Let’s discover kbeauty brand Lapcos!

K-Beauty Joah Box Lapcos

I’ve told you to stay tuned after my last blogpost, when I introduced you one of the best kbeauty boxes on the market: Joah Box. I also told you that I hadn’t one but TWO boxes to show you, so following the September one (I am seriously so ashamed to say that in February?) here comes December’s special edition featuring kbeauty brand Lapcos!


Lapcos has everything it takes to be a great Korean brand: Packagings are cute and elaborate, products are varied, and colors & textures are amazing! I’ve heard of this brand a few times due to my unbridled hunger for kbeauty and I’m glad to finally discover it with you today. :)

I can’t find the exact date of Lapcos’ foundation, but it’s a young brand which has everything to seduce the international market thanks to trendy affordable ranges of skincare and makeup. The products are indeed affordable, but they are hard to find on our favorite e-shops/resellers… But it’s sold on Revolve?!

Recently, I noticed that there are more and more beauty products on fashion e-shops such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS, or Stylenanda. It always surprises me when I find some of my favorites kbeauty brands on these websites, but in a good way obviously! Lapcos on Revolve, who would have known tho?

Joahbox x Lapcos

Such a nice surprise to be able to discover this brand in a featuring beauty box! Now, here is the content and what I think about the products after some weeks of use:

Lapcos Kiss-Ful Tint Lacquer Matte #Sweet Coral

I usually tend to talk about makeup products AFTER skincare, but I’d be lying if told you that I didn’t pick this first! The packaging is a nice transparent tube, reminding me of limited edition you can hang on your Christmas tree, so cute! Good first impression, good start right?

This clear little box contains a tube which wears the color of its own lipstick! How convenient?

And the most interesting part: the applicator is actually a foam tip, just like a classic liquid lipstick.

The pigmentation is insane, look at how one layer looks! Yes, only one.

That being said, we need to discuss the texture which is not exactly what we could expect: It’s written ‘mate’ on the tube, but the lipstick doesn’t really dry, and it’s not transfer proof neither. However it LOOKS mate to the eyes, but with the comfy side. What a great combo!

It smells good and lasts quite long for a ‘semi mate’ to me. And when it fades, it fades evenly… Can we find a flaw now please? Maybe its shade that I, at first, found a bit too intense even if I’m crazy about coral, but I eventually got to fall for this vibrant orange after a few days. ♡

Lapcos Pro-Touch Brow Pencil #Dark Brown

Now talking about the brow pencil of this box! You might be thinking

Her eyebrows are TATTOOED, what’s the point?

The fact that I tattooed my eyebrows a few months ago doesn’t prevent me to put makeup on them. The only difference is that it takes me 2 minutes instead of 20 haha. When I apply my foundation, it always goes on top of them and I have to give them a little more dimension.

Since the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills is sold in France, I only swear by the Dip Brow Pomade and its brush. But it looks kind of… dramatic, you know? If you’re looking for something natural, this isn’t the right product for you.

I’ve tried a lot of pencils, and I just hate when they’re dry AF and you almost have to rub the product to get some on your brush… Like, duh.

But then, let me say that THIS pencil isn’t dry at all! Its tip is thin and flat to allow you to fill in your brows or to draw hair one by one.

The color isn’t too warm or too cold. Again, if I had to mention a flaw, that would be the fact that you would run out of product quite quickly. I’m not used to it anymore because of my ABH pomade that lasts for years! With 2~3 uses/week (when I’m not in the Instagram brows mood), I’ve already use a third of the product… That’s probably the case of every pencils so nothing to report actually.

Lapcos Milk Tone-Up Cream

It’s now time for skincare products! Unfortunately, I can’t talk about them as much as the makeup products because they aren’t adapted to my skin type… That’s always the risk with beauty boxes, but it’s ok. :D

I’m always worried when I read “cream” because my combination to oily skin isn’t a big fan of rich textures. I usually go for gels or watery products. Still, I like to have at least one cream (not too rich) in my night routine, in case of very bad skin days!

The formula contains milk proteins and powerful antioxidants, this Milk Tone-Up Cream is supposed to brighten, unify and give to your skin beautiful radiance. Seems great on papers, isn’t it?

Too bad the texture doesn’t appeal me that much, I’m still thinking about what I should do with it, because this silver packaging is making me puppy eyes you know…

Lapcos Honey Nourishing Mask Sheet

I could have at least open and try out the previous cream, hoping that it wouldn’t be too rich. But unfortunately, it’s a big no-no to those masks. “Nourishing” is oily skins’ worst enemy, as they are already nourished so they weep sebum at the end of day!

I love sheetmasks for their hydrating and refreshing properties, while those are more “heavy” and cocooning. That packaging tho… It breaks my heart that I can’t use them, they are so beautiful! Who wants some? haha

So, this is what JoahBox feat. Lapcos looks like (-10% with MANGO10, works only on the English version). I love when I get the opportunity to try out several products from the same brand, don’t you?
I really enjoy the quality of the products I tested and still use now, and I don’t question the quality of the ones I don’t know yet… In my opinion, this selection is perfect for normal to dry skin since we discover as many makeup products as skincare ones, and the cocooning aspect is perfect for the season!

How did you find it? Will you give a go to a kbeauty box every month? ♡

Seeing the brand’s social medias, I’d like to deal with other products in depth, such as liquid eyeshadows, palettes, cushions, tint, or even their beauty oils… Would you like it?

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Korean cosmetics Lapcos


Joah Box, the best kbeauty box?

K-Beauty Joah Box Lapcos

Even if I tend to discover and accumulate always more and more products, beauty boxes are still one of my favorite ways to acquire new things!

Joah Box

You probably already heard about Joah Box’s subscription on my YouTube channel, my Instagram or some reviews I wrote here but I just realized I never properly talked about Joahbox itself… And since I have two new boxes in stock right now, I think it’s a great timing!

Small wakeup call or infos for the newbies : (welcome ♡)

  • Monthly: 33$ (26,50€)
  • One time box: 35,95$ (28,90€)
  • 3 months: 97$ (78€)
  • 6 months: 190$ (153€)
  • One year: 375$ (300€)

 Shipping included

I must say that I don’t see any big savings except for the full year subscription, and this is definitely not the less expensive kbeauty box… but objectively, this is one of the best!
Indeed: In each box, you’re getting 5~7 full size products for a total value of 50$~100$, depending on the month and selection. I think it’s a pretty good deal when you think about it, for less than €30 every month haha.

By the way, get 10% off your order with the code MANGO10 (works only on the English version tho), which means €22,50 off the year subscription! Just know that I’m not paid nor sponsored, I just asked it for you guys. :B”

Joah Box – September 2017

Yes, you read well: This is the SEPTEMBER box… I’m definitely not late, idk whatchu talkin ‘bout. The worst thing is that this box is truly amazing. Let’s discover the content together:

Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Soothing Mask

I won’t introduce the brand Dr Jart+ to you because it’s one of the few Korean brands that are available at Sephora! So the “particular spirit” –to not say creepy– of the brand shouldn’t surprise you, even if this product is not sold in France. (update : it is now!)

There is a baby’s face on the sheetmasks sold at Sephora as well but let’s say that €10,95 for a single use isn’t something everyone can affort… For the same price, you can find this kind of DIY mask !

Mix the two ingredients in the cup, with the baby’ straw which is actually a spatula – and apply it on the face!
I was really happy to get to discover it and I think I’ll make a review about it, if you want so obviously ♡. Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion in the comment section!

A.H.C – The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face

What a surprise to find A.H.C in my Joah Box, because I just discovered the brand at the K-Beauty In Paris expo! Will it be sold in France soon as well? I can’t say, but let’s talk a bit about this luxurious cream :

If you didn’t know, the skin around the eyes is much thinner and delicate than the rest of the face. This is why you definitely can’t use the same cream for these two areas, and “eye creams” are specifically designed to fight effectively against aging signs.

So it’s not a twisted translation, but the power of an eye cream… for the whole face!
The tube, in addition of having the (tiny) size of a classic eye cream, seemed to be only half filled when I pressed it so it better makes miracles with a tiny amount of product. :’)

Nooni – Snoowflake Stick Cleanser

I already wrote you a blogpost about this product, check the full review here. :)

OOZOO – Face Injection Mask : Illumination

If you’re into DIY, you would LOVE this box! First the Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot, now and this sheetmask to soak yourself using the syringe filled with serum on the side… I love it. I just LOVE it. I don’t know if it works yet but still. Haha
Would you be interested by a full review and demo too?

MEDIHEAL – Hair Sheep Steam Pack

They definitely didn’t forget to send original and playful products! I scratched my head reading its name but it’s really… a heated hair mask. No reviews for this one but if you’re lucky, you’ll spot me wearing it on Instagram ? ;p

PONY EFFECT – Mirage Highlighter #Lucid Dream

There are often offers when you wanna subscribe and lately, you could get a free Pony Effect highlighter! The shade is called #Lucid Dream. Like aaall Pony Effect’s products (and PONY herself), the packaging is flawless but I have to admit that the pigmentation is a bit disappointing.

I love high-pigmented highlighters with metallic finishes, but this one is rather discreet and iridescent. meh It’s not bad tho, it’s just not what I’m looking for! If you want me to put it in a giveaway, just hit the comment section once more. ;)

Here is what the September box looked like, and I really enjoyed it! The products were great, and maintain my expectations really high. What about you?

Can’t wait to show you the Xmas Box featuring Korean brand ‘Lapcos’! Stay tuned ♡

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Joah Box K-beauty


The world’s most comfy lipstick is Korean: Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet 3 Pure Apricot Coral

Whereas you just randomly arrived on my blog or you read this review out of curiousity, brace yourself because you’ll adopt this lipstick right away. And for those who already know me… You KNEW it before clicking when you saw « Peripera ». ;)


To me, Peripera is  a quite underrated Korean brand here in Occident, because it’s one of my fav ever. Its seasonal collections always look so cute, so girly, so yummy… even too much but I AM too much right? ahah Let’s not forget that the quality is also great, for such affordable prices. Peripera and me, aah… a whole love story.

I already talked about Peripera Airy Velvet Ink when they came out before summer holidays, but it’s was only during my trip to Seoul that I got to know their little brothers: Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet. What a growing family !

Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet

Because I obviously couln’t help myself, I HAD to purchase at least one shade because there’s always one. The one that makes you heart beats like no other… And this time, my heart called the #3 Pure Apricot Coral. But now that I look at it, I just want to buy the 4 others ! :’(
For the little anecdote, I lost it in the cab the day after I bought it.. So yeah, I bought it again because one day was enough to make it vital to my lil heart you know. ahah

Peripera Ink’s got popular thanks to their flawless pigmentation, whatever finishes. So I’m not sure if this point will ever disappoint me: They score perfectly every time. The previous one was a soft velvet with some wanted transparency, but this Cloud Ink velvet is definitely a full coverage velvet.

The packaging is always the same, because you never change a winning team: the little dropper-looking flask contains a foam stem for a quick and easy application.

You can wear both gradient lips with an easily blurred effect or gorgeous full lips thanks to this Cloud Ink Velvet. It’s up to you !

After the first application, I didn’t expect the texture to become transfer proof… but it was. To achieve a non transferring look, you still have to wait a few minutes and remove the excess by pressing a handkerchief on your lips because it’s not a matte lipstick and it’s not draining at all. With this magical technic, your lipstick is even sealed for a little snack!

You may have to do touchups after a big fat lunch, but I’m often surprised not to have to. This kind of texture,  finish and comfort… Seriously, it’s soooo satisfying.

I tried SO HARD to find a flaw, but I can’t find any. Even the price is a good point, because it’s only €6. A ridiculously low price for this little dropper-looking must-have which won’t ever leave you once you’ll try it. I take the bet! As usual, all the shades are available on our favorite international resellers like Jolse or TesterKorea. :)

An objection? No? I knew it… Who’ll literally run to buy it?

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Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet


Etude House Color Factory: The unique & customized makeup experience

Etude House Color Factory

You won’t be reading a product’s review today on the blog but the presentation of the last new concept of my favourite Korean brand Etude House!

Etude House @ Myeongdong, Seoul : The flagship store

Since May 2017, Etude House decided to have its building in the popular area of Myeongdong called « flagship store » : So it’s in this precise Etude House store that the brand’s new concepts are tested, and in which you’ll have the best make up experience !

  • The ground floor «Service & Play» is the store part where you’ll find your happiness, you can be sure. The photo makes you dream, but you have to know that’s often very packed… ahah.

  • As for the 1st floor, the «Personal Color Studio» is a better version of the classic store where everything is classed not according to products types but rather to styles, colors and carnations. At this floor – and probably with an adviser’s help, you can easily find the tones and undertones of your carnation and then let her guide you to colors which would suit you best. On the opposite wall, 9 different looks on screens with the corresponding products above. You can have a full look without making any mistake. ;)

  • And finally on the 3rd floor, the little lift’s colorful doors open and you can discover the «Color Factory» !

Etude House Color Factory

The first two floors are open to the public, but you have to make an appointment to access the Color Factory. 50 minutes in it and you’ll leave with your unique and totally personalized lipstick.

Personal Lipstick

To know what is your PERFECT color, the advisor comes through different steps: Your carnation’s undertones are called with the help of a machine, which then determines a panel of colors which could potentially suit you. You can choose the colors thanks to sheets on your chest to see how it works with your face.

When you have selected the colors you love the most among those picked for you, they show you a new selection which, in theory, work well with your complexion. Now, you can decide to mix some colors to finally find your happiness.

That’s now how the magic works: Through a clear window, you can see an employee creating your lipstick in front of you! Beforehand, you obviously chose your case and even to engrave a sweet word on it. When I told you about cus-to-mi-sa-tion… They didn’t lie. ;)

Lip Bar

Before you leave with the lipstick of your dream in the pocket, you can have a stop to the Lip Bar :

8 colors and 4 transition shades, 12 tints that you can discover on samples on little cardboards. Choose your 8 favs and make a DIY Mixing Palette which has big mirror, an applicator, and a board to create your daily mixes.

Informations, prices and areas :

One lipstick costs 20,000₩ (15€) whereas 2 lipsticks cost only 30,000₩ (22€). I think I would take 4 haha. As for the DIY Mixing Palette, it costs 28,000₩ (21€).

As I told you, you have to book a time slot to make your Personal Lipstick. Here are the Etude House stores which offer the Etude House Color Factory services:

Etude House Myeongdong Flagship Store
64-2, Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Phone : 02-3789-5463

Etude House Garosugil
541, Shinsadong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Phone : 02-549-7202

I’ll be back to tell you everything in a few days because… I have an appointment on August 25th!

Thanks sooo much to my lovely Hana (from mimik store) who helped me to book everything and will come with me. If you go to Seoul, don’t forget to organise everything because it’s quickly full, but you can’t book too early…
I came through this : We called on July 20th and August was full for Etude House Color Factory Garosugil. BUT the store from Myeongdong doesn’t take reservations more than 20 days before and if you call more than 1 hour after the opening, it’s also full for the unlocked D+2. You see? It requires an actual organisation but it’s worth it.

photos ©  Etude House official site
trans: @JongInWanKenobi

Do you wanna fly to Seoul someday? Do you wish to go to the Etude House Color Factory ?


Korean Makeup Remover Products


Cleansing –and more precisely double cleansing– is a big step of the Korean layering. Far from our makeup removers like milk and wipes, sometimes inherited from our moms or simply from our (bad ?) habits, Korean women understand that soft and effective cleansing is the key for a beautiful skin : So we can find a large choice of products and textures that will suit more or less all skin types and the most curious of you… Let’s focus on these Korean makeup removers.

Cleansing oil

Cleansing oil is, according to me, the first product to talk about because it’s really representative of the layering and its efficiency. Lot of people have, even now, the prejudice of “No oily product on my oily skin, gosh !”… So just throw this idea far away from you, and this forever because cleansing oil has nothing to do with production and excess of sebum, which IS responsible of oily skin.

My selection :
My favorite oil isn’t really surprinsing because it’s approved by… Everybody who tested it ! The real rose petals oil by Re:cipe is a pure wonder. Its smell and packaging are marvelous and it works perfectly. It leaves a quite blurry finish in front of my eyes when I massage them with it, but it’s quick, nothing alarming.


Cleansing balms have the same properties as oils, since the texture becomes exactly the same when you warm the products with your hands. The balm melts down and transforms into oil, then becomes white and opaque when in contact with water – this will slowly melt down all the makeup.
I really like balms because they are more compact and easier to carry : I am not afraid  that it drips in my bag as could do an oil bottle ! However, the hygienic side is quite something because we have to put our fingers or the spatula in the pot ; and on this point, I still prefer the pumps !

My selection : demaquillants-coreens-6
I was quite disappointed by the Clean It Zero balm from Banila Co because I found that the result was not as efficient as with my Re:cipe oil. I struggle a bit to remove the Etude House Curl Fix Waterproof Mascara Curl Fix, while the Absolux balm from ÜNT satisfies me completely for the moment !


Both oils and balms may seem rather obvious as cleansing products, but the cream surprised me a lot. We might think that this is a cleansing foam, a mild scurb or even a moisturizer but it isn’t : The creams can also remove the makeup on the most sensitive skins !
By massaging, the cream liquefies and becomes oily. It easily dissolves all the makeup, waterproof or not. Just like the balm, I am not really fond of jars in which we have to put fingertips, but it’s always nice to use and to carry.

demaquillants-coreens-5My selection :
I have tried only one cream, it’s the Gonyak Soft Jelly Cleansing Cream by Holika Holika ! The cream isn’t very smooth because of the small jelly pearls, but it is quite effective and very gentle on the most sensitive skins. I quite like it !

Cleansing waters, milks and wipes

It is well known : K-Beauty is full of wacky products but they also have their classics !

My selection :


The Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water from Innisfree was the subject of one of my first reviews on this blog ! I enjoyed its pump and its effectiveness, but it’s just terrible on the eyes … The one from the Calming line seems much better on that side.

Cleansing milks aren’t very popular in Korea ! We can’t find a lot, even among our favorite brands … So I haven’t had the opportunity to try one, but it’s really not a product that interests me so you don’t have lot of chance to see one on this blog …

demaquillants-coreens-3I’m not very fond of wipes (like, not at all), but those from The Face Shop are SO cool ! They are declined from their most famous lines such as Chia Seed or Tea Tree and they’re really lifesaving when you have to remove makeup in places you didn’t expect to … It’s something for everyone and all skin types and I just quoted you my favorite. (;


Among the tons of more or less useful gadgets we can find on the K-Beauty market, there are a few that are truly worth a try !

demaquillants-coreens-2The mascara remover : This is one of my favorite products ! This is quite a simply mascara brush dipped in makeup remover that you will be able to apply directly on the lashes to deeply remove makeup. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s not to remove properly my mascara and pay for it the next morning. I really like the one from Etude House, and I would like to try VDL’s Water Bomb .


The cleansing Qtips are a trick that everyone knows. But having some ready to use make me feel like a Totally Spies ! Etude House provides their Remover Bars : the stick contains some remover that spreads in the tip when it’s rotated. The Magic Wand from Too Cool For School is basically the same thing. Otherwise, you can find some at Sephora! (;

Did you know all these cleansing products ? Which one did you enjoy the most ?

Avec l’aide de Galadrielle V. pour la traduction – merci ! 



Christmas 2015 Wishlist : 100% Korean Cosmetics !


Decidedly no one can escape from the “Christmas Wishlist” craze. Everyone asks us what do we wish for and sometimes we find out that we have absolutely no idea of what we want. Personally… That’s not my case at all hahaha ! I’m an eternal shopaholic unable to save any money…Even if I have to admit that I calmed myself down a little bit on asian cosmetics since I already tons of them all around my house. ( I could write one post a week during two years with all the products that lay down everywhere … *escape to hide myself* )

My life as a “beauty blogger” allows me to be aware of the release of almost all the new products (or not) and because of that… Well, I always have a little memo laying around the corner with a list composed of a billion of futile products to buy.
While making my own wishlist, I realized that it contains exclusively Korean skincare and not a single make-up item. Well that’s not so bad after all. So now let’s get started with my wishlist in details !

wishlist noel cosmétiques coréens asiatiques kbeauty


This brand just poped out on the Internet especially thanks to Glow Recipe ; and I already fell for it even if I still haven’t got a chance to test it out ! I’m a big fan of “moisturizing gels” which are, to me, way lighter and fresher on my combination skin. I already tested out the “Chia Seed Cream” from The Face Shop and “Aqua March” from Holika Holika and both of them completely satisfied me!
This one is a gel composed of bamboo sap and azulene which are distilled in camomilla flowers’ steam. I’m pretty interested by the vitamins pearls that seems to feel great on the skin. Moreover, the packaging is litterally to die for. Did I said ” To die for” ? Well so as the price… Almost $50 …


Don’t ask me why but this brand intrigue me! Their packagings are so minimalist that their products seems very classy and the brand got an award on Soko Glam that’s all I need to add it. Once again we are speaking of a product a little bit on the pricey side since it’s around $30 : Quite pricey for a beauty water! It takes the pledge to purify, exfoliate and gently moisturize ; a sort of multi-task product that would replace your toner, scrub and emulsion. It’s perfect for all skin types; with a PH of 5 that will balance your skin after you rince it off.


If you never heard of this brand (yet) it’s completely normal. It’ a freshly made new brand that we are lucky enough to already be able to find on Peaux D’Anges! I have the “Green Tea Splash Mask” which will be reviewed here very soon but this ” Pressed Serum ” attracts me a lot and has a great packaging. It seems to be a 2 in 1 “cream/serum”. A good excuse to put it in your shopping bag asap.


I’m cheating a little bit here… since I already have it! But as I said earlier; I have a billion of products that wait for me to fully try them out and this is one of them. I put it in my wishlist so you can put it in yours as well hehe ! #Temptation
I’m pretty sure that all of you guys know about this miraculous cleanser stick which is made of real rose petals that fermented for 365 days at precisely 37°C (and it has been named after that). I think that this product is very poetic ; a real jewel. How can we resist?


I think everyone already saw this cleansing balm everywhere and I feel a little bit left out since I didn’t tried it out myself. #sheep. Nah seriously ; till now I was only swearing about my Rose cleansing oil from Re:cipe, but cleansing balms are really nice to use and get off your make-up just as well even if it’s waterproof.
You take a small amount off the balm on your hands , that turns into oil as you warm it a little bit. I choosed the Resveratrol version (what an easy name) that is less well-known compare to the classic one since it is made especially for combination to oily skin types! At the moment, I’m testing out the “Absolux ” balm from UNT which is also a great product ! :3


This is clearly Laura’s fault! I HATE YOU. Look how she sells it to me… I was literally forced to buy it so as one of my friend. An effective review, I can tell. It moisturizes, nourishes and plumps your lips, and also gently exfoliates them during the night – so much that you wake up with a perfect smile. Definitely a big YES for me ! Moreover, I actually already ordered it. Oopsie. <3


I’m really a compulsive buyer since I already own the OST Vitamin C ultra concentrated serum that hasn’t been opened (yet) in my drawer… But I love Klairs and especially the store Wishtrend. The packaging got me a first sight ; but for the moment I’m just keeping an eye on it with all the good reviews I can read on this product. Vitamin C contains antioxydents actives, that fight against wrinkles and is also a great helper to heal your skin. Well, the perfect type of product for my combination and proacne skin type.


I LOVE this brand since the very beginning ! After I fell for it’s real rose petals cleansing oil, I really want to try this lemon cleanser with 98% natural composition… The texture seems so intriguing and I really want to know if it’s worth the hype. **
You can buy it on Peaux D’Anges for €17.90.


Once again, an innovative brand that I really want to introduce on the blog… But due to the price, it will not be for anytime soon! This product is very “high tech” and it also got an award on Soko Glam, so I trust it all.
Almost $30 for 30 cotton pads soaked in naturally fermented red wine that will helps to exfoliate your skin. It’s also a powerfull antioxydent thanks to the resveratrol that it contains.


And finally, a product from the same brand since these little cottons pads caught my eyes out of curiosity… Lemon, Caviar and Vitamin C that are included in this serum that you are supposed to pour on these 3-layers cotton pads. It’s made to tighten pores, fight against spots & scars and brighten your facial complexion. I really want to test that out!

Did you  already know all the brands I spoke about? What is THE product that you want to get for Christmas ?

Avec la participation d’Alexandrine B. pour la traduction -merci !



PONY EFFECT : The most expected K-beauty brand !


If you like Korean cosmetics or you often chill on YouTube/Instagram, you may be aware that former Ulzzang (web top model) and Korean makeup artist PONY is under the spotlight for some time now: She is the face of Etude House, CL‘s personal MUA and her entire community could also enjoy her partnership with the MEMEBOX shop last year through eyeshadows palettes, nail polishes and lipsticks.

K-beauty junkies will not be outdone in this end of year as PONY just announced the launch of its own brand makeup brand : PONY EFFECT !

My own cosmetic brand ‘PONY EFFECT’. Coming soon @ponyeffectofficial

Une photo publiée par PONY (@ponysmakeup) le

The launch is coming very soon as it’s announced for November 9 … A few days left to discover the makeup line of our pretty HyeMin that will be available on the official websiteMEMEBOX and Lotte Pop Stores. Yes sir !

Personally, I am in a monstrous hurry: Pony is like my intergalactic crush. MEMEBOX stopped shipping internationally so I haven’t been able to get her eyeshadows palettes in time, but I’ll catch up with her own line that seems to be pure bomb: Textured nail polishes, MAC-like limited editions lipsticks and eyeshadows jewel to reproduce all her fabulous looks … I’m freaking ready.

Capture d’écran 2015-10-30 à 12.48.25

I hope that one of them will be ship internationally, that stocks are ready to welcome the hordes of fans or that one of our lovely retailers (hello W2Beauty ♡) will be available to get the collection on time. Fingers crossed for reasonable prices too!

EDIT : We’re back today on November 9 to look at this “That Girl” collection which was released just a few hours ago !



Let’s begin with the “Outfit Lipsticks” : Noble Brunch is a pretty pink-nude, Expensive Dinner a “sexy red” and Vibrant Club a beautiful purple-burgundy. The textures look extremely creamy and smooth, with a good pigmentation. I’m in LOVE !
Get it for about $16 each on the official store.



Let’s now talk about my favs I had spotted in the teaser photo, the Illusion Nail Lacquers! These 4 shades are sumptuous, they hypnotize me. Luckily, they come as a kit so no need to choose ! These are 10ml bottles, which means pretty small. But for $12, I don’t even complain.
Get it for $12 on the official store.



The eyeshadows palette goes by the beautiful name of Fever Shadow Palette: It includes three matte shadows (nude In City, taupe All Night and red Bad Or Good) and 6 iridescent / glittery shadows (soft gold Overdose, pepsy gold All That Glam, copper Beautiful Liar, purple Ready To Party, and khaki Drunk Dial).
This Fever Shadow palette is a like a jewel to look at, but I won’t fall for it I just bought 4 palettes (thank you Too Faced TT) and I really don’t need more. However, I find it very original and different from what we can see here because of the warm colors like orange copper, red and purple which are specific to Korean makeups to me. (:
Get it for about $30 on the official store.



For the same price, you can purchase the Luminous Contouring Palette: A palette that will sculpt the clearest complexions, to the delight of all those who didn’t find their happiness in darker Western shades ! I am already stuffed with my Kat Von D, Sleek, Kiko, BYS… Well, I have too much contour palettes so I will pass, but it seems to be a very good product with a packaging, once again, very brilliant.
Get it on the official store for about $30.



And if you really don’t know what to pick, pick everything! The set includes 1 lipstick of your choice, the 4 nail polishes kit and eyeshadows & contour palettes and it will be yours for about $69 ! You can save something like +15$, not bad right?
Get it for about $69 on the official store.

A $16 lippie and $30 palette aren’t disorientating us and because I believe that Western brands have similar price, as these chic and glam packagings. Pony hits hard by lauching her very first collection that will delight the youngs and the less youngs, bringing together “cute” fans as well as MAC fans!





Asian Layering Guide : Introduction

One of the first things I did when I created my blog was to write my « Skincare routine steps. »  Because you all are now more and more curious and my knowledge in this area had expanded, I decided to rewrite you a complete Asian Layering Guide, hoping it will help / please you because I put my knowledge and my love writing it !

I know how complicated it can be to read passionate bloggers that are talking in the “cosmetic jargon“, so I will try to be as clear as possible, just to wake up the k-beauty junkie in you. ♡

The beautiful illustrations come from the NYC k-beauty blogger Fanserviced-b. I just modified them to match my post. (:


The opinion is not unanimous whether this technique comes from Japan or Korea, but all agree on the fact that cosmetics have an important place in both cultures. So call it Japanese-Korean! I prefer that to « Asian », that I personally believe is really too reductive.

 Differences between asian and western habits
    • Skincare above all : In the Occident, makeup is much more popular, appreciated and highlighted… While the Asian vision of beauty is primarily reflected by a pretty glowy flawless skin, where skincare is EVERYTHING.
    • Innovation : If you aren’t familiar to Korean cosmetics, you’d be surprised to know that our Western brands invent quite… nothing : Some luxury brands even have laboratories based in South Korea to remain at the top of the high tech, cosmetics trend (cushion cream) and to stay tuned about the new key ingredients (snail secretion, bee venom, etc.)… All from South Korea ! 
    • The wanted effects : The two major differences between Western and Asian treatments are the “whitening” products and sun protection. Koreans are very sensitive to products that have a good UV protection; most complexion products have some. Whitening doesn’t mean bleaching at all, it’s more like giving a natural light to your skin. There are many « bleaching » products (so called “lightening”) but the effects are often temporary.
    • Quantity : Here, we like all-in-one products. In South Korea (and for me too), it would be almost the worst nonsense on earth. If it’s not already the case, I encourage you to throw away all your prejudices about the fact that « putting XX products on your face isn’t good for the skin » « the skin can’t breathe »  because I’m going to introduce you a 5 to 10 products’  skincare routine !
The steps


  • #1 Double cleansingThese are the first two steps of cleaning the skin, in the evening.
    – First, we superficially clean the face with a watery / oily / milky / balmy / creamy makeup remover remover. My fav is cleansing oil.
    – Then, we clean more thoroughly with a foam. Dry skins should choose a moisturizing one because it tends to dry out the impurities, and therefore the skin.


The 4-2-4 ruleIdeally, you have to clean and massage your face with a cleanser for 4 minutes, 2 minutes with foam and 4 minutes with clean water. In theory, we should spend as much time cleaning our faces as the time we spend dolling up.

    • #2 TonerAlso called skin softener, skin refiner, skin balancer, skin moisturizer, or lotion. (yes sir.)
      To me, this is one of the indispensable elements of the routine. This watery product removes dead cells and the remaining impurities left by the double cleansing step.
      Application: On dry skin, with a cotton pad. Too much alcohol too toner can dry your skin, but is effective against pimples. Allow to dry before beginning the next step.
    • #2b: Scrub (1-2x / week)I noted this step as “2b” rather than 3 because you don’t have to apply it every day, but more like 1 or 2 times a week.  When your skin is fully cleaned is the best moment to exfoliate it: At this moment, your skin is the most “naked” and ready to be deeply cleansed !
      Application: Massage gently, do not rub vigorously regardless of the texture of the product.
    • skincare2
    • #3 Essence / Serum / AmpouleA serum and a very concentrated product to target a specific problem like acne, large pores, moisture, firmness, etc. The essence is its lighter version. Its action penetrates deeply, unlike the superficial aspect of the emulsion.
      The essence is better in the morning and serum before to go to bed.
      The ampoule on it is even more concentrated than serums, more powerful… and more expensive.
      Application: A few drops in the palm of the hands then gently massage/pat your face. Wait for at least 5 minutes after application for an optimum penetration.
    • #3b Sheet Mask (2x / week)Like scrubs, sheet masks are not (necessarily) daily care. Masks are providing special care depending on the ingredients you choose, even if 100% of them still provide moisture. If you have an endless collection, do not hesitate to use them profusely but otherwise two masks per week is widely acceptable. :)
      Application: SO. EASY. Eyes, nose and mouth are already precut!
      > (Re)discover 10 things to know about these funny sheet masks.


  • #4 EmulsionIt is an extra touch of moisture, a lighter version of a serum. The emulsions can be used on all skin types as its watery texture that will not clog pores. Especially good for oily skin, because of its mild nutrition.
    Application: Once your skin is totally dry and clean after the previous cares, massage/pat 2 ~ 3 ml with your fingertips or a cotton pad.


    • #5 TreatmentsMost specific treatments that you must apply as for acne, skin radiance, wrinkles, etc (medical or not) should be applied between the emulsion and the final hydration -unless otherwise stated :sometimes, they can be applied before or after the toner etc-. My list is far from being universal ! Just create your own layering routine. (: 
    • #6 Moisturizing CreamSome consider it optional but if I do not seal the moisture before my makeup, I really feel like my layering is incomplete! This is a particularly important step for dehydrated an dry skins. But to me, it is equally important for combination and oily skin. Do not confuse hydration and nutrition: All skin needs to be moisturized. Very rich creams are indeed for dry skin; while normal, combination and oily skin may turn to products mild moisturizing gels/light creams (with a sebum control, etc.).
    • #6b Eye CreamIf you thought that eye cream was reserved for mature women to prevent wrinkles… You were wrong! Generally, you do not need to use some before 25, but many women have dehydrated eyelids. This affects makeup: The concealer will tend to slip under the dead skin micro residues; and will spoil all the makeup. This is not an area to neglect, even if you think the skin is too thin and fragile to be grind. On the contrary, stimulate it will create good effects on wrinkles in the future. :)
      DO NOT : Say ADIOS to the eyebrow wax, which hurts a definitely too fragile piece of skin. Tweezers only ladies!
      Application: Pat, pat, pat. It’s always better than straightening it for an optimal penetration.
    • #7 Sleeping Pack (night only 2x / week)A sleeping pack is often a very thick cream, which is made to be applied just before going to bed. The evening routine is richer and more complete as  the body regenerates the most during night time . This is an extremely comforting and effective step for the driest skins because sleeping packs are often very rich. Because I’ve got a combination skin, I’m not following this step very religiously : I prefer to end my night routine with a mask and a good moisturizer.
    • #7b Sunscreen (day only)The sleeping pack will seal the night routine, but sunscreen is very important before starting any makeup, especially for very light and sensitive skin. Most Korean BB creams already have UV protection, so if like me you do not have particularly sensitive skin to the sun, you’ll believe that this step is probably optional. Western people believe that taned skins are « sexier »  (it remains to everyone’s taste) but in Asia, they have this thing with veery pale skins. Do not forget that the sun is our skin’s biggest enemy : UV rays are responsible for wrinkles, many skin cancers etc.

Don’t sunbath too much, than ! Just enough to get your dose of vitamin D. ;p

You should use products from heaviest to lightest.








(Sun cream)

Make up

Double cleansing



(Clay mask)


(Sheet mask)


(Eye cream)

(Sleeping pack)



The jargon of skincare is VAGUE. And even if you understand the term, sometimes you do not even know how to apply the product, or what’s really its point. This section is here to enlighten you!
If a topic, a term, an opinion or another question bothers you through the blog, please leave a comment or email me : I will answer you, and also will post the answer here, to help other readers. (:

      •  How to find your skin type?
        Just clean your face, wait an hour. Pass a tissue over your skin, paying particular attention to the “T-zone” (forehead, nose and chin). 4 choices are available to you:
        Normal Skin: Nothing happens, your skin is soft and naturally hydrated
        Oily skin: You wipe the excess sebum (the “fat”) with the handkerchief. Your face is glowy, and often goes with enlarged pores.
        Dry skin: The tissue causes a relatively slight twinge or / and found small dead skin or dry plates.
        Combination Skin: Your skin is normal on the cheeks but oily on the T-zone. Most common, and it is not a gift ..

Now that you know your skin type, always look for suitable products: Intense nutrition for dry skin, control sebum for oily skin, but hydration for all.

To be continued!