Bad Habit Aphrodite : 10$, unbelievable! (Huda Beauty Rose Gold dupe)

If you’re following me on social medias or even on my YouTube channel, you already know this palette. However, I love it so much that I couldn’t help myself but write a post about it, which includes pictures and a very long love letter. ♡

Bad Habit

I didn’t know Bad Habit at all nor the American eshop which resale this brand, but I noticed it at the beginning of the summer for only one reason: its Huda Beauty Rose Gold’s dupe!

Bad Habit is an American brand, cruelty-free and -let’s be honest- specialized in dupes. Its first dupe is nothing else than «Royals» which is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance dupe and more recently «Retro Love», the Subculture one.

The next release should be «Inferno» which is THE awaited dupe of Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted. Considering my love for Aphrodite, I’m can’t wait to fall for it…

I never really liked dupes OR conterfeits (these are totally not the same btw). Whether I’m buying the original or I don’t buy it at all. Especially in makeup: Brands built their popularity on quality so I don’t wanna buy anything suspicioux or even dangerous.

Still, I think Bad Habit stands out thank to its brand image, communication and photoshoots’ quality so I didn’t hesitate when I saw this 10$’s dupe of Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, a.k.a THE 65$’s palette from Sephora that I would never buy because of its price.


As I told you, this brand is excusively sold on Hush eshop, which I didn’t know either. To talk about it real quick, it seems to be specialized in dupes too: You can find Bad Habit products, but also other similar brands like Face Candy which has a cool dupes of Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar. However there’s not only those kind of things since they also have Sigma, NYX, L.A Girl, Milani, City Colors.. Cheap and affordable brands = Hush’s leitmotiv.

To my great surprise, we can also find k-beauty brands like Skinfood, Tony Moly, COSRX, Innisfree, Etude House and more ! You guessed it, Hush is a cool e-shop with very affordable brands.

They ship internationally  for ~20$ with no minimum order. This is not HUGE but when you know that the shipping is free in the US for +25$ orders, I just tried a Shipito. You can find my Shipito guide just here. J

I ordered two Bad Habit ‘Aphrodite’ Palette (I’m still hesitating to put the second on my tictail or in a giveaway ahah) and a small lip scrub for a total of $25/26 and the reshipping costed me $22. I don’t really know if I saved any money when I think about it, but I rarely have custom fees with Shipito while direct delivery from a US eshop is often the cause of my bank account’s death.

Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette

What is this palette worth? Let’s discover the answer in my comparative video right below:

I couldn’t resist to do some photos as I said earlier. I didn’t have the Huda Beauty Rose Gold with me anymore, but sincerely.. This one is enough.

Both palettes have the exact same size, but the Bad Habit’s got an included mirror. Its design is matte black with golden geometrical figures and writings. Chic and effective, I love it. I even find it prettier than the Huda Beauty’s one. I never loved packaging with pictures on it, even if the picture is Huda’s own eyes ahah. Also, from a palette to another, eyeshadows’ colors and textures are the szme at 95%.

I think Huda Beauty Rose Gold’s Palette did a blow-up thanks to its texturised eyeshadows, which seemed exclusive. I was afraid that the dupe wouldn’t be up to it… I was SO wrong!

Little Aphrodite brilliantly met the challenge, and even more: If some of the shadows have sliiiightly different undertones or finishes, the pigmentation is absolutely on point while matte eyeshadows from the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette are quite disappointing ?!

Both warm and cool tones are super trendy since the Modern Renaissance’s release. Moreover, I only swear by this palette even if it is hyper powdery! Well, I only swear by this one.. and the Bad Habit’s from now. ;)

We can create a LOT of different makeups thank to such various shades: Very reddish like in the video, or even a subtle Khaki/ Burgundy combo on my last Instagram post.

10$ for a quality like this is barely imaginable. I still can’t get over it ahah.

Don’t hesitate to follow Hush’s Instagram account to stay tuned about restocks or even about new arrivals because it’s really worth.

What do you think of this Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette? Is it a great dupe from the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette to you?

trans : @Rachel Funghini

Bah Habit Aphrodite palette dupe Huda Beauty Rose Gold

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