comment section!

A.H.C – The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face

What a surprise to find A.H.C in my Joah Box, because I just discovered the brand at the K-Beauty In Paris expo! Will it be sold in France soon as well? I can’t say, but let’s talk a bit about this luxurious cream :

If you didn’t know, the skin around the eyes is much thinner and delicate than the rest of the face. This is why you definitely can’t use the same cream for these two areas, and “eye creams” are specifically designed to fight effectively against aging signs.

So it’s not a twisted translation, but the power of an eye cream… for the whole face!
The tube, in addition of having the (tiny) size of a classic eye cream, seemed to be only half filled when I pressed it so it better makes miracles with a tiny amount of product. :’)

Nooni – Snoowflake Stick Cleanser

I already wrote you a blogpost about this product, check the full review here. :)

OOZOO – Face Injection Mask : Illumination

If you’re into DIY, you would LOVE this box! First the Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot, now and this sheetmask to soak yourself using the syringe filled with serum on the side… I love it. I just LOVE it. I don’t know if it works yet but still. Haha
Would you be interested by a full review and demo too?

MEDIHEAL – Hair Sheep Steam Pack

They definitely didn’t forget to send original and playful products! I scratched my head reading its name but it’s really… a heated hair mask. No reviews for this one but if you’re lucky, you’ll spot me wearing it on Instagram ? ;p

PONY EFFECT – Mirage Highlighter #Lucid Dream

There are often offers when you wanna subscribe and lately, you could get a free Pony Effect highlighter! The shade is called #Lucid Dream. Like aaall Pony Effect’s products (and PONY herself), the packaging is flawless but I have to admit that the pigmentation is a bit disappointing.

I love high-pigmented highlighters with metallic finishes, but this one is rather discreet and iridescent. meh It’s not bad tho, it’s just not what I’m looking for! If you want me to put it in a giveaway, just hit the comment section once more. ;)

Here is what the September box looked like, and I really enjoyed it! The products were great, and maintain my expectations really high. What about you?

Can’t wait to show you the Xmas Box featuring Korean brand ‘Lapcos’! Stay tuned ♡

trans help : @ericka

Joah Box K-beauty


Dear Dahlia: The marble & rose gold k-beauty brand that you NEED to know about!

K-Beauty Dear Dahlia Marble Rose Gold

It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost! I’m aware that’s a little bit too long (it seems like it’s been 3 years whereas it’s just 1 month haha) but I don’t want to force myself and give you bad reviews which don’t represent me and how I work. The need to blog always comes back, I just had to hibernate a little when the cold weather arrived. :D

And for this special occasion, I don’t come back with only a post: There’s also a video… and a giveaway so stay tuned until the very end!

If you followed my trip to Seoul this summer through my vlogs and hauls, you know that I met the Dear Dahlia team in their Gangnam office and that they generously offered me their full first collection!

It wasn’t officially released yet but people were talking a lot about it! Because yes: Marble and rose gold packagings, do I need to add something?

As difficult as it was, I waited almost 3 months to be able to test everything with you in front of the camera:

The video crash test shows you the instant coverage of the products, but this is really long lasting? Zoom on these little jewels one by one!

Dear Dahlia Skin Paradise Tone Up Sun Cushion

If you are a layering and Korean cosmetics addict, you must be aware that the sun is the one of the biggest cause of skin aging, so sun protections are a must!

If you already imagined yourself spreading a whitish and sticky Nivea spray on your face, just know that nowadays there are really cool non-colored, non-sticky sunscreens declined in all textures and formats, including the cushion just here!

This size of the case itself is special because it doesn’t have direct access to the soaked cushion: It’s indeed protected by a perforated lid that lets the product pass through by making small pressures. First time I see something like this, and you?

The product that comes out is very white, I was afraid that it won’t completely fade on the skin… and unfortunately, it leaves a grayish tone on the skin -hello miss zombie! Don’t apply it if you don’t wanna add some tinted product on top of it, goes without saying.

This Dear Dahlia Sun Cushion has a SPF 35 PA+++ sun protection. I’m a bit surprised that it’s not MORE since that’s its main goal and that their tinted cushions offer the same protection…

See the ingredients list

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a WONDERFUL composition! It’s really safe. It doesn’t contain nano particle, sulfate, silicone, paraben, PEG, phtalate, synthetic perfume or pigment. It doesn’t contain any animal element neither and it’s obviously cruelty-free. Dear Dahlia really does things right!

I also need to highlight that all their face products smell like lavender. Unfortunately it’s not one of my fav fragrance, but it is quite personal right.

This first product didn’t convince me much. It you are hyped tho, you can purchase it on the official Dear Dahlia website for $36. Ugh.

Dear Dahlia Skin Paradise Blooming Cushion Foundation

The packaging of the tinted cushions is exactly the same as the sun cushion, no surprise! I received 3 shades: Nude Beige, Natural Beige and Soft Sand but there is a 4th Peach Ivory which is a very light shade with pink undertones – unlike all the others that have gold undertones.

My natural skin color goes well with the ‘Natural Beige’ shade but I think I’ll be able to use the ‘Nude Beige’ by January… Never underestimate the aspirin tan. haha

I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage, because I didn’t think it would be that strong. Even without concealer, the cushion manages to unify my redness and my imperfections, letting my skin with a semi matte finish and yet very glowy and comfortable.

It’s VERY long lasting: The product doesn’t move much on my combination skin and even if you do some touchups during the day, it doesn’t leave a cakey finish. No excuse NOT to carry it everywhere with you. ;)

See the ingredients list

Once again, the composition is excellent. Really excellent. As much as it was probably the only good thing in addition with the packaging for the solar cushion, this one is REALLY perfect. One of my biggest fav! Shop the shade of your choice on the official Dear Dahlia website for $42. Ugh again… But it’s worth it!

Dear Dahlia Lip Paradise Intense Satin

Let’s talk about lipsticks! The first collection of Dear Dahlia offers 6 lipsticks, and they’re all SO beautiful. They have women’s names and a satin finish.

To be honest, it’s been a while since I hadn’t applied a classic lipstick, so I was a little afraid of the application. And yet, the pigmentation and texture eclipsed all my worries: They are really nice to apply, they glide easily on lips and they are opaque with one single layer.

What a surprise when I cleared up my lips after the first quick swatch to see that the lipstick tinted my lips so much?!

At first it’s a satin finish, but as soon as you pinch your lips in a tissue, the glossy side fades and we can appreciate creamy or semi-matte lips. They really do last long, and even when the texture leaves after a meal, the lips are nicely tinted (you can apply more.. or just leave it like this.).

Even these little gorgeous lipsticks contain a SPF15 sun protection as we tend to underestimate the sunburns on the lips… haha

(What a good idea to arrange the lipsticks by shade rather than by name or by number… *facepalm*)

Dear Dahlia Lip Paradise #801 STELLA

Stella is a very cold fuchsia pop pink, with blue undertones. This is not what I usually wear, but I realize afterwards that it goes well with my jacket in the video! haha

Dear Dahlia Lip Paradise #802 MARILYN

Marilyn is also a pink but a little more coral. It is as catchy as the first one, halfway between cute and sexy !

Dear Dahlia Lip Paradise #803 BELLA

Third and last rose of the collection, Bella is a very sweet and innocent peachy coral pink.

Dear Dahlia Lip Paradise #804 ADELE

You may have guessed it by now, Adele is by far my favorite shade! It’s a nude shade with a hint of old rose, everything I love.

Dear Dahlia Lip Paradise #805 SCARLET

Scarlet is the most Korean shade of the 6 because it’s a very orange red. I find it vibrant, sexy and daring. I really love it!

Dear Dahlia Lip Paradise #806 RUBY

Finally, Ruby is the most glamorous burgundy! Just like Stella, it’s a very cold shade with blue undertones: Perfect for autumn and winter and more generally for those who want to feel more femme fatale than ever.

Shop the shade(s) of you choice on the official Dear Dahlia website for $30 each! I won’t say they cost an arm each but still… YES they are worth it!

Already have a preference? Tell me everything in the comment section!

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GIVEAWAY – closed

As I told you about it at the beginning of the post and at the end of the video (thank you for staying until the end in both cases haha), I received a lot of duplicate products and I really wanted to make you enjoy. See you on Instagram!

CONCOURS : 4 LOTS À GAGNER ! ???? Vous attendiez ce giveaway @deardahlia_beauty depuis tellement longtemps… Je me devais de faire les choses correctement. ???? ☄ Lot 1 : Sun Cushion + ‘Ruby’ lipstick ☄ Lot 2 : Cushion ‘Nude Beige’ + ‘Bella’ lipstick ☄ Lot 3 : Cushion ‘Natural Beige’ + ‘Scarlet’ lipstick ☄ Lot 4 : Cushion ‘Soft Sand’ + ‘Marilyn’ lipstick . Pour participer : ▪ Follow @mangobeautytips ▪ Commentez 1, 2, 3 ou 4 en fonction du lot qui vous convient ( de préférence en fonction de votre carnation ;) ▪ Tagguez 2 amies qui aime le makeup et les packagings marbrés. ???? . Ouvert à l’international, jusqu’au 20 janvier. Résultats le lendemain par commentaire~ . Pour plus d’indication sur les couleurs des cushions et des lipsticks, le lien de mon article (vidéo inclue) est dans la barre d’infos. Pas d’excuse pour se tromper ! Bonne chance à toutes ????

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Etude House Wine Party Play Color Eyes Palette: The one we’ve been waiting for!

After the success of the first Etude House In The Café palette on the blog, I couldn’t miss this season’s new gem: Etude House Wine Party palette!

The packaging is the same for the whole Play Color Eyes palettes’ range so nothing new here: Quite small and rectangular, an included mirror, 10 eyeshadows and 2 sponge brushes (which I absolutely NEVER use. ahah)

I really love the packaging of this range’s palettes because honestly, you NEED space to collect palettes and these ones are really compacts. It makes me feel less guilty to have so much of them because… who has even finished a palette?!
FIY, the eyeshadows weight only 1g each but I don’t think they are too small. On the contrary, I can take this Wine Party palette everywhere with me and so use it more often than a bigger one (you know like, the Too Faced Christmas Edition or Urban Decay’s Vice 4 which never leave my drawers…)

Some people could find this collection quite cheap, I however never felt like that with Etude House Play Color Eyes palettes: They’re indeed small and cute with a packaging made of plastic, but I think they’re very well manufactured. They are complete and harmonious to me!

The Etude House Wine Party palette was just released when I was in Korea last summer, at the end of August. It was designed for the next autumn, in which it fits perfectly: a burgundy packaging with gold finitions which represents wine bottles & glasses, but also cheese and… a corkscrew. How to make French clichés absolutely adorable? Call Etude House. ;)

The 10 eyeshadows are just perfect for autumn: Goldens, browns and red-burgundy-eggplant shades, all quite cold toned with matte and iridescent textures, plus their famous glittery top coat in each palette.

One of my favorite moments when I open Etude’s palettes for the first time, it’s to discover the eyeshadows’ names and the little drawings on the transparent cap. It’s often foreign words with Korean phonetic, and this one being very Frenchy… The translation was super funny! Some were shortened on the official website to get these :

When it comes to the pigmentation, it’s always the same with Etude House: Matte eyeshadows aren’t the most opaque I’ve ever seen, but I can’t stop myself from loving them just the way they are because they represent a Korean vision of makeup: Subtle and light. However, the iridescent shadows are creamy and make no fallouts, like any other. They are the true force of every palettes in each edition, making them really well balanced.

This time, I still got to be a little disappointed by the ‘Rose Sparking Holic’ glitter top coat that isn’t pigmented… at all. It’s tough, dry and we can’t get anything out of it. Let’s just apply ‘Dress Code:Bling’ instead, a quite similar shade, golden and glittery, even if this one isn’t as pigmented as we’d like too…

The eyeshadows are versatile and easy to work with, so the palette can suits beginners as much as makeup pros and I’m very satisfied.

I decided to do a makeup to illustrate the first review and you really enjoyed it. This time, I did TWO makeups with 2 different styles, to show you all the possibilities with these textures and shades. I hope you like it!

Let’s end this post on a positive note : You may know that my favorite brand never disappoints in term of prices… So this Etude House Wine Party Palette can be found for only €17 on MissBeautyKorea (likely €20 shipping fees included) : 0% guilt, 100% pleasure ! ♡

What do you think of this Etude House Wine Party palette ?

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Etude House Play Color Eyes Wine Party palette


The world’s most comfy lipstick is Korean: Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet 3 Pure Apricot Coral

Whereas you just randomly arrived on my blog or you read this review out of curiousity, brace yourself because you’ll adopt this lipstick right away. And for those who already know me… You KNEW it before clicking when you saw « Peripera ». ;)


To me, Peripera is  a quite underrated Korean brand here in Occident, because it’s one of my fav ever. Its seasonal collections always look so cute, so girly, so yummy… even too much but I AM too much right? ahah Let’s not forget that the quality is also great, for such affordable prices. Peripera and me, aah… a whole love story.

I already talked about Peripera Airy Velvet Ink when they came out before summer holidays, but it’s was only during my trip to Seoul that I got to know their little brothers: Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet. What a growing family !

Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

Because I obviously couln’t help myself, I HAD to purchase at least one shade because there’s always one. The one that makes you heart beats like no other… And this time, my heart called the #3 Pure Apricot Coral. But now that I look at it, I just want to buy the 4 others ! :’(