Kbeauty battle: Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint vs. Wine Lip Tint Velvet !

It’s the very first time I do this kind of post on my blog, and I’m glad to introduce you two products in a friendly battle : I’m going to review two lips products from the Korean brand Labiotte: the famous Wine Lip Tint and its latest version Wine Lip Tint Velvet!
I bought the first one in Korea last summer, and I couldn’t help buying one of the Velvet edition a few months later on the internet.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint (original)

First of all, I think it’s necessary to talk about the packaging: Even if I don’t drink alcohol in real life, I’m still proud to be a Frenchie and I just LOVE that this liptint looks like a small bottle of wine. Labiotte thought about everything, you can enjoy every single detail: the cork, the red aluminium neck, the label, the medaillon and french tags…(yes, I went through wine lexicon to find all these related words haha) Just like a real bottle!

Whereas you could think we have to unscrew the cork to open the product, Labiotte didn’t push the illusion through the end and the tip can be opened  right above the label… which isn’t bad because the cork would have been way too small to hold!
Now you can see the slightly beveled and rigid foam tip, soaked with liptint…

For my very first Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, I chose the CR01 Rosé Coral shade: You’re starting to know me well and it’s typically the kind of color I’m fond of, no matter the finish of the lipstick.
Rosé Coral is, well, a beautiful pinky coral. Is it my fault if the name is so accurate? Haha

The formula is liquid and clear, with almost no texture effect and it doesn’t stick either. Even if the smell is great, I feel like it doesn’t do the job: The product isn’t really pigmented and doesn’t stain the lips. The color is also very subtle and when you don’t feel anything on your lips anymore, you can be sure that it didn’t last…too bad.

Still, I like applying products on my lips quite often so touch ups don’t bother me, but let’s be honest: It’s far from being the best tint ever. It’s cute, discreet, but not extraordinary. It’s more like a water based  liquid lipstick.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet

The velvet edition is still a small bottle of wine, but a white one! I think the illusion is less efficient, but the product is still gorgeous, right? The label is the same, only 벨벳 (‘velvet’) is added on the back. The bottle’s color and its tag mark the difference between this version and the original one.

The applicator is exactly the same, but the formula is nothing like the original: It’s way more pigmented and opaque but the texture isn’t much thicker. That’s what I like with velvet lipsticks: Pigmentation is great and you don’t even feel it on your lips. It’s not sticky, it dries quite fast and leave the lips soft and smooth. A really good velvet!

For this velvet edition, I’ve chosen the BE01 Terroir Nude shade and its name is also very accurate since it’s a subtle but still bright and sunny orange nude. I like it a lot.

Like the first edition, the pigments don’t « tint » the lips as it should, being liptints. It’s still very nice to wear because it’s very comfortable, transfer proof and long lasting.

The Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet doesn’t smell very good tho… The fragrance reminds me of paint or glue, but don’t worry: It doesn’t last when you apply it on lips!


In the end, I think the brand got the names wrong. These are not liptints. The first one is rather a lip gloss as written in French (even though it’s not very glossy), but the second one is rather a classic velvet liquid lipstick.

Maybe I should have chosen a darker shade for the original edition because I’ve heard that reds are very pigmented, but I admit that I’m not that tempted after this first test. We’ll see.

However I’m still hyped by the velvet edition, which is not a tint but a very very good velvet liquid lipstick which perfectly enhances lips!

I’ll keep using these two products because I love the colors and they are good on-the-go’s, like you can apply them in ten seconds in front of a mirror just to have something on your lips, without thinking of people who could notice you weren’t very precise etc. It’s mainly the case for the original version because of its formula and its color, but the second one can be used for a great gradient lips effect as well!

If you want to try one of them (even if you know where my heart is), you can get the original version on Jolse for €8,82 + shipping fees, and the velvets for €9,72 on missbeautykorea !

trad : @qidehae


Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb: Up to its reputation?

Yes you read well: While the beauty brand of Riri made its grand opening in September 2017, I only come now for my first review… Better late than nothing right?

I hesitated a lot between a highlighter and this gloss but considering the prices and all those that I already have in my drawers, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. And for the foundation, aka the product which drew most of the attention, my sister bought it early and she is one of those you got phenomenal breakout after using it… So let’s not do this please?
In the end, with everything that I have and that I receive, I realize that I spend less time at Sephora- not that nothing hype me but I really have to calm down because everything won’t fit in my suitcases for the Canada (for those who don’t follow me on social networks: I took a one way ticket for Montreal in October.)

STILL, I got to stop at Sephora few days ago and considering that I love to do my eyes makeup with the Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette lately, I wanted something discreet yet present on my lips. I stopped going around matte liquid lipsticks (that I am still in love with) because sometimes, and mostly now that summer is coming, I want something more luminous, nude and natural.. In other words: a gloss!

I have never, ever like glosses. Either I was a dark androgynous teenager, or a very girly young woman… but with LONG hair so it didn’t work obviously. I don’t mind that glosses aren’t transfer proof, but hair sticked on my lips—is just a nightmare.

Today’s gloss doesn’t seem to be like the ones we used to know : Less thick and sticky for a much nicer finish – glosses are slowly but surely coming back in the very heart of beauty trends, right?

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Ladies and gentlemen: THE king of glosses since its release, the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb:

Defined as an «Universal Lip Luminizer», its unique shade called ‘Fenty Glow’ is supposed to suit all kind of lips and skin tones while illuminating, plumping and nourishing the lips thanks to its non-sticky formula including shea butter. Let’s check out the composition :

Ingredients list

It’s a lot of ingredients for a gloss! Anyway, these all seem safe to me if you remove the perfume that may not be suitable for some, which give the gloss a yummy vanilla-peach fragrance.

Let’s not forget that Fenty Beauty is a cruelty-free brand then, so far, zero mistakes! I didn’t think a lot and payed €17 for this potential must-have of the year to become… Now, what do I think of it?

I expected a lot from the «non-sticky» point. That’s what made me go for it, in addition to the super stylish packaging and the really nice shade – an iridescent peachy nude, enough to look good without doing too much.
Well, about this non-sticky finish… it’s not really accurate. I’m really surprised to read so many reviews that say it doesn’t stick because I think it’s still a bit thick, almost like a classic gloss. Almost.

I have lip oils and water that, for once, are REALLY non-sticky so I expected the same of this gloss… Anyway, just know that this Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb DOES stick a bit. Not as hard as making you eat your own hair when it’s windy, but as the kind of gloss that gives you firm and plumped lips.

When you pull the applicator out of the tube, it’s better to spin it a bit because there is a little too much gloss on it. The texture pleasantly and easily glides on the lips and the fragrance is quite strong : It may be on the lips, but you can still smell it for several minutes!
However, you can feel the thickness of the product when you pinch your lips. I’d have imagine something less «resistant», but that’s probably what makes it long lasting.

Because, yeah, it lasts quite well! You’ll obviously reapply some after eating (which takes overall 3 seconds lol) but beyond that, the textures doesn’t make me wanna bit my lips so they stay glossy and luminous for hours.

I must admit that I don’t particularly like to apply the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb on top of other lip products because I’m always afraid of getting the tip dirty. And then, I have enough lipsticks to put something else if I want something different than glossy nude lips! However, it’s PERFECT to unify a dry matte lipstick which would mark sharped lips, or a rest of lipstick after eating but you forgot it at home…

Overall, I don’t regret buying it but I can’t deny that I was a bit disappointed about the not so innovative texture. It remains a very good gloss by how it looks, smells and applies – a hot must-have, I tell you!

What do you think about the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb? Have you already bought other products from the brand?

trans help : Lauriane D.


Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette: The best of the best?

As far as I know, I find myself really weak when it comes to be in a ‘no-buy mode’ in front of beauties like that, as far as the huge time I take to shoot pictures and NOT to put my fingers in the product – I’m just impressed of myself. Haha

A few weeks passed before I decided to shoot this palette, and yet quite more few days of using it to make my own opinion, that I’m writing today. Do we deal with the best palette of the universe ? That’s what I thought when I first bought this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette, let’s see if that’s still what I think now…

Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette

Nabla is an Italian brand which struggle in France, it is yet quite greater than Kiko. Products’ quality is exceptionnal: Shadows, lipsticks, blushes, bronzers, etc – everything is incredibly pigmented, long-lasting and on top of that, they still manage to offer great packagings ?!

Sometimes Nabla will flirt with professional brands by selling mono eyeshadows, customisable palette and neutral packagings, sometimes it will release some.. some PURE MARVEL like this Dreamy Palette and it’s really really hard to resist !

When it was first released, I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to buy it or not before it was sold out – how I regretted it when the first swatches and makeup came out, you’ll know why soon enough.

There’s been a restock early this year and I won’t lie : At 1 p.m I was already refreshing the page for 10 minutes ahah. After paying 35,90 + €10 of shipping fees on the official website (because I was afraid that the free shipping sellers were running out of stock already), here’s the object of all desire,between my hands, and the box already sets the tone.

An ultra careful shipping for a precious product. The palette comes in a little packaging that we have to slide to discover the real black beauty filled with gold and bronze stars, constellations and other universe details

Honestly, this is the most beautiful palette I ever saw in my life. I know I don’t have some kind of universal taste or something ; but the tones, the layout, the finish — the global harmony..I’m totally falling for it.

Okay, we got that the eyeshadows were pretty. But how is the pigmentation, the texture…? 

Here are the one layer swatches. Yes, you read it well. It means I only stroked the shadow with my fingers ONCE, I only pressed this same finger on my arm ONCE, without pressing it again. If I had to rate the pigmentation, it would be an easy 15/10. ahah

The 6 iridescent shades are as intense and smooth as the 5 matte shades are soft and colorful.
However, I see a flaw and it’s called Delirium : The psychedelic purple shade is most glittery but also the most powdery and not very pigmented… Dang, the deception is real. :( 

Talking about ‘powdery‘, even if I love the pigmentation of this palette, I objectively have to say that this is the most (beautiful we got that, but also) powdery palette I own. Even Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Modern Renaissance isn’t as powdery as this one, and the brand is known for being powdery already. Can you imagine it ?

I actually don’t have anything against powdery eyeshadow. However I systematically get my cheeks full of eyeshadows everytime I use this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette… too bad.
If you wanna try it, I advise you not to do your foundation first. Now that you’re aware, you can happily use it daily because it’s too pretty not to ! What, I already said that ? Am I biased ?

Those 12 pretty shadows are still incredibly easy to work with, blend, etc. I know it’s hard to imagine not ending up with patches with such a great pigmentation but that’s totally true ! Gliding (h)e(a)venly on lids~

Our Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is magnetic and a big mirror is included. The palette itself, as much as the eyeshadows, seems resistant : I took it with me everywhere these past few days and I wasn’t afraid to break it. BECCA should learn about it. :DDDD (<- totally not mad about the total destruction of my highlighter. Twice.)

It’s now time to show y’all the makeup I’m doing the most with this palette lately, because I’m almost using all shades and let say that it’s SO satisfying haha. It’s still really harmonious, don’t you think ?

Last but not least, the Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is a pure treasure esthetically talking, whether at the packaging level, but also at the shadows and all the other small details. The pigmentation is excellent, an even « rarely seen » one, up to MakeUp Geek’s eyeshadows. However it’s still very powdery and Delirium which looked like the most powerful shade is finally the most (and only) disappointing oneOn the other hand, you can work with a wet brush to give it a totally new dimension.

It won’t make my euphoria toward this palette fall tho: I love it at a nameless level. aha

As you can well imagine, its sold out again… But you can still follow the brand on the social media to stay tuned about the restocks !

Have you heard about this Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette before ? After this blogpost, are you interested in purchasing it?

Trans : @Rachel Funghini


Joah Box, the best kbeauty box?

Even if I tend to discover and accumulate always more and more products, beauty boxes are still one of my favorite ways to acquire new things!

Joah Box

You probably already heard about Joah Box’s subscription on my YouTube channel, my Instagram or some reviews I wrote here but I just realized I never properly talked about Joahbox itself… And since I have two new boxes in stock right now, I think it’s a great timing!

Small wakeup call or infos for the newbies : (welcome ♡)

  • Monthly: 33$ (26,50€)
  • One time box: 35,95$ (28,90€)
  • 3 months: 97$ (78€)
  • 6 months: 190$ (153€)
  • One year: 375$ (300€)

 Shipping included

I must say that I don’t see any big savings except for the full year subscription, and this is definitely not the less expensive kbeauty box… but objectively, this is one of the best!
Indeed: In each box, you’re getting 5~7 full size products for a total value of 50$~100$, depending on the month and selection. I think it’s a pretty good deal when you think about it, for less than €30 every month haha.

By the way, get 10% off your order with the code MANGO10, which means €22,50 off the year subscription! Just know that I’m not paid nor sponsored, I just asked it for you guys. :B”

Joah Box – September 2017

Yes, you read well: This is the SEPTEMBER box… I’m definitely not late, idk whatchu talkin ‘bout. The worst thing is that this box is truly amazing. Let’s discover the content together:

Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Soothing Mask

I won’t introduce the brand Dr Jart+ to you because it’s one of the few Korean brands that are available at Sephora! So the “particular spirit” –to not say creepy– of the brand shouldn’t surprise you, even if this product is not sold in France. (update : it is now!)

There is a baby’s face on the sheetmasks sold at Sephora as well but let’s say that €10,95 for a single use isn’t something everyone can affort… For the same price, you can find this kind of DIY mask !

Mix the two ingredients in the cup, with the baby’ straw which is actually a spatula – and apply it on the face!
I was really happy to get to discover it and I think I’ll make a review about it, if you want so obviously ♡. Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion in the comment section!

A.H.C – The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face

What a surprise to find A.H.C in my Joah Box, because I just discovered the brand at the K-Beauty In Paris expo! Will it be sold in France soon as well? I can’t say, but let’s talk a bit about this luxurious cream :

If you didn’t know, the skin around the eyes is much thinner and delicate than the rest of the face. This is why you definitely can’t use the same cream for these two areas, and “eye creams” are specifically designed to fight effectively against aging signs.

So it’s not a twisted translation, but the power of an eye cream… for the whole face!
The tube, in addition of having the (tiny) size of a classic eye cream, seemed to be only half filled when I pressed it so it better makes miracles with a tiny amount of product. :’)

Nooni – Snoowflake Stick Cleanser

I already wrote you a blogpost about this product, check the full review here. :)

OOZOO – Face Injection Mask : Illumination

If you’re into DIY, you would LOVE this box! First the Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot, now and this sheetmask to soak yourself using the syringe filled with serum on the side… I love it. I just LOVE it. I don’t know if it works yet but still. Haha
Would you be interested by a full review and demo too?

MEDIHEAL – Hair Sheep Steam Pack

They definitely didn’t forget to send original and playful products! I scratched my head reading its name but it’s really… a heated hair mask. No reviews for this one but if you’re lucky, you’ll spot me wearing it on Instagram ? ;p

PONY EFFECT – Mirage Highlighter #Lucid Dream

There are often offers when you wanna subscribe and lately, you could get a free Pony Effect highlighter! The shade is called #Lucid Dream. Like aaall Pony Effect’s products (and PONY herself), the packaging is flawless but I have to admit that the pigmentation is a bit disappointing.

I love high-pigmented highlighters with metallic finishes, but this one is rather discreet and iridescent. meh It’s not bad tho, it’s just not what I’m looking for! If you want me to put it in a giveaway, just hit the comment section once more. ;)

Here is what the September box looked like, and I really enjoyed it! The products were great, and maintain my expectations really high. What about you?

Can’t wait to show you the Xmas Box featuring Korean brand ‘Lapcos’! Stay tuned ♡

trans help : @ericka


Etude House Wine Party Play Color Eyes Palette: The one we’ve been waiting for!

After the success of the first Etude House In The Café palette on the blog, I couldn’t miss this season’s new gem: Etude House Wine Party palette!

The packaging is the same for the whole Play Color Eyes palettes’ range so nothing new here: Quite small and rectangular, an included mirror, 10 eyeshadows and 2 sponge brushes (which I absolutely NEVER use. ahah)

I really love the packaging of this range’s palettes because honestly, you NEED space to collect palettes and these ones are really compacts. It makes me feel less guilty to have so much of them because… who has even finished a palette?!
FIY, the eyeshadows weight only 1g each but I don’t think they are too small. On the contrary, I can take this Wine Party palette everywhere with me and so use it more often than a bigger one (you know like, the Too Faced Christmas Edition or Urban Decay’s Vice 4 which never leave my drawers…)

Some people could find this collection quite cheap, I however never felt like that with Etude House Play Color Eyes palettes: They’re indeed small and cute with a packaging made of plastic, but I think they’re very well manufactured. They are complete and harmonious to me!

The Etude House Wine Party palette was just released when I was in Korea last summer, at the end of August. It was designed for the next autumn, in which it fits perfectly: a burgundy packaging with gold finitions which represents wine bottles & glasses, but also cheese and… a corkscrew. How to make French clichés absolutely adorable? Call Etude House. ;)

The 10 eyeshadows are just perfect for autumn: Goldens, browns and red-burgundy-eggplant shades, all quite cold toned with matte and iridescent textures, plus their famous glittery top coat in each palette.

One of my favorite moments when I open Etude’s palettes for the first time, it’s to discover the eyeshadows’ names and the little drawings on the transparent cap. It’s often foreign words with Korean phonetic, and this one being very Frenchy… The translation was super funny! Some were shortened on the official website to get these :

When it comes to the pigmentation, it’s always the same with Etude House: Matte eyeshadows aren’t the most opaque I’ve ever seen, but I can’t stop myself from loving them just the way they are because they represent a Korean vision of makeup: Subtle and light. However, the iridescent shadows are creamy and make no fallouts, like any other. They are the true force of every palettes in each edition, making them really well balanced.

This time, I still got to be a little disappointed by the ‘Rose Sparking Holic’ glitter top coat that isn’t pigmented… at all. It’s tough, dry and we can’t get anything out of it. Let’s just apply ‘Dress Code:Bling’ instead, a quite similar shade, golden and glittery, even if this one isn’t as pigmented as we’d like too…

The eyeshadows are versatile and easy to work with, so the palette can suits beginners as much as makeup pros and I’m very satisfied.

I decided to do a makeup to illustrate the first review and you really enjoyed it. This time, I did TWO makeups with 2 different styles, to show you all the possibilities with these textures and shades. I hope you like it!

Let’s end this post on a positive note : You may know that my favorite brand never disappoints in term of prices… So this Etude House Wine Party Palette can be found for only €17 on MissBeautyKorea (likely €20 shipping fees included) : 0% guilt, 100% pleasure ! ♡

What do you think of this Etude House Wine Party palette ?

trans. help : @JongInWanKenobi


Le lipstick le plus confortable du monde est coréen : Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

Whereas you just randomly arrived on my blog or you read this review out of curiousity, brace yourself because you’ll adopt this lipstick right away. And for those who already know me… You KNEW it before clicking when you saw « Peripera ». ;)


To me, Peripera is  a quite underrated Korean brand here in Occident, because it’s one of my fav ever. Its seasonal collections always look so cute, so girly, so yummy… even too much but I AM too much right? ahah Let’s not forget that the quality is also great, for such affordable prices. Peripera and me, aah… a whole love story.

I already talked about Peripera Airy Velvet Ink when they came out before summer holidays, but it’s was only during my trip to Seoul that I got to know their little brothers: Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet. What a growing family !

Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

Because I obviously couln’t help myself, I HAD to purchase at least one shade because there’s always one. The one that makes you heart beats like no other… And this time, my heart called the #3 Pure Apricot Coral. But now that I look at it, I just want to buy the 4 others ! :’(
For the little anecdote, I lost it in the cab the day after I bought it.. So yeah, I bought it again because one day was enough to make it vital to my lil heart you know. ahah

Peripera Ink’s got popular thanks to their flawless pigmentation, whatever finishes. So I’m not sure if this point will ever disappoint me: They score perfectly every time. The previous one was a soft velvet with some wanted transparency, but this Cloud Ink velvet is definitely a full coverage velvet.

The packaging is always the same, because you never change a winning team: the little dropper-looking flask contains a foam stem for a quick and easy application.

You can wear both gradient lips with an easily blurred effect or gorgeous full lips thanks to this Cloud Ink Velvet. It’s up to you !

After the first application, I didn’t expect the texture to become transfer proof… but it was. To achieve a non transferring look, you still have to wait a few minutes and remove the excess by pressing a handkerchief on your lips because it’s not a matte lipstick and it’s not draining at all. With this magical technic, your lipstick is even sealed for a little snack!

You may have to do touchups after a big fat lunch, but I’m often surprised not to have to. This kind of texture,  finish and comfort… Seriously, it’s soooo satisfying.

I tried SO HARD to find a flaw, but I can’t find any. Even the price is a good point, because it’s only €6. A ridiculously low price for this little dropper-looking must-have which won’t ever leave you once you’ll try it. I take the bet! As usual, all the shades are available on our favorite international resellers like Jolse or TesterKorea. :)

An objection? No? I knew it… Who’ll literally run to buy it?

trans. help : @JongInWanKenobi


Bad Habit Aphrodite : 10$, unbelievable! (Huda Beauty Rose Gold dupe)

If you’re following me on social medias or even on my YouTube channel, you already know this palette. However, I love it so much that I couldn’t help myself but write a post about it, which includes pictures and a very long love letter. ♡

Bad Habit

I didn’t know Bad Habit at all nor the American eshop which resale this brand, but I noticed it at the beginning of the summer for only one reason: its Huda Beauty Rose Gold’s dupe!

Bad Habit is an American brand, cruelty-free and -let’s be honest- specialized in dupes. Its first dupe is nothing else than «Royals» which is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance dupe and more recently «Retro Love», the Subculture one.

The next release should be «Inferno» which is THE awaited dupe of Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted. Considering my love for Aphrodite, I’m can’t wait to fall for it…

I never really liked dupes OR conterfeits (these are totally not the same btw). Whether I’m buying the original or I don’t buy it at all. Especially in makeup: Brands built their popularity on quality so I don’t wanna buy anything suspicioux or even dangerous.

Still, I think Bad Habit stands out thank to its brand image, communication and photoshoots’ quality so I didn’t hesitate when I saw this 10$’s dupe of Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, a.k.a THE 65$’s palette from Sephora that I would never buy because of its price.


As I told you, this brand is excusively sold on Hush eshop, which I didn’t know either. To talk about it real quick, it seems to be specialized in dupes too: You can find Bad Habit products, but also other similar brands like Face Candy which has a cool dupes of Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar. However there’s not only those kind of things since they also have Sigma, NYX, L.A Girl, Milani, City Colors.. Cheap and affordable brands = Hush’s leitmotiv.

To my great surprise, we can also find k-beauty brands like Skinfood, Tony Moly, COSRX, Innisfree, Etude House and more ! You guessed it, Hush is a cool e-shop with very affordable brands.

They ship internationally  for ~20$ with no minimum order. This is not HUGE but when you know that the shipping is free in the US for +25$ orders, I just tried a Shipito. You can find my Shipito guide just here. J

I ordered two Bad Habit ‘Aphrodite’ Palette (I’m still hesitating to put the second on my tictail or in a giveaway ahah) and a small lip scrub for a total of $25/26 and the reshipping costed me $22. I don’t really know if I saved any money when I think about it, but I rarely have custom fees with Shipito while direct delivery from a US eshop is often the cause of my bank account’s death.

Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette

What is this palette worth? Let’s discover the answer in my comparative video right below:

I couldn’t resist to do some photos as I said earlier. I didn’t have the Huda Beauty Rose Gold with me anymore, but sincerely.. This one is enough.

Both palettes have the exact same size, but the Bad Habit’s got an included mirror. Its design is matte black with golden geometrical figures and writings. Chic and effective, I love it. I even find it prettier than the Huda Beauty’s one. I never loved packaging with pictures on it, even if the picture is Huda’s own eyes ahah. Also, from a palette to another, eyeshadows’ colors and textures are the szme at 95%.

I think Huda Beauty Rose Gold’s Palette did a blow-up thanks to its texturised eyeshadows, which seemed exclusive. I was afraid that the dupe wouldn’t be up to it… I was SO wrong!

Little Aphrodite brilliantly met the challenge, and even more: If some of the shadows have sliiiightly different undertones or finishes, the pigmentation is absolutely on point while matte eyeshadows from the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette are quite disappointing ?!

Both warm and cool tones are super trendy since the Modern Renaissance’s release. Moreover, I only swear by this palette even if it is hyper powdery! Well, I only swear by this one.. and the Bad Habit’s from now. ;)

We can create a LOT of different makeups thank to such various shades: Very reddish like in the video, or even a subtle Khaki/ Burgundy combo on my last Instagram post.

10$ for a quality like this is barely imaginable. I still can’t get over it ahah.

Don’t hesitate to follow Hush’s Instagram account to stay tuned about restocks or even about new arrivals because it’s really worth.

What do you think of this Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette? Is it a great dupe from the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette to you?

trans : @Rachel Funghini


Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint: The ideal Korean tint!

It’s been a long time since I didn’t speak about this brand on my blog! If you just arrived and to make it short, PONY is a Korean makeup artist/beauty Youtuber very famous in her homeland and in the world. She created her beauty brand called PONY EFFECT in 2015 and I got the chance to try the very first collection ‘That Girl’ some years ago.

Since then, the brand diversified its products, upgraded quality and evolved into a more professional and versatile one: PONY’s talent and creativity is reflected in those palettes which offer endless possibilities. I admire it, and can only love this brand. 

Just like the Etude House In The Cafe palette, I received this lil gem in one of my Joah Boxes – a k-beauty subscription which costs around $30 monthly but the totale value it’s always waaaay more. It’s one of my favorite subs ever. (10% OFF with my discount code MANGO10 !)

The Korean meaning of “lip tint”

To us Occidentals, lip tints aren’t really a trend but it’s been a Korean must-have since for years: To suit a subtle or a very bold look, to wear as an innocent looking lip gradient or on full lips, it remains a great ally thanks to its finish that stains lips for the whole day.

If I say lip tint, you may think about very watery finishes like Etude House Water Tint or Peripera Vivid Tint Water: The word « tint » rings a bell, bu t sometimes it doesn’t represent the right texture.

Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint

I really love watery lip tints just like the ones I quoted, but this Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint in shade ‘Beautiful’ is nothing like those:

Its tube makes us believe it’s a liquid balm-like application or even a cushion tip, but when you unscrew the cap, you can discover a foam stem, just like a classic liquid lipstick! This combo tube packaging + stem is a first for me, and I already love it!

And now, do we even talk about its black and gold packaging? This timeless duo is truly my favorite. Always looks chic. 

About the texture itself, it’s a bit creamier than what I thought. It’s actually smooth, fresh and pigmented. Add to that a surprising and enjoyable fragrance, and here is the Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint!

(The jewelries I wear on the pic comes from Happiness Boutique – the earrings are unfortunately no longer in stock but the set of necklaces is just there. I found real nuggets on this eshop so don’t hesitate to check it! 10% OFF with my discount code mangobeautytips from €19. )

The ‘Beautiful’ shade is a very sweet and fresh pink, although I would probably have bought ‘Delightful’ by myself. I’m not disappointed at all tho because when I apply it, it brings a lot of color and freshness to my face and when the texture fades… the color stays!

The true power of lip tints is revealed. (RIP my forearm who stayed tinted until the day after ahah)

Just like a permanent marker, it leaves the lips prettily colored even when there is no texture left at all. This tint stains easily for hours and disappears in a very natural and homogeneous way, but it’s a real pleasure to reapply it anyway because it dries very quickly without dehydrating, without any transfer and doesn’t particularly highlight the small dead skins.

The two small flaws of Pony Effect is that it’s still a bit hard to purchase the brand, and the prices are quite similar to what we can see in Occident with MAC, Make Up Forever, etc.

Still, be aware that many of the brand’s products are available on TesterKorea but these lip tints have been sold out for a while… Certified eBay sellers sell some for around $14, shipping included.

The Korean brand Pony Effect is slightly more expensive than what we are used to see, but we really get what we pay for: Quality and pigmentation!

trans. help: @atemonaku_ohayo


BeautyBlender : The €3 perfect dupe

I first felt for the Beauty Blender last year. I need to admit that its price was a real obstacle, but the reviews on the web were all sooo positive that I felt I couldn’t be disappointed, right ?
It did not fail : Don’t love it till you try it !


Since then, when I don’t wear my beloved cushion creams, it’s a real pleasure to apply any of my liquid face products with my wet Beauty Blender. The sponge grows, feels so fresh on the skin and allow to achieve an incomparable airy and natural finish. I already reviewed it in this blogpost if you want to hear more about the original sponge.

Well, fuck €15-20 sponges. A brush can be worth the price because it lasts as long as you maintain it, but you can say goodbye to your beautyblender after 3 months to avoid any bacterias’ proliferation.
You can say it’s a big amount of money months after months. Not everybody can afford it.

A lot of makeup brands created their own version of the Beauty Blender, more or less successfully.

Beaucoup de marques ont proposé leur version du beauty blender, avec plus ou moins de succès. Entre les éponges maquillage lambda qui prenait la forme de goutte pour nous duper mais dont la texture n’avait rien à voir, et ceux qui gonflaient mais dont le rendu n’était pas aussi convaincant… Honnêtement, j’en ai vu passé des vertes et des pas mûres.
Par exemple, je n’ai pas aimé celle de Real Techniques. C’est dit.

Par contre, celle de H&M Beauty ? Une TUERIE.



H&M Precision Sponge – 2,90€

Oui oui, vous ne rêvez pas : Pour 2,99€, vous avez le dupe parfait du Beauty Blender original. Par la forme de goutte que l’on a doté d’un anneau -probablement pour une meilleure prise en main-, mais aussi par le fait que l’éponge gonfle dès qu’on l’humidifie, elle ne boit pas excessivement de produit et elle l’applique surtout avec ce naturel incomparable dont je parlais précédemment.


Personnellement, je n’ai pas trouvé de rayon beauté dans mes H&M Beauté à Lyon. J’ai du mal chercher, car c’est pourtant une grande ville (les lyonnaises, détrompez-moi !). J’ai donc acheté celui-ci à Angers sur les conseils de mon amie Madison, et c’est absolument sans regret. Foncez !

Moi, je pars faire mon stock…




W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion Review : Winter loves honey !

As a huge fan of cushion creams and collecting cases in my spare time (almost an obsession, but shhh), I couldn’t resist when I saw this lovely case from Korean brand W.Lab.



Let’s talk quickly about the creator of this little gem, W.Lab is an innovative and respectful Korean brand through its minimalist compositions, removing unnecessary chemical ingredients. For example, they prefer to use plant extracts rather than purified water as the main ingredient of a common product, and this kind of detail makes a big difference for us, right? The packagings go from simple to cute as hell… A surprising little Korean cosmetic brand. (:

W Honey Beam Cushion

The W Honey Beam cushion is a flagship product of the brand so far. And it’s obviously for some reason ! As its name suggests it, there is more than 38% of honey in this cushion, making it extremely rich and nourishing. Specifically, it’s Jeju Island honey and a little bit of manuka honey. What an excellent composition, isn’t it ? Speaking of which:

Ingredients list

Honey is unsurprisingly but pleasantly in first place, followed by some sunscreens, pigments, non-comedogenic, very clean actives and a lot of natural extracts whose main virtues are:

– To moisturize deeply
– To even the complexion and cover blemishes
– To brighten the skin
– To protect from UVs  (SPF50+ PA+++, max range!)
– To prevent from winkles and aging signs

This is not only a cushion for dry and dehydrated skins, because it’s still a makeup product and not skincare (well, a bit still!), in the sense that rich ingredients are light enough not to “hurt” combination to oily skin like mine. Nothing too strong, basically.


The “technical” point now finished, let’s move on to the practical one! The product comes in a classic cushion case: Integrated mirror and chic golden finishes, a pad, a cover that protects the product and soaked cushion. Look at this packaging, seriously! The pout of this little girl wearing a “bee-nie” makes me melt!


What surprised me at first is that the soaked cushion was not totally soaked at the opening. You must pat several times to spread the product evenly on the cushion. The pad still gets the product perfectly, no worries.

I really enjoy the fresh, almost floral scent of this product.
I tested the so-called medium to high coverage on the back of my hand, and apart from the very light shade (I realize that my hands are still seriously tanned haha) I found it convincing.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s before and after applying the W Honey Beam Cushion.


I chose shade #21 Honey Light, but there’s also #23 Honey Beige which is slightly sanded. #21 usually fits me well but it’s may be a bit too light here ! It really depends of the brand.. Anyway, one can easily notice that my acne scars and redness are well hidden, the complexion is even and brightened.

The finish is extremely dewy… Like, TOO dewy. I just can’t apply this cushion without any powder on it because the finish is quite sticky. This is what gives the famous Korean trend of “wet / freshly hydrated” skin that I love, but…. ohmagad, dewy dewy dewy.


I still love the cushion and it didn’t disappoint me at all, it’s long-lasting but still a bit cakey around my nose and on dry areas at the end of the day but must be optimal on dry to normal skin. When I wear it, I feel that my skin is even, but also protected and nourished. Perfect for winter !

Get it on q-depot between $ 30 and $ 34 depending on current discounts! This is a cool Korean cosmetics  e-shop that has a large choice of products and navigation is very simple. W Honey Beam Cushion is a little more expensive than my usual/cheaper cushions, but its very good composition and long lasting/coverage  totally justifies the price to me. It is still far from Western luxury goods…