You are going to fall for these Korean lip glosses!

Dear Dahlia Gloss Paradise Aurora Shine Lip Treatment

Is it still necessary to introduce you the quite famous Korean cosmetics brand called Dear Dahlia? Its marble and rose gold packagings, are celebrating (barely? already?) their 1st anniversary and never cease to capsize hearts!

Dear Dahlia, marble & rose gold kbeauty brand!

J’avais eu l’occasion de rencontrer le staff dans leurs locaux du quartier de Gangnam lorsque j’étais de passage à Séoul l’été dernier et ils m’avaient offert une large partie de leurs produits alors qu’ils n’étaient même pas encore sortis…
J’ai mis un bout de temps avant de vous les présenter par ici, mais c’est finalement à travers un article et cette vidéo que je vous avais montré à quel point la qualité était au rendez-vous, en plus de la pure beauté de ces objets qu’on pourrait croire de collection !

Last summer, I had the opportunity to meet the staff at their HQ in Gangnam when I was in Seoul, and they gifted me a lot of their products when they were not even released yet…
It took me a lot of time before introduce them here, but it was finally through a blogpost and this video below that I showed you how great the quality was, in addition to their pure beauty.

So it’s right during its first anniversary that Dear Dahlia has decided to amaze us once again with a lip gloss line: Zoom on Dear Dahlia Paradise Aurora Shine Lip Treatment!

Dear Dahlia Paradise Aurora Shine Lip Treatment

One says that a picture is worth a thousand words, but such a qualitative promotional video may be worth 2000. ♡ The model is still the same girl (or I’m not very physiognomist) ; despite being 100% Made In Korea, they have always looked very occidental with a pretty blonde girl wearing their products. It suits them pretty good though, and it almost makes the prices quite okay because they look more Western than Korean too, if you know what I mean! (translation: It’s rather expensive)

The line includes 5 soft yet sparkling shades thanks to their ultra glittery and luminous finish:

TWILIGHT is a very cold fuchsia with micro bluish glitters, while MOON GLOW is a very summery, sunny orange with golden reflections. BRONZE SKY is a gorgeous peach with the same golden reflections and also probably my favorite alongside STAR DUST, a fairy baby pink with its micro silver glitters.
Finally, MORNING DEW is also a baby pink but without glitter, for a simple, nude and plump finish.

In short, there’s something for everyone.

Dear Dahlia’s products are vegan, cruelty-free and the name “Lip Treatment” suggests that they protect and moisturize lips in addition to highlight them in the prettiest way.

The Dear Dahlia Paradise Aurora Shine Lip Treatment isn’t released yet, but the product info are already available on Dear Dahlia official website so we already know the price of these beautiful Korean lip glosses: 26,000 won, or around $20. I told you about Western prices… that must be the price of a MAC lipstick too, right?

I already and deeply felt for them, and they’re not inaccessible neither so I would totally purchase the 3 last shades – what about you?


Pibu Box: a new K-beauty subscription!

Pibu Box, box beauté coréenne

It’s been a while since I’ve told you about k-beauty boxes, and yet these are my favorite subscriptions!

So far, I only introduced Joah Box on the blog but you must have seen Pibu Box on my Instagram during Christmas holidays because there was a small giveaway. The fact is that I realize only now that I didn’t write about it whereas I LOVED to discover it.

Une publication partagée par MANGO your k-beauty ambassador (@mangobeautytips) le

Pibu Box, the French k-beauty box

The k-beauty subscription Pibu Box is created by two Frenchies – two girls from Strasbourg precisely: Lili is in France to meet all our demands in real time, and Camille is in Seoul to find all the coolest products month after month!
I was already following them on Instagram before the launch, but we were able to discover their first box in November 2017 – it’s actually the one I’m going to introduce you today, which is a good example of a GREAT k-beauty box. ♡

Pibu 피부 means “skin” in Korean. It’s a cute little word that often slips into names of brands and I can see why.

Pibu Box is a small piece of Korea that comes to take care of your skin every months.

Regarding the prices: Count €27,90 for at least 5 full size products and 1 accessory per box. If you subscribe for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, you can save up to €20 + 1 sheet mask per month + 10% off on the shop.
This is totally the medium k-beauty boxes’ prices, around €30. It’s a certain investment, but when you love something… You don’t count, do you? (a)

Pibu Box #1, the content

You can discover the content of the old Pibu boxes on their website (May came in a little cherry blossom pouch – I’M CRYING), it is very convenient to get an idea about the concept but I thought it was more fun to show you directly the content of mine, commenting on everything.

I don’t know if this pouch thing is permanent with different ones every month -like ipsy Glam Bags– but from November to April, the k-beauty Pibu boxes arrived in small, light pink cardboard boxes surrounded by a pearly white ribbon. Girly, cute and clean: Everything I like – It’s a good start!

Inside, I can see that they didn’t lie and were even more generous than expected: I count 7 full-size products including 2 sheet masks and a 3-step nose pack + 1 accessory and 2 small samples. Pretty cool, right?
Among all these products, there is a small handmade booklet with a string and a glittery cover. It describes and explains how to use all the products of this pretty box. But as we don’t like spoilers here, let’s go directly to the discovery of the content:

Nature Republic California Aloe Vera Hand Cream

Let’s start strong with an as cute as playful Korean cosmetic: An Aloe Vera hand cream… shaped like an aloe vera leaf!
You can unscrew the tip to let out the cream by a very small and precise hole. It’s a light cream, which melts quickly and smells extremely GOOD. It leaves the skin soft and moisturized, and I love to apply some more along the day, just for the pleasure of taking it out of my bag. :’)

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Mask

This isn’t the first time I tell you about this atypical mask from Dr.Jart+ since I already received it in another k-beauty box! That being said, I still hadn’t take the time to try it because I wanted to make a small insta video… Now having two of these makes me wanna do a crashtest off camera before. I will use it very soon! I love this kind of DIY products.

secretKey Pure Green AC Control Cleansing Bar

It was risky to put a product for acne skins in the box, but as I’m not done yet with my imperfections it’s a big YES for me! It’s a daily facial soap made with Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree Oil. The best anti-acne combo, clearly.

Skinfood Vita Color tint Lip Oil #PK01 Ddalgi (strawberry) syrup

Fourth and last “big” product of this Pibu Box, and it is a makeup product! I like when it is balanced between skincare and makeup, don’t you?
This is the only makeup product in this box, but I noticed that the creators have arranged to put at least two in the next ones so it’s all forgiven. :p

Here is a colored oil, quite thick but not sticky like a gloss. It slightly tinkles the lips of its pretty pink shade thanks to the foam applicator while protecting them from drying and external aggressions with the jojoba and sunflower oils it contains.

Nightingale Tako Pack 3 step Nose Blackhead Clear Solution

At first glance, it looks like a sheet mask but the two cuts quickly bring us back on track: It’s actually 3 steps to clean the nose of its sebaceous filaments (wrongly called ‘blackheads’) and other impurities. These are like our classic patches, but more elaborate (and effective, I hope)!

  • Step 1: Heating patch that will open the pores and soften the filaments
  • Step 2: Classic patch to remove impurities
  • Step 3: Cooling patch to tighten the now empty pores

This is the ideal technique to tighten pores in the long run. I should make a stock because one does not go without the two others!

Beyond Bye Bye to Facial Wrinkles

We got an anti-acne product, now meet an anti-wrinkle one! It promises to fight against the aging signs by smoothing the wrinkles of the face thanks to the royal jelly and nectar it contains.
It may not suit everyone but don’t worry: Sheet masks are primarily intended to moisturize the skin. You risk absolutely nothing to apply a cute mask like this on your face, apart from pampering it!

Coréana Egg Sleeping Pack

Let’s finish with a new x-in-1 product! Step 1 is a sheet mask that will moisturize while removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin thanks to the albumin extracts it contains; and Step 2 is a rich and creamy sleeping mask made of egg yolk and honey. It aims to rebalance sebum and preserve the hydration on the skin.
I think the second step is a little too rich for my skin, but I will give it a chance someday (some night)… It’s too adorable not to be tried out!

Tony Moly mirror Girl + samples

The accessory included in this very first Pibu Box is a pocket mirror of the Korean brand Tony Moly. I admit that I already have a hand mirror in all my bags, but it’s very well thought out and it will probably serve many girls who have received it.
The two samples come from the Panda’s Dream range, also from Tony Moly.

In a nutshell

In the end, I really loved this Pibu Box and I won’t hesitate to subscribe in the long term as soon as I have the opportunity (clearly not before I move to Canada). It is a complete and generous k-beauty box, which offers well-known brands’ products that k-beauty addicts will be delighted to find in their mailbox!

Do you like this k-beauty Pibu Box? Have you planned to subscribe?


J.ONE Jelly Pack, the ultimate ‘glue primer’

J.ONE Jelly Pack best k-beauty glue primer

If you follow me on social networks (especially Twitter and Instagram), you might have already seen this lil product! I took my time to try it out, and here I am today, to review it for you. Other products from the same brand will also be reviewed quickly… stay tuned.

J.ONE Jelly Pack

The Korean brand J.ONE

J.ONE is a Korean cosmetics brand that is particularly famous overseas, because I must admit that I’ve seen more US reviews about it than anywhere else! haha
It owns its success to the American e-shop Glow Recipe, which has highlighted it by giving it the title of “gamechanger” – nothing less.

The other products of the brand are newer and more discreet since this Jelly Pack is a huge must-have and bestseller… that can also be found at Sephora US through its collab with Glow Recipe! Hard to compete, right.

My review of the J.ONE Jelly Pack

This J.ONE Jelly Pack promises a lot of things, which are directly displayed on the bottle and can be read at first glance:

  • Dramatic firming skin
  • Improved elasticity
  • Pore smoothing

As you can understand, it’s supposed to be a multitasking care suitable for all skin types, which acts as a moisturizing mask with anti-aging properties but also as a primer that grips makeup.

The theory is GREAT, and in real life… Well, it’s more or less the same thing!

The small pump that provides the product lets us discover a clear, ultra thick and sticky texture. The term ‘glue primer‘ labeled by the Americans immediately makes sense because it just looks like… liquid glue.

Its fragrance is very unusual but oddly, I like it. It reminds me of bread dough. Or even child glue, which would make more sense haha. Just be warned that the smell is quite strong and weird for a beauty product. ;)

The application is as destabilizing as the smell at first: Its thick and sticky texture doesn’t spread as well as a cream, you must work it a little longer. It becomes quite watery under the fingertips but still remains sticky.
If you wait for it not to stick anymore like a classic cream, you can wait a loooong time! haha

How to use the J.ONE Jelly Pack?

It’s indeed best to wait a few minutes before applying makeup, when your sticky skin bounces between your fingers but there is no product transfer.
Now, you can apply your makeup normally: Concealer, foundation, BB cream, cushion … It’s up to you, just know that nothing will move!

I noticed an immediate change on my combination to oily skin: At the end of the day, my T-zone was much less greasy than usual and areas on which makeup struggles to stay such as the wings of my nose, had still makeup on it!

As you may know (or not), my pores are quite dilated on my nose and the inner corner of my cheeks. I expected a lot from the ‘pore smoothing‘ effect and I’m not disappointed: It’s not a texture that FILL pores like the Porefessional primer from Benefit, but rather a visible reduction of pores thanks to the firming effect of the J.ONE Jelly Pack.
On the other hand, this primer is just like makeup so this is only temporary and won’t reduce the appearance of your pores in the long term. Don’t forget to treat this aspect of your skin with specific skincare! (If you have a good reference, please share it because I’m still looking...)

And last but not least, I didn’t keep the best for the end because we’ll know talk about the moistuziring point… which I didn’t necessarily noticed. Actually, I didn’t even expected it. A ‘glue primer’ with such properties can not, in my opinion, be a makeup primer AND a proper skincare.

However, I can definitely confirm that it doesn’t dry the skin out, and even preserves skin moisture by forming a kind of film on the face. Here is the only ‘skincare’ side I can give, but I really don’t advise you to replace your moisturizing cream or gel for this J.ONE Jelly Pack, as cool as it is.
Finally, we can all wonder “does the skin breathe?” Answer: A little less than if you don’t apply it, but it seems non-comedogenic and didn’t cause me any breakouts. It just does a wonderful job making my makeup stay all day, and I love it for that.

If so far, makeup primers weren’t important for you, this Korean J.ONE Jelly Pack should definitely be a gamechanger!

Now it’s time for you just truly hate me because… it’s soldout everywhere. I purchased it on sale on TesterKorea for like €17 if I remember well, but it was also available at €19.90 on Jolse and Cosmetic-Love, against $42 on Glow Recipe and Sephora US. :s



Soda for lips: Etude House Soft Drink Tint!

Etude House Soft Drink Tint

One day, I’ll apologize for talking about the SAME Korean brands’ latest products everytime… But this day isn’t today because I simply, deeply fell in love with the newest releases of my favorite brand ever: Etude House Soft Drink Tint!

Etude House Soft Drink Tint

The very first visual was released last Friday just before the weekend, and I immediately succumbed: If you like what Peripera does for example, you’ll for sure LOVE these lil products because I think they’re on the same line.
These are mini soda bottles, and no detail is left to chance: The false cap, the small label… Everything is so well designed that I would almost drink it! They are introduced in a cute dispenser on a very summery background – yeah well. They got me at “mini soda bottles”

Etude House Soft Drink Tint come in 5 shades. They all have very wacky names and onomatopoeia that I probably don’t understand – please forgive my wobbly shot at translating. :’)

Etude House Soft Drink Tint swatch

A red, an orange, a pink, a purple and glittery top coat… These are “only” 5 references but it apparently doesn’t take more to satisfy Korean lipsticks’ addicts. The nuances look fresh and flashy at the same time, desaturated but very summery. I just love it!

The finish is something that we can see a lot these days, so it may be a new K-beauty summer trend: It shines like a gloss or a lacquer but it doesn’t stick. It might even be transferproof, but I’ll have to purchase some to tell you about it…

I can clearly see that it’s not sticky thanks to the several swatches proposed by the brand itself: It’s a product that can easily be worn in full lips as well as in gradient lips, and I’m fond of both results!

Les Etude House Soft Lip Tint will be sold in a few days for 7500 won (about $6.70) on the official Korean eshop. But until then, only the ‘Early Bird Kit’ is available in a very limited edition:

Etude House Soft Lip Tint Early Bird Kit

If you already wanted to purchase some of these tints, you won’t be able to control yourself (I feel you) when your eyes will land on the visual below.

4 lip tints (all except purple, the one I like the least … it’s a SIGN haha) in a small dispenser packaging! How CUTE is that?!
Don’t be confused with the other “real” dispenser of other official visuals since this one is a simple cardboard package, but it’s cute as hell right?

As a gift with this kit ‘Early Bird’ (as if it was not enough) Etude House gives a small vintage locker of 10cm to expose your fav product or to join the shelf of all your k-beauty gadgets, side by side with the Peripera suitcase haha.

This limited Early Bird kit is available at the price of 28800 won (only $25.80) while its total value is estimated at more than $40! It’s not worth 4 lip tints, but the package and the lil gift really make the difference to me… It will probably be soldout before being at your fav resellers, so I hope you have friends in Korea to order it for you. haha

What do you think of these Etude House Soft Drink Tint ? Will you get some ?

Etude House Soft Drink Tint

Etude House Soft Drink Tint


Peripera Daldal Factory, sweet and fresh!

K-beauty 2018 SS Summer Collection Peripera Dal dal Factory

Here we go again, in a wave of blogposts introducing new kbeauty collections! I’ll try to alternate with beauty reviews not to produce only easy content, but I can’t help it: I always want to share my little treasures and discoveries with you.

I see a lot of new collections on the web but they don’t always catch my eyes and my heart… And sometimes, I wonder if you’re really interested in them wheareas you’ve already told me you were! I’m a desperate case :$

The truth is that we can’t change who we are and what we love and even if I know loads of different kbeauty brands, I have my favorites and I always write about the same brands. Today is no exception since I’m introducing you the Spring/Summer 2018 collection of Peripera: Daldal Factory !


As a reminder or just for your information if you’re new here, I literally melt for Peripera’s packagings as well as for the quality of the products: Pigmentation never fails (it’s even the strength of the brand) and so do the textures etc. The products are also long lasting ; Peripera leaves nothing to chance and always tempts us — and I always rush to it!

You can check my reviews of different products of the brand right here.

Peripera Daldal Factory

One of Peripera’s strength is to be EVERYWHERE: There isn’t two or three months without a new little product or a new line! Peripera is constantly innovating and creating, and it’s in this perspective that the Dal Dal Factory was born.

It’s a «small» collection because there are only 5 products and 1 extra, but it’s enough to capture my heart, you’ll see.

Peripera Daldal Factory Airy Ink Cushion

Starting strong: The case is colorful and girly, full of fake little confettis covered with little stars that you can shake… It looks like a donut topping I love it!

Three cushions shades are available: #1 Ivory (classic 13), #2 Beige (classic 21) and #3 Sand (classic 23).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the only cushion of the brand. It seems to have a nice coverage and moisture, the finish looks glowy but not too much, and it seems to be long lasting too. I will end up getting one and write a review someday!

Get it on missBeautyKorea for €11,52. So affordable right? ;)

Peripera Daldal Factory Ink Blurry Skin Tint #Mint Tone Up

Another face product: A green base, perfect for redness-prone skins since green is the natural enemy of red! (in less violent than my words, obviously haha).

I’m surprised that Peripera doesn’t offer a peach and purple version of this #Mint Tone Up for other corrections that we could do before using a foundation…

This still looks really pigmented – as usual – and leaves the skin very light. I am the type of person who uses a concealer on rednesses and it works well, so this base miiiight leave me indifferent even if the format and the ice cream logo are cute as hell.

Get it on missBeautyKorea for €8,23.

Peripera Daldal Factory Ink the Gelato

It’s time for the lip products, since they are the flagship products of Peripera! This time, two new colors of a new range: Ink The Gelato.

Say hi to the colors #6 Watermelon Pink and #7 Pinapple Orange, exclusively available with the Dal Dal Factory logo. :D

The finish seems at first very liquid but ends velvety and natural on lips. It looks super gorgeous. Will I fall for them?

Get it on missBeautyKorea for €7,41.

Peripera Daldal Factory Sugar Lip Glitter

If these days you enjoy brigther and retro finishes, you may want to let yourself be tempted by the two lip glosses Sugar Lip Glitter…

With their surprising shades and little confettis, these are the cutest lip glosses I have ever seen. Obviously no confetti on the lips but a lot of glitters and wet effect!
Do you prefer the #1 Space Blue Pudding or the #2 Orange Sprinkle Pudding?

Get it on missBeautyKorea for €7,41€ too, you can’t bankrupt.

Peripera Daldal Factory Sugar Twinkle Glitter Palette

Let’s close this classic-not-so-classic line with a small palette of four very sparkly eyeshadows! Some of them would be gorgeous as highlighters. I like the combination of 2 very warm tones with 2 very cold ones, yet quite discret and wearable in any circumstance.

The lid is transparent with fake sweat treats stickers on it….I love it. I just love it. Can’t be helped. ♡

Get it on missBeautyKorea for 1€3,17€, still very affordable right?!

Bonus : Peripera Peri’s Mini Frige

Do you remember the cutest small luggage with its stickers and 5 mini miniatures? The brand scored a sold-out easily, understood very well the success it had received and decided to release something quite similar: A mini fridge!

The concept is the same and the video speaks for itself. I’m not myself anymore in front of mini Coca Cola cans, I said it. Fight me.

The miniatures are two Vivid Tint Water, 1 Ink Velvet (lips), 1 Ink Cheek (blush) and 1 Ink Multi (Bronzer / eyeshadow).

Get it -quickly- on missBeautyKorea for €20,57€!

What do you think of this Peripera Daldal Factory collection?

trans. help : @_qidehae

Peripera Daldal Factory


L’Oréal buys a well-known kbeauty brand!

Stylenanda 3CE


The news came yesterday, and k-beauty addicts can now hope that 3CE Stylenanda products will arrive in our country soon!

That’s right: The worldwide cosmetics’ leader l’Oréal, which already owns brands like Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehl’s, Urban Decay, as well as Maybelline and NYX, has just set its heart on a brand that has grown steadily since its merger between the Korean cosmetics brand 3CE (3 Concepts Eyes) and the fashion brand Stylenanda.

For your information, 3CE Stylenanda generated approximately 127 million euros in 2017 and its beauty range 3CE represents 70% of Nanda’s compagny turnover, which L’Oréal claimed to own at 100% starting to May, 2nd 2018.

We are delighted to welcome this trendy Korean brand in the L’Oréal family. Stylenanda is perfectly ranked to feed the millenials’ growing appetite for makeup, whether it’s in Korea, China or anywhere else.

Alexis Perakis-Valat, Consumer Products Division Manager at L’Oréal

With the support and the global presence of l’Oréal, our ambition is to develop Stylenanda internationally and become a world-renowned brand at the forefront of beauty trends

Kim So-Hee, founder of Stylenanda

The amount of the transaction hasn’t been revealed but from today, we can expect to see the brand land any time at our favorite drugstores. Let’s bet : Sephora, Nocibé, Marionnaud… ?

Certainly NOT in supermarkets anyway, because if k-beauty is well-known for being cute, cool and affordable, this last point doesn’t work so much for 3CE Stylenanda – whose prices are similar to MAC’s for example.



I’d rather tell ‘3CE Stylenanda‘ instead of only ‘Stylenanda‘ like other media because if you know a bit about Korean trends, Stylenanda is mainly a fashion brand to you, and doesn’t represent 3CE makeup!
However, I don’t think their fashion line is coming to us – even if I must admit that I’m so fond of its famous Seoul store!




For now, you can already purchase 3CE Stylenanda’s products in France at Fleurs du Japon‘s eshop. It’s a great opportunity to discover this brand, which really rocks! Last year, I tried some products out, do you remember ?

What do you think of this breaking news? Does kbeauty enter a new global era?


photos credits : kailani international, MyFatPocket, – trans help : @Amelie_Per


Etude House Cherry Blossom : LA collection printanière par excellence

Etude House Cherry Blossom

Let’s meet for a new collection that I was soooo eager to introduce you since I bought it the limited kit from the presale! In the future, I promise I’ll talk about other brands than Etude House and Peripera because it’s pretty clear that these are my favorite… But I feel the responsibility to give you a more complete overview of the Korean beauty market so stay tuned for the next weeks!

The fact is that when I’m decided to talk a bit less about my dereast Korean brand Etude House, it literally take the opportunity to release THE spring line. Absolutely. Too. Gorgeous. Seriously, who can resist cherry blossoms?!

And while you might expect a completely pastel pink collection that might annoy people who aren’t into too girly things, there is a night blue version, surprising and equally sweet. No excuse not to completely FALL for this Etude House Cherry Blossom collection, right?

Etude House Cherry Blossom Collection 2018

Etude House Cherry Blossom Face Liquid Blur

Let’s quickly talk about the first product of the collection that seems at first sight to be a simple re-packaging of the “Face Blur” primer but the slight nuance in the name puts me in doubt. That being said, I find that primers have never been the strong point of Etude House and I was quite disappointed with this Face Blur a few years ago…

It whitens more than doing anything else, and I didn’t notice any improvement on my skin visually nor on how the makeup last. I quickly put it aside and it has totally expired by now so don’t hesitate to tell me if you have good references in terms of Korean primers!
Still, it’s important to note that we all have different skins and I haven’t read a LOT of negative reviews about it so if you want to give it a chance, I could only understand you… And I’m waiting for your opinion. ;)
Get it for 16,000 won ($14.30), you won’t bankrupt.

Etude House Cherry Blossom Dear My Lipstick Case

As much as I completely missed the Face Blur’s hype, the lipstick cases of this line have literally subjugated me. Etude House has developed a great lipsticks system for a few years: You can change the lipstick and its case according to your mood, or simply choose a new case you love for your fav lipstick.  There is a permanent range, but these 6 are limited so if you love them as much as me, hurry up! They usually stay for several months at retailers but we never know…
There is not a single one that I like less than the others, but I didn’t have much choice in the limited kits that I would show you below.
In addition to feeling to have many different lipsticks and the satisfaction of collecting something, again you won’t bankupt because these cases are only 4,000 won ($3.60) each !

Etude House Cherry Blossom Dear My Glass & Matte Tinting Lips-Talk

They always make such looooong names, but we start to know these ones since they are part of a permanent Etude House line, with just 6 new shades! Which isn’t bad, considering the beauty of the hues and cherry blossom-shaped lipsticks. ♡

– PK009 Cherry Blossom Shower is the only ‘Glass Tinting Lips-Talk’ and it’s gorgeous! A shiny, slightly pink and glittery finish to stay in the fresh and springy spirit of cherry blossoms. It seems to be self-sufficient but over any lipstick, it will bring the perfect dose of shine.

– PK004 Cherry Blossom Festival is probably THE shade that represents this line best: An extremely soft pastel pink that perfectly recalls the color of cherry blossoms. Who wants girly lips? The next 4 shades and this one are from the ‘Matte Tinting Lips-Talk’ family, but I think it’s a rather semi-matte and creamy finish. They are still very comfortable and pigmented, but since I took two … You’ll hear about it soon enough! ;)

– BE102 Dried Cherry Blossom Well, if you know me a little now, you must have guessed that this shade is one of my favorites: A pink peach so sweet that we could EAT it! Nominative references are often the same from one brand to another so it is a good indicator that reveals that I have 50 times the same colors but I noticed it already, don’t worry haha.

– PK005 Cherry Blossom Kiss At the first glance, I wouldn’t have fall for this shade with a swatch but I fell in love with the official visuals and their model…

Like what, in another context, light and if you apply it differently (we can see that they removed the excess product to make it velvety), we can completely rediscover some shade and this raspberry pink is definitely my jam!

– OR202 Cherry Blossom Latte : I find the name a little off topic, but this bright coral is so beautiful, let’s talk about it please!

– BR402 Cherry Blossom Street : Let’s finish these 6 new shades with a warm undertoned, almost rosewood, brown. I wouldn’t go for it but it should perfectly suit dark skins.

Lipsticks without their cases cost 8,000 won each ($7.17). Yes, the full customized lipstick won’t cost you more than $10 ! You’re not dreaming.

Etude House Cherry Blossom Blend For Eyes

Let’s end the introduction of this collection, which is not the widest I’ve seen in my life, yet it’s a real heartbreak because I absolutely love EVERYTHING — with these two little squared eyeshadows palettes.

– #1 Cherry Blossom Festival is a girly quartet and, again, terribly springy: From left to right and from top to bottom, we have a matte beige, a golden glitter, a very intense brown then an iridescent rose. Brilliant!

– #2 Cherry Blossom Night as for it, is amuch more classic palette with its golden glitter top coat, a copper, a glittery brown and an iridescent milk brown.

Etude House palettes aren’t the most pigmented on the market, but it’s also what I like about them when I want to be subtle. Even so, they always surprise me and like all good palettes, they are very workable.

Get it for 11000 won ($9.80), don’t even hesitate on it!

Etude House Cherry Blossom Early Bird Kit

And here are the limited kits I told you about throughout the post, which were available in 2000 copies and on the official website only! Honestly, I flashed so much on the holographic pouch that I asked a friend in Korea to order one– wait no, two for me! I believe that I did well since it was sold-out the next day.

There were 4 kits available, including 2 kits per palettes, 2 lipsticks and 4 cases to choose from. You will quickly discover the ones I picked, but I was delighted to find my two fav lipstick shades in these kits. It won’t help my savings, but for $ 13 the kit instead of $ 19 and this MAGNIFICENT POUCH … I admit that I do not drown in guilt haha.

The Etude House Cherry Blossom collection is available on the Korean version of Etude House website, or at our fastest retailer, MissBeautyKorea. We should not be long in finding them in others like Jolse, TesterKorea or Amazon …

Is there a lipstick or a palette you want from this line? What do you think of ‘Cherry Blossom’ collections in general?

Etude House Cherry Blossom


My fabulous cleansing…powder?! Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash By Wishtrend

by Wishtrend Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash

If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, you might believe you’ve already seen this powder wash as I use it in my Night Routine:

You will be pleased to know that I actually still use it and I love it so much that I decided to write a full post about it!

By Wishtrend


At the very beginning, Wishtrend was a Korean cosmetics eshop based in Seoul but bound for overseas because the website, social media and customer service are all in English. Thanks to the exclusivity of brands available on their eshop, the firm developed its own brand: Klairs. It has a cool retro look which makes me think of Kiehl’s, but Klairs is as good as other big brands because it quickly established itself as a big one too: My favorite toner of ALL TIMES is from Klairs, I even introduced you the 7 Skin Method with it. You can also find it in my full review of the Klairs Rich Moist line that I wrote two years ago. Anyway you understood it by now: I love Klairs.

However, Wishtrend didn’t stop there and developed a new brand: By Wishtrend. A lot of the line’s products are used in my night routine above and… What can I say? I love them as much as Klairs’. Especially this enzyme powder wash that smells like matcha: By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash.

By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

It was officially launched on November 10th 2017, and this little cleansing powder stands out in many ways: Its pastel green and rounded packaging doesn’t imply that it’s a cleanser, isn’t it? So as the texture because when you spill the bottle in the palm of your hand, a greenish powder comes out!

I developed 3 approaches to use it according to my mood or needs:

  • The cleansing day: I pour a bit of water on the powder and I rub my hands to get a soft milky texture that I gently rub on my wet face.
  • The exfoliating day:  I wet my face, then I start to gently rub the powder directly on it. Before it melts, the powder will softly exfoliate the dead skins – not sensitive, combination to oily skins will LOVE it!
  • The cocooning day: With the help of a foaming net, I mix a knob of powder and a little bit of water. Then I get a thicker foam which I massage on my face as the softest cleansing step.

The exfoliating way is my favorite because I love scrubs and it’s a very good 2-in-1. Sensitive and dry skins will enjoy the cocooning one while the classic way will be more than enough when you’re in a rush.

The fact is no matter how I use it, this Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash is efficient! And thanks to what? An awesome composition obviously:

See the ingredient lists
Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Powder, Lysine HCL, Proline, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Acetyl Methionine, Theanine, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Sorbitol, Papain, Betaine, Cellulose Gum, Citric Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Green Tea: Powerful antioxidant and rich in vitamin A, C and E.
  • Papain: Regular scrub ingredient, which allows to clear the skin from dead cells.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: A really good exfoliating agent since the dawn of the time (or almost)! It deeply cleans the skin, pores and do wonders with acne.
  • Amino acid surfactants: Derived of coconut, it allows to efficiently moisturize without bubbling a lot, while keeping the moisture in the skin as much as possible.

Minimalist composition and great results, it’s what and WHY you can enjoy in this Korean brand! This Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash will totally suit sensitives skins as much as normal skins, with a simple difference of frequency: Combination to oily skins can use it everyday for its exfoliating point while dry skins will be okay with 2 or 3 uses by week, like a classic and soft scrub.

As if everything I just said isn’t enough, let me tell you that if you’re an unconditional matcha lover like me… You will fall in love in two seconds and half: Its fragrance is SO faithful, it feels that you drink a latte while taking care of yourself! Be careful NOT to ACTUALLY DRINK IT, goes without saying ahah.

And while you could wonder if the bottle will be empty (too) quickly, just know that it lasts a few months according to the quantity you wish to use everytime. A knob is more than enough.

I will totally purchase this cleansing powder again because it combines everything I love: it cleans well, additionally exfoliates, doesn’t tug at all, smells terribly good and it’s so much fun to use it!

Just run buy this Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash already on Wishtrend for $22! The link is affiliated, but be aware (and I hope you already knew that) it doesn’t change anything I wrote about the product. By the way if you never ordered on Wishtrend yet, tape 017338409 at sign up (not at check out, it’s too late) and we’ll both get -5$. :)

trans: @Floryane Chaix

Wishtrend Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash


Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes: Etude House’s brand-new products!

Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid eyeshadows

Time goes by so fast lately! I wish I could write more on the blog but I try to keep updating all my social media with new content. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, it is without doubt there that I post the most, I even started creating mini-reviews and videos. I also often hold contests and we are more than 10,000 there! So…no excuses. ♡

I actually do have a lot of reviews already written but we have had quite a bad weather in March and I must admit I struggle a bit to take good pictures to illustrate my reviews. Well… now I’m the one looking for pretexts to my laziness. ;)

While you wait for the new reviews to come, I believe that you like posts about the latest trends so the timing is perfect for me to introduce you to the ten new perfect eye product from the Korean brand Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes !

I am a big fan of liquid eyeshadows which I believe add a touch to any makeup, used in small or more important amount. Even though Etude House has already created every kind of makeup and tools imaginable, liquid eyeshadows was never their strongest line; they actually did commercialize some in the past and it did not sold really well – to speak the truth their liquid eyeshadows were more of pigments than real eyeshadow… so we can say it doesn’t really count. :$

In short, the Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes have got everything you like :

Etude House Mirror Holic Eyes

Let’s start with Glass Shoe which is the less pigmented eyeshadow of all, but it must be on purpose: it is actually a discreet topcoat only composed of glitter and no pigment. Glass shoe will suit every kind of makeup to illuminate it in a holographic way.

Mirror Mirror through its name is probably the symbolic eyeshadow of the collection. And for a reason: at first sight you might see silvery. After a few seconds starts to appear a very cool gold. It is indeed a mysterious shade which I immediately adored.

Champagne Bubble is for itself a more classic shade of gold, one that everybody needs in its makeup bag.

On another note, rose gold is my true weakness and here the choice is vast according to the undertones you prefer. Pink Ornament is a cool one and therefore stands out really well but if you prefer warm undertones Rosé Ice Wine may have your favour, even though gold color is more intense than the rose. A matter quickly settled for me as I love both shades!
Let’s conclude the gold shades with Starlight Sparkler which is a dark gold, almost bronze, eyeshadow; which I am not fond of. Still its undertones are not too orange so it is fine.

Three “last but no least” shades remain and with them a 90° turn, way more intense shades than what we are usually used to see in k-beauty brands, isn’t it?
Ready Carpet Dress astounds me, it really obsesses me. A red, nor to warm nor to cool which we long to admire.
Then comes Purple Disco that I naturally wish to be a part of my collection because even though purple particularly highlights green eyes, and I’ve just got common brown eyes, I tend to choose this kind of shades when I am willing to enhance my eye makeup. There is no such thing as a touch of this purple eyeshadow at the centre of the eyelid to create a gorgeous makeup.
At last Shining Eyes, that immediately made me thing of House Slytherin… That is not a common green shade since it is quite cool but with golden undertones. The shade is really a success.

Had I not announced ten shades? The last one Eye Glossy* Coating (*mistake in my translation haha) isn’t strictly speaking an eyeshadow but more of a “wet look” a real trend lately. You can apply it on any other liquid eyeshadow or on any kind of makeup as a top coat. I personally love it, what about you?

As you may have guessed I am fond of these Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes and I would love to try the texture applied with fingers or makeup brushes, and if the lasting on the eyelids was good it would be the perfect liquid eyeshadow in view of its pigmentation.

For now, the Mirror Holic Liquid Eyeshadow are only available on the Korean version of Etude House’s website, however it soon should be available on the international one. Same goes for our favourite reseller, I will be checking TesterKorea, Jolse and Yesstyle in the coming days.

The official price is 11,000 wons (around 8,40€), let’s hope the reseller’s margin will not bring the price above 10€.

Update: They’re already available at MissBeautyKorea for only…6,47€! You get -25% on the newness, what more could we ask?

Do you like liquid eyeshadows? Are one or more shades appealing to you?

translation : @Suki Beauty World

crédit photos : Etude House